Week 4 Secondary Research Business Finance Assignment Help

Week 4 Secondary Research Business Finance Assignment Help. Week 4 Secondary Research Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Use the MRI University Reporter database (https://www.gfkmrismartsystem.com/) to look up the answers to the questions listed below. If you have any technical difficulties, please contact the JWU library staff to resolve. Using 2016 data, answer the following questions:

  1. US Adults (HINT: Choose any Category and any Question. The answers to parts (a) and (b) below are in the top three rows of data. If it’s not immediately obvious to you, try using Google to determine what the answer should be and then look for similar data in the table.)
    1. How many adults are there in the United States?
    2. How many US adults are male and how many are female?
  2. Cigarette Smokers (HINT: Category: Tobacco, Question: Cigarettes)
    1. How many adult cigarette smokers are there in the US
    2. What percent of the overall adult population do they represent?
    3. What percent of adult males smoke?
    4. What percent of adult females smoke?
  3. Gin Drinkers (HINT: Category: Beverages, Question: Gin)
    1. Which age range drinks the most Gin?
    2. How many people in that age range drink Gin?
    3. What percent of US adults in that age range drink Gin?
    4. What percent of US adults for whom Spanish is spoken at home drink Gin?
    5. What percent of US adults who identify as Asian drink Gin?
  4. Pet Ownership (HINT: read the instruction at the bottom of the Detail(s) section. Mac users should use “command” instead of “control”.)
    1. What percent of US adults have exactly one dog?
    2. What percent of US adults have exactly one cat?
    3. What percent of US adults have both one dog and one cat? (exactly one of each)
  5. What does it mean when MRI University Reporter display its results in red text?

Week 4 Secondary Research Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Benchmark-Mathematics Mini Unit Plan Mathematics Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will create a mini-unit plan containing three individual lesson plans designed for the students outlined in the “Class Profile.”

Using the Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) probe and grade level you selected in Topic 6, select a corresponding standard from your state’s standards or Common Core State Standards on geometry to develop a learning target. Align one or more NCTM process standards with your learning target. Using these standards and learning target, create a mini-unit of three lesson plans using the “COE Lesson Plan Template.”

The mini-unit must include the use of THREE research-based math instructional strategies for teaching geometry and integrate teacher/student use of technology. You may use, as applicable, prior assignments from this course to complete the benchmark, provided that you incorporate feedback from your instructor.

In your mini-unit, design the three lesson plans so that they:

  • Align to one or more of the items on your CBM probe, and show how the CBM probe is implemented in the class.
  • Use a variety of teaching strategies and technologies that encourage the students’ development of critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Use strategies that create opportunities for students’ active engagement in their learning and promote a supportive learning environment.
  • Incorporate the use of digital resources to promote effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques while creating opportunities for active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the elementary classroom.
  • Integrate formative and summative assessment techniques that measure the learning targets of the lesson plans.
  • Incorporate differentiated strategies into the technology, engagement, and assessment in order to meet the needs of all students in the “Class Profile.”

Along with the mini-unit, submit a 250-500 word rationale describing your reasoning for your instructional choices, explaining how you connected the content to student learning needs, and citing the research you used for your instructional strategies.

Submit the mini-unit plan and the rationale as one deliverable.

While APA style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Must be free of plagiarism.


Professional Resume Writing Assignment Help

I need a professional resume for a former correctional officer. Below are some links I found for job duties if that helps. I would like a some emphasis on the supervision. Please put placeholders for the dates. I can input the dates later. I was also a homeschool teacher for two children. I would like that on there too. I need an education section as well. I guess placeholders for those too. I need to find my transcripts and I’ll enter the information. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.







Post-Investment Holdup Economics Assignment Help

Post-Investment Holdup

In chapter 5 Froeb
discussed post-investment holdup as sunk cost problem associated with
contract specific fixed investments. The modern theory of contracts is
sometimes called the theory of joining wills which simply
means, when parties make an agreement they are joining together to
complete an endeavor of mutual interest. The problem with all contract
that endure over time is that not all potential challenges can be
anticipated. The idea of joining wills is that parties will attempt to
seek accommodations to advance their mutual interest, so long as the
return on the invested activity pays off. Froeb illustrates the idea by
the example of marriage as a contract.

  1. Identify a sunk cost investment you have made or one that your company has made.
  2. How might the investment be, or has been, subject to post-investment holdup?
  3. Suppose
    your employer took note of your decision to get an MBA and appointed
    you as the interim director for new department. Shortly after you
    completed your degree, your company merged with another company and the
    new department you were managing was abolished? Is this a post
    investment holdup? Is there a financial injury?



Designing a Pay Structure Business Finance Assignment Help

Review the SHRM case: “Designing a Pay Structure

You will prepare the SHRM case analysis on “Designing a Pay Structure” which consists of your completion of Tasks A–J that simulates the creation of a compensation system for an organization in meeting its goals and supporting its mission. In your analysis, respond to the following tasks found in the case study.

Your case analysis should consist of:

  • Task A: Create a complete job description for the Benefits Manager position using O*NET.
  • Task B: Calculate the job evaluation points for the administrative assistant, payroll assistant, operational analyst, and benefits manager jobs. Provide a rationale for assigning specific degrees to the various jobs.
  • Task C: If there were any outliers (i.e., extreme data points) in the data, what would you recommend doing with them? From this point forward, assume no extreme data points exist in the dataset.
  • Task D: Conduct a simple regression in Excel to create a market pay line by entering the job evaluation points (on the X axis) and the respective weighted average market base pay (on the Y axis) for each benchmark job.
  • Task E: What is your R squared (variance explained)? Is it sufficient to proceed?
  • Task F: Calculate the predicted base pay for each benchmark job.
  • Task G: Because your company wants to lead in base pay by 3 percent, adjust the predicted pay rates to determine the base pay rate you will offer for each benchmark job.
  • Task H: Create pay grades by combining any benchmark jobs that are substantially comparable for pay purposes. Clearly label your pay grades and explain why you combined any benchmark jobs to form a grade.
  • Task I: Use your answer to Task H to determine the pay range (i.e., minimum and maximum) for each pay grade.
  • Task J: Given the pay structure you have generated, consider the following: Does this pay structure make good business sense? Do you think it is consistent with the organization’s business strategy? What are the implications of this pay structure for other HR systems, such as retention and recruiting?
  • Your analysis of this case and your written submission should reflect an understanding of the critical issues of the case, integrating the material covered in the text, and present concise and well-reasoned justifications for the stance that you take. You are to complete this case analysis using Excel in a spreadsheet analysis format.

You may discuss your case analysis Assignment with the class, but you must submit your own original work.

Case analysis tips: Avoid common errors in case analyses, such as:

● Focusing too heavily on minor issues.

● Lamenting because of insufficient data in the case and ignoring creative alternatives.

● Rehashing of case data — you should assume the reader knows the case.

● Not appropriately evaluating the quality of the case’s data.

● Obscuring the quantitative analysis or making it difficult to understand.

Typical “minus (–)” grades result from submissions that:

● Are late.

● Are not well integrated and lack clarity.

● Do not address timing issues.

● Do not recognize the cost implications or are not practical.

● Get carried away with personal biases and are not pertinent to the key issues.

● Are not thoroughly proofread and corrected.

Make sure your document includes:

• Your name

• Date

• Course name and section number

• Unit number

• Case name

• Page numbers

The case analysis should contain Tasks A–J stated in the case. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Citations should be in APA style.

Here is the Assignment grading rubric.



min 300 word forum post chemistry Science Assignment Help

For this topic, I want you to find a Chapter Topic in Chemistry Connections (a book found in the APUS Library) that is interesting to you and share it with the class. In your post, please include the following:

1. A citation of the Chapter and Section that you would like to discuss, including a direct link to it that we can visit.

2. A sufficient summary of the Section in common language that could be understood by the general public.

3. Its implications for society, benefits, drawbacks, practicality, and pictures of the molecules described. This is where you discuss your personal thoughts regarding the topic.

4. Questions to your classmates that invite discussion and further the dialogue.

5. An embedded picture that is relevant to the discussion.

min 300 word forum post chemistry Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discussion post minimum 400 words and please include references in APA format Business Finance Assignment Help

Judge James Shoreman is up for reelection in 2 months. He has a full docket on Monday morning. Two of the individuals on this docket are Thomas J. Catalano and Abdul Hussein Jabari.

Mr. Catalano has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. His prior record consists of breaking and entering, assault on a police officer, and possession of narcotics. Mr. Catalano has a “high-priced” lawyer with the discretionary funds for an additional investigation. Mr. Catalano has a wife and two children. He has been employed for 5 years for the local banking institution. Mr. Catalano has received a 10-year probation sentence with the stipulation that if he violates this probation, he will serve the remainder of the sentence in the state prison.

Mr. Jabari has been charged with the distribution of a controlled substance (prescription drugs). His prior record consists of possession of narcotics and falsification of identity. Mr. Jabari has a court-appointed lawyer who is on the pro bono list maintained by the judge. His funds are limited but the Muslim community has rallied to his financial aid, and there have been demonstrations at the courthouse. Mr. Jabari has a wife and three children. He has been employed for 8 years as the chief chef at a local restaurant. Mr. Jabari has received 7 years in the state prison, without the possibility of good time.

Looking at the family situations, the employment situations, and community support, give a reason why you think the judge would render such decisions.

How could the judge support his decisions?

Do you think he showed any type of bias? Why or why not?If he did, what form of bias?

Could the demonstration have had an adverse effect upon the sentencing? How? Why?

Search the Web, and find 2 examples in which minorities were sentenced unfairly.Explain the reasoning behind this sentencing, and determine if the sentences were fair or biased.


6-7 pages for analytical research paper for ENG class Humanities Assignment Help

Simply one short analytical research paper on the topic we choose (preferably you can pick any)

3 out of 5 sources needs to be from credible sources (like those from college data base)


First, let’s discuss what the assignment is not. This paper is not a persuasive essay, and it should not be emotionally driven. While the paper must possess a thesis (opinion), the thesis should be based upon reliable and reasonable conclusions.

An analytical research paper is similar to an experiment, starting with a hypothesis (question in our case). However, instead of conducting a scientific experiment to come to a conclusion, we do research, and base the conclusion on the reliable evidence that has been accumulated.


“Ain’t I a Woman?” and Intersectionality Writing Assignment Help

In the last two weeks, we started investigating “what does it mean to be human” by looking at the living experiences of those people that are categorized by the social norms as less human, subhuman, or the “missing link” between human/culture and animal/nature. These dehumanized beings (re)presented by Frantz Fanon, Sylvia Wynter, Chris and other black folks (in “Get Out”), and Cash and his people-of-color underclass comrades (in “Sorry to Bother You”) are pushed into a liminal space of the society by different forces that share the same, or at least similar, logic. As this logic has been carefully historicized by many ethical and responsible thinkers (, including all of us here), this logic has been called in many names: coloniality, neocolonization, racial capitalism, fascism, color line, racialization, the sociogenic dependency and inferiority complex, so on and so forth. People that are being sociogenically (in Fanon’s term) segregated and categorized by the social norms fell into this liminal space that provides them with a good opportunity to empathize, understand, and eventually make coalitions with each other. This liminal space is represented by the basement of underclass telemarketers (in “Sorry to Bother You”), the mesmerized status (in “Get Out”), the in-betweenness of mimicry that kills a person’s self (in Black Skin, White Masks), and the ontological and biological dyselected space-time (in Wynter’s article). Science fiction as a literary and cinematic genre is powerful in using speculative methods to extend our imagination about what science and technology can do to access this liminal space. As this liminal space is usually hidden by the positive discourse of how human beings and science are co-prosperous and co-evolved, science fiction trains our vision on “human” and “science” to be more flexible, creative, and critical.

This week, we will practice our speculating ability by adding one more element: gender. It does not mean that “gender” is conceptually separable from other dehumanizing social categorizations such as “race.” On the contrary, they are intermeshed. They came into form with the same history, but they are made separable in discourse and became very hard to deal with. By “adding one more element” I mean we are now uncovering how dehumanization really works in complexity and the fact that dehumanization is for a long time being simplified in our analysis as if the gender issue is merely additional.

Many women-of-color thinkers such as Kimberley Crenshaw discovered that they are made invisible by both feminists and black civil right/black lives movements. In the mainstream feminisms, it seems that there is no race issue. “Women” is claimed to be a universal concept applicable to every society and community. “Woman” defined by the modern social norm, instead of being a useful tool to analyze the dehumanized societies and communities, became a disciplining, colonial tool that describes the relationality and sociality in those societies and communities in an inaccurate and ahistorical way and erases other possible understandings of human relation. Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I a Woman?”, voiced out from the liminal space, helps us to see this disciplining and erasing power of “gender.”

Truth’s speech took place in 1851, the moment that both white women and black men were both fighting for their civil rights. (***I tentative uses “she” as the pronoun for Truth, but it is obviously problematic and debatable.) Truth told people the truth that she had never been categorized as a “woman.” Instead of being reduced to a reproductive machine that reproduces a modern Man’s bloodline and capital and being confined in the private/domestic space as feminine and cultured human being, she does heavy-duty work in different fields. However, she was not considered as a human being in the public sphere like a working-class man either, because she was biologically fixed as an animalistic being that was not entitled to be properly paid. Another aspect that was not revealed as much in her speech but is definitely noteworthy is that while having no gender in front of modern men and women, many Black women have to be submissive, feminine, and hyper-sexualized in front their Black male counterpart. According to many “scientific researches” such as the Moynihan Report, the black communities (and extensible to the black civilization) cannot “evolve” or “prosper” because the modern gender system that frames the “correct” social division and power relation is not enough applied and operated. Thus, it was Black women’s duty to learn how to be proper women for their own good. The question “Ain’t I a Woman?” was a cry deep inside Truth’s mind. She was disoriented by the social norms that categorized her into a “female,” which is not yet (or never will be) a woman because she is not yet (or never will be) fully human. Nonetheless, she clearly knew that she was not graspable by the social norms. She was more than the norms. Just like Frantz Fanon, she was calling for a new way to understand humanity.

Truth’s simple, demonstrative speech makes us reflect upon not just what we see, but how we see. If we do not change the way we see the world, we cannot change the game. “Intersectionality” as a method is Kimberley Crenshaw’s influential experiment to change the game. She points out that when we intersect “gender” and “race,” two modern social analytical categories in front of the law, we can see nothing in the intersected area. The intersected area is the zone of nothingness. It is not that we are adding on “gender” and “race” together to make ourselves able to see those people like Sojourner Truth, but rather we discover the fact that we are unable to see them. To the people like Truth, “gender” and “race” are never separable. To assume that these two categorial tools are separable is to deny those people’s existence.

Man / Woman (Human)


Male / Female (Non-human)

I hope Truth’s speech and Crenshaw’s article are helpful for you to think with the characters in Octavia Butler’s short stories. Apparently, many of them cannot be comprehended if we do not have the vision of intersectionality and the differentiation between man, woman, male, and female. How do we understand the ability of pregnancy, a translator, people of communication disability, a diseased, and a god-like figure with the vision of intersectionality? Octavia Butler tells us: use your imagination.

1. Read the following five selected stories from Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild and Other Stories: “Bloodchild”, “The Evening and the Morning and the Night”, “Speech Sounds”, “Amnesty”, “The Book of Martha.” Delete “Crossover.”

2. Read Sojourner Truth’s speech, “Ain’t I a Woman?”

3. Read Kimberley Crenshaw’s social analysis, “Mapping the Margins.

Please use two materials uploaded.


Photography assignment. (I’m not tech savvy) Writing Assignment Help

Outdoor Portrait

-Consider Lighting
-Try using the Rule of Thirds

For this assignment you will need to enlist the help of a family member for an environmental portrait. This could be a parent or guardian, an older brother or sister, etc. Although this won’t be painful for your subject, it will take a bit of time.

The first step is to select an appropriate spot to take the photographs. Do not take the photographs inside. Find a comfortable, shady spot outside where your subject won’t have to squint. This could be a covered patio, a ramada in a local park, under a large tree with plenty of shade, a porch, etc. If you choose the “under the tree” option, make sure no direct sunlight is on your subject. Your subject can be seated or standing. The scene should be relatively clutter free, but with enough supporting details to give an idea of where the subject is. Remember to orient the camera in either portrait or landscape mode as appropriate for the composition.

Make sure you have your focus and exposure set on your subject. To do this, put your subject in the center of the frame (this is where your primary focus point is and where the camera gets most of its exposure information) and use the half-push technique. This will lock the focus and exposure for your subject. If you need to recompose the photograph you can, but you have to keep the shutter button half pushed. You will have to do this for each image you take.

Take a number of photographs of your subject capturing different facial expressions, etc. Make all of the photographs in one session and at one location. It is very difficult to recapture the feeling of a session if it is interrupted.

IMPORTANT TIP: In the first frame of your session, have your subject hold a piece of white paper so you can see it fully in the camera. You will use this later to judge the color balance.

After taking your photographs load them into your computer and look at all the images you took.

Select three of your photos. One image will be the photograph of your subject holding the sheet of white paper. The other two will be different images of your subject.


https://anyessayhelp.com/ that is relevant to the discussion.

min 300 word forum post chemistry Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]