WEEK 5 Activities Activity 1: Informative Speech, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help

WEEK 5 Activities Activity 1: Informative Speech, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help. WEEK 5 Activities Activity 1: Informative Speech, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help.

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This week you have a choice of topic to use as you develop your Week 5 activities. Looking forward to hearing your summary ideas! Post your speech text in the discussion thread and then create your audio file. Instructions for creating your audio file are available at the end of this thread. And don’t forget to respond to at least two of your colleagues’ speeches.

Activity 1: Informative Speech

First, you want to write a short informative speech, just two pages long, using any one of the following speech types: (1) explanation, (2) report, (3) description, or (4) demonstration. You want to draw on the concepts in Chapter 13 to guide your efforts. Post your speech text in the discussion thread area. Then develop and record a brief summary of your speech ideas. The system allows for 1 minute audio files so plan accordingly.

Activity 2: Persuasive Speech

First, you want to write a short persuasive speech, just two pages long, using any one of the following five speech types: (1) stimulate, (2) convince, (3) call to action, (4) increase consideration, or (5) develop tolerance of alternate perspectives. Use the Principles of Persuasion in Chapter 14 to develop your speech. Post your speech text in the discussion thread area. Then develop and record a brief summary of your speech ideas. The system allows for 1 minute audio files so plan accordingly.

To Create An Audio Response:

Once you’ve posted AND SAVED your speech text in the discussion thread area, click on the Add Attachments link on the bottom of the screen. Click on the Record Audio option. A prompt asking if you agree to allow Flash to run on your computer. Click the ALLOW radial button. Once you’re ready to record, simply click the RED square button and the system begins to record. Hit the same RED square button to stop recording.

To listen to your speech, press the GREEN play button. Once you are satisfied with your speech, click on the Save button and the system will post your .wav file. To listen to a wav file, simply click on the file

WEEK 5 Activities Activity 1: Informative Speech, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Teamwork in My Career Field report Business Finance Assignment Help

Research how teams are used in your career field. Sources may include books, journal articles, Internet websites, professional associations, and informational interviews* with professionals in your career field.(*Use this assignment as an opportunity to increase your career networking.) Describe the types of teams and other group work (such as staff meetings) that are common in your career field. Describe the importance of teamwork, characteristics of effective teams, barriers to teamwork, suggestions for improving teamwork, and what teamwork skills you need to be successful in your career. Summarize your findings in a typed report.

Type report single spaced. Typical length is 2 to 4 pages. To save paper, you don’t need to use a title page and place references at the end of the paper, not on a separate page. Use the citation style used in your career field for in-text citations and references. For example, health care professions use the AMA style (American Medical Association), and social sciences (including Communication) use the APA style (American Psychological Association). Engineers use many different styles: IEEE style (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), ACS style (American Chemical Society), and ASME style (American Society of Mechanical Engineers); to name a few.

The due date for the Teamwork in My Career Field report is flexible — allowing you time to contact a professional in your field. The stated due date is July 9


create a radio advertisement Discussion, philosophy homework help Humanities Assignment Help

For this weeks
discussion you will create a radio advertisement. Your task is to
implant within your radio script/dialogue a number of fallacies from
Chapter 3 and 4.


  1. Choose a product. If
    you are having a hard time I suggest one of these: toilet paper, paper
    clip, plastic bowl, toe nail clippers, or gum.
  2. Identify
    objective information regarding the product you choose. (e.g.,
    materials, reasonable use, functionality…). The goal is that your
    advertisement be free of and ignore the “objective” features. Rather
    your goal is to create desires and not report truth.
  3. You can
    appeal to any desires you want except for one: do not appeal to sex as
    it is just too easy to do and not worthy of a savvy marketer. Be a
    savvy marketer!
  4. Write out the dialogue, as if it were to be read
    on a radio station. You can have as many voices (characters) as you
    want. Your goal is simply to create an appealing, understandable commercial using fallacies, even if your commercial is silly, serious, or sarcastic.
  5. A
    proficient commercial will contain 2 fallacies within Chapter 3 and 2
    fallacies within Chapter 4. Mastery would contain an example of all the
    fallacies from both chapters. Further mastery would also show craft
    while proficiency will be accurate use of fallacies. Craft is using a
    fallacy subtlety so that it blends into the commercial in a non-obvious

Initial Post: Your initial post should capture the above items (1-5) rather than focusing on word count.


Elder Law Assignment 2.2, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

PURPOSE: To become familiar with and learn the purpose of different types of Powers of Attorney.


  1. Compare the two Texas POA forms in Chapter 2.
  2. In a one-to-two page paper:
    1. Identify the language in each that makes it “durable.”
    2. Give a situation in which a client would not want the power to be durable.
    3. Discuss why the witness provision on the health POA is so specific about who can witness.
    4. Discuss why the property POA is so specific, listing specific tasks that the agent might perform, while the health POA is more concerned with identifying the people involved and, instead of specifying what the agent might do, allows the principal to specify what the agent cannot do. Why might it be a good idea for the principal to be very specific about her wishes?


MBA Management Essay, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help


Consider the basic principles of personality discussed in Chapter 5. A key takeaway is
that there are core underlying personality traits (i.e., the Big 5), and the interaction of
those traits create our unique dispositions and temperaments which manifest as
emotion, mood, and behavior. Another takeaway is that while under certain conditions
these traits can change; however, for the most part they remain relatively stable
throughout our life, meaning that regardless of our chronological age, we tend to act
and react in a similar way across a wide range of situations. This is what underlies our
‘personality profile’, and is important to understand because our past behavior is often a
good indicator of our future behavior.

As such, personality assessment has become a common practice in organizational
settings, as understanding an individual’s behavioral and perceptual tendencies greatly
enhances personnel management. Specifically, as noted by www.siop.org “Some
commonly measured personality traits in work settings are extraversion, conscientiousness,
openness to new experiences, optimism, agreeableness, service orientation, stress tolerance,
emotional stability, and initiative or proactivity. Personality tests typically measure traits related
to behavior at work, interpersonal interactions, and satisfaction with different aspects of
work. Personality tests are often used to assess whether individuals have the potential to be
successful in jobs where performance requires a great deal of interpersonal interaction or work
in team settings.”

Therefore one challenge for managers is how to determine what someone’s traits are,
and how they factor into activities such as job assignment, performance assessment,
training and development, and recognition and reward. Many personality-based
assessments have become popularized in industry (e.g., Myers Briggs, Strong Interest
Inventory, and Hogan Personality Assessment) and offer managers a wide variety of
options for understanding and leveraging employee work behavior.

One drawback of many of the personality assessments currently available is that most
are very complex to develop and require some level of psychometric training to
administer and interpret, and the results (taken by themselves) may not lend
themselves to practical application. As such, a recent personality measure known as the
“Core Self Evaluation” (CSE) was developed to give a more concise and ‘user friendly’
tool. It was also developed in large part to overcome the limitations of predictive ability
among unique traits.

The best description of CSE is from the researchers who developed it

From Judge, T. A., Erez, A., Bono, J. E. and Thoresen, C. J. (2003), The core-self
evaluations scale: Development of a measure. Personnel Psychology, 56: 303–

“A line of research has developed which suggests that a broad personality trait,
termed core self-evaluations, is a significant predictor of job satisfaction and job
performance. Judge, Locke, and Durham (1997) introduced the concept of core selfevaluations
in an effort to provide a trait that would be a useful predictor job
satisfaction, as well as perhaps other applied criteria. According to Judge et al. (1997),
core self-evaluations is a broad, latent, higher-order trait indicated by four wellestablished
traits in the personality literature: (1) self-esteem, the overall value that
one places on oneself as a person (Harter, 1990); (2) generalized self-efficacy, an
evaluation of how well one can perform across a variety of situations (Locke, McClear,
& Knight, 1996); (3) neuroticism, the tendency to have a negativistic
cognitive/explanatory style and to focus on negative aspects of the self (Watson,
2000); and (4) locus of control, beliefs about the causes of events in one’s life-locus is
internal when individuals see events as being contingent on their own behavior
(Rotter, 1966). As one can gather from the commonality among these traits, core selfevaluations
is a basic, fundamental appraisal of one’s worthiness, effectiveness, and
capability as a person.”

The applied value of CSE is that it is 12 question survey that results in a composite
score of the four traits described above. The closer to 60 the individual score, the more
the individual feels generally positive about his or her self and capabilities. As a
manager, it is not enough to simply try to motivate one individual when performance
begins to drop. It is also not enough to simply institute a policy and expect the entire
group to embrace it. Instead, at the group level, having a realistic and valid way to
assess something like CSE will better enable you to develop more effective incentive
and reward initiatives. Going back to my earlier example, had my former boss
understood that we were already motivated, and that the offerings made were actually
demotivating (i.e., we valued appreciation more than free bottles of wine) he might have
changed his outlook and approach.

In other words, before initiating a reward and recognition program, management needs
to have a more clear understanding of the temperaments and dispositions of the
individuals that will be impacted. That way a better understanding of the expectations
and motivations of the individuals can be better determined. For example, from working
with MBA classes over the years, I have come to expect a certain degree of uncertainty
in individual’s perceptions of their own capability which is due to both coming back to
school after being away for a period of time, and from having to work on things that are
most likely new or out of the routine. I also know that for some, earning an advanced
degree is one way to satisfy a need that in integral to their overall disposition. On the
other hand, there are also those who are externally motivated to work on an advanced
degree, and who may avoid it given the choice.

For these and other reasons, I have learned over the years that each class
(undergraduate, graduate, and even continuing education training classes) have their
own unique ‘personality’, and I have set my performance expectations and adjusted my
incentive and reward options based on what I feel are the key traits of those in the
class. As such, I expect most in an MBA class such as this to be at or above the mean
CSE range. The histogram (below) represents the results derived from the survey you
all completed, and as you will see it generally supports my assertion- i.e., most in this
class would be expected to have an above average CSE score.

Overall, while a variety of assessments are available, the CSE assessment is very
practical and useful because it is free to use, takes only a couple of minutes to
complete, and if you understand the psychometric properties of the assessment it
provides a great deal of information to help me develop and run a class.

Assignment Instructions
Using the O*NET job analysis data from Activity 1, please complete the following:
1. Describe what you feel would be the typical ‘profile’ of an individual who would
not only be interested in seeking this job, but also who would feel a high level of
job satisfaction. Specifically, considering the Interests, Work Styles, and Work
Values please identify specific personality traits that you feel would enable the
individual to be intrinsically motivated and highly successful in the job.
2. Consider the job itself (Tasks, Tools, Technology etc.) and describe how Core
Self Evaluation (CSE) might help you to be more effective in setting performance
goals- i.e, how would CSE influence your performance expectations of an
employee holding this job?
3. Considering the various motivation theories and approaches described in
Chapter 8, please describe what you feel would be an effective incentive and
reward program for this job. Make sure to identify specific motivation factors that
are relevant to the job, and describe how they would directly satisfy the needs of
the individual performing the job.

There is no format or word count requirements for this assignment. I
will not grade your work on whether I think you are right or wrong- My
only requirement is for you to demonstrate a high level of concept
understanding and synthesis



negative complaint letter- business writing homework help Humanities Assignment Help

You will write a negative message letter, a complaint letter. First, you need to find a problem with or at an institution (school, store, etc. . . .) and then, you will write a complaint letter to someone at the institution. For example: You could write a negative message letter to college campus Parking director complaining about the current parking conditions and request a refund for your parking sticker.

Scenario: You have encountered an issue at a company, school, or place of employment. To request a resolution to the issue, you will write a complaint letter to a person who can approve your resolution. You are writing an external document.

– tell me the topic or an idea that you have in mind asap..

negative complaint letter- business writing homework help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

The Oxford dictionary defines music as, homework help Humanities Assignment Help


– answers need to be at least one paragraph long.

– PLEASE use citation ( do not plagiarize)

– use standard English which includes correct punctuation; and complete sentences.



Consider some of the definitions of music – sound in time, sound and silence, organized sound (by humans).

The Oxford dictionary defines music as: a sound perceived as pleasingly harmonious (or melodious) from Greek mousikē (tekhnē) ‘(art) of the Muses’, from mousa ‘muse’ Muse- a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

1. Silence is an integral part of music. How can silence be organized?

Watch the following video
Listen for and focus on the silence between the sounds. What sounds can you hear in the “silence?” What is the purpose of the breath?

Composer John Cage believed that all sounds can be considered musical sounds, not just the sounds made by ‘musical’ instruments. He also believed and proved that there is no such thing as silence. From Cage’s Credo: “THE POINT OF DISAGREEMENT HAS BEEN BETWEEN DISSONANCE AND CONSONANCE, IT WILL BE, IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE, BETWEEN NOISE AND SO-CALLED MUSICAL SOUNDS.”

Watch a performance of John Cage’s 4’33” at

What do you hear/experience in the “silence”? Are these musical sounds in your opinion? Why, or why not.


2. Listen to this Qu’ranic recitation (with English translation) and consider the questions below:

Consider the definition of ethnocentrism. Why do those of us based in Western (European) culture hear Qu’ranic recitation as music? Why do Muslims not consider it music?

Here is a Catholic priest chanting a prayer. Do you hear it as music or as a prayer or both? Explain your answer.


Week 2 Problem Set Week Two, statistics homework help Mathematics Assignment Help

Problem Set Week Two

The assignment for this week involves developing an understanding of the problem and the data that we will be analyzing during the class. We will be using a data set of 50 employees sampled from an imaginary company to answer the question of whether males and females receive equal pay for performing equal work.

The questions in the assignment follow the examples provided in the weekly guidance lectures.

The first question this week focuses on the kind of data we have. Different levels of data allow us to do different kinds of analysis, so we need to understand what we have to work with. Question two involves developing the probability of randomly picking a student who has certain characteristics from the sample.

Question three involves finding the probability of randomly picked employees falling within the top one-third of different groups using Excel functions. Question four and five involve using statistical tests to determine if the compa-ratio (an alternate measure of pay).

The final question asks for an interpretation of your opinion on the question of equal pay for equal work based on the work done this week.

Both the assignment file and the data file are located in the Course Materials section at the bottom in the Multi-Media section. The assignment file contains all of the weekly assignments (for Weeks 2, 3, and 4). See the labeled tabs at the bottom of the Excel assignment file. The data in the data file needs to be copied over into the assignment file, and you will be set for the entire class. *

I downloaded all the info I think you are going to need, if you have any questions contact me.


Your Group Project Preferences Business Finance Assignment Help

After Week 2, a list of project topics will be listed here. Indicate which topics you are interested in by ranking your choices #1, 2, and 3.( topics will upload later)

Note: Some of you are very active members in student organizations or are engaged in co-ops (internships or jobs) this summer. If you are working with a group outside of class this summer, and if this group is working on (or can work on) a project that will improve the company or student organization, then you can ask me for permission to use this real-life group as your self-managed team for this assignment. In other words, instead of working on a team with students in this class, you would work with a team at your co-op/internship/job or student organization.


Write A 3 page paper on the reflection Humanities Assignment Help

First objective how to irrigate organic strawberries in California( relay yourself on California Weather Data.

Second objective strawberry fertility what to add to organic strawberries for a better fruit and plant quality and you won’t see no deficiencies in the plant … ( relate yourself on crop manage )

Third objective how to monitor and control like is bug in organic strawberries ..

So lets up soon that you’re being offered a co-op work experience to work for a organic strawberry grower and he gives you these three a objectives for you to manage out in the field so you’re going to write a paper like if you had this internship and going to write what you learned out there..


WEEK 5 Activities Activity 1: Informative Speech, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help

WEEK 5 Activities Activity 1: Informative Speech, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help

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