Week 7 Lab:Limitations of Liability Business Finance Assignment Help

Week 7 Lab:Limitations of Liability Business Finance Assignment Help. Week 7 Lab:Limitations of Liability Business Finance Assignment Help.

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You are the Information Security Officer of Mahtmarg Manufacturing a small manufacturing company worth approximately $5 Million who provides fiber cable to local businesses, individual customers and to government organizations. In the course of the next eight weeks you will be creating your Information Security Plan (Issue-Specific Security Policy in Table 4-3 of the textbook) step by step using this scenario.

Your Task

Step 7: Limitations of Liability.

In this week’s Lab you will you will develop the Limitations of Liability section of your ISP. This section includes:

  • A general statement of liability or disclaimers.
  • A statement that the company will repudiate any employee that violate a company policy or any law using company technologies.

Week 7 Lab:Limitations of Liability Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Write python program to do network analysis. Programming Assignment Help

Use python to do network analysis:

First, choose the EWR airport as the original airport( in Colum H), create a network from EWR to all distinction (in Colum K), every airport is a node, the edge weight is the times two airports are connected, the more the times, the bigger a node will be. It also requires latitude and longitude in Colum AG,AH), which means the whole network graph should be on a USA map. There are five delay reasons in Colum Z,AA,AB,AC,AD, the number means the delay time(minute), if it is 0, it means that this flight is delayed not for that reason. Create the network by showing the Graph, and also calculate the closeness, betweenness, degree mentioned in the data.

Then, change the original airport from EWR to JFK, repeat the above step.

Finally, change the original airport from JFK to LAX, repeat the above step.

All the three graphs should be in the same format.

Explain and analyze the results obtained. Compare in two groups, one is EWR and JFK(close to each other); another one is EWR and LAX(different state)


art history writing Writing Assignment Help

This is a writing essay, the questions are post in the attached file, please check, title “Writing instruction”. This is my final exam, need high quality work. Need to choose Total 4!!!!! arts, need to choose 2 from films and 2 from art, or 2 from architectures. But all these 4 arts need to have a common thesis or more thesis, the thesis are lists in the writing instruction. There are 2 other files attached. These 2 files are title” Source 1″ and “Source 2”. All these artworks need to choose from these 2 source documents. No outside resources needed!!!


assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

You are to read this article. Then, in order to demonstrate your comprehension of the material and ability to understand and follow directions, answer the following questions in short answer form. A yes or no answer is desired with support from the article. Complete sentences are required.

1. Is it advisable for a lawyer’s writings to be proofread by a non-lawyer?
2. Under what circumstances, if any, should a lawyer copy and paste from legal form books for his/her own work?
3. What is a lawyer’s most valuable asset?

This assignment is designed to acquaint you with some of the basic writing skills required of lawyers and paralegals and to demonstrate your personal writing skills.


Annotated biblography Humanities Assignment Help

For this project, you will do some scholarly research on Watchmen. The finished project will be an annotated bibliography with 4 sources. One of these sources is the article I provided to you, “The Human Stain,” to get you started.


  • Find appropriate


  • Use MLA citation
  • Distinguish between types of sources
  • Summarize sources
  • Evaluate sources
  • Apply research to course text

The first step is finding 3 sources that would be helpful in preparing your Watchmen final presentation, so be sure to review the possible topics. This should help you focus on what types of articles that will be most useful. You should not simply use the first sources you find.

(For help, read the Research Overview section of Purdue’s OWL site (http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/552/01/#resourcenav) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).

Keep in mind that these academic sources don’t necessarily need to be directly about the particular work you are researching. You may use history, psychology, sociology, economics, or any approach that you can clearly apply to your chosen work. After deciding upon 3 sources, you will create an annotated bibliography.

The Assignment: For each article, you will turn in a 1­page, single­spaced response that includes the following. Label each section.

Citation (Use MLA format. For help go to OWL(http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/11/) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Summary (Be sure to present the main points, and demonstrate by using examples and quotations)

Evaluation (Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the content, type, and author of your source)

Synthesis (Briefly explain how you would use the source in a research paper about the literary work)



The colonnades designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini under the supervision of Alexander VII, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

I have thirty-six of these I need to do so I have resorted to copying/pasting information from websites before changing it into my own words.

The colonnades designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini under the supervision of Alexander VII in the 1660s served both to guide participants in papal processions and contain crowds of visitors within the open space before the basilica. In addition to their practical function, the curved colonnades, stretching out like arms around the piazza, symbolically expressed the Church’s reach in the wider world. True to its City Beautiful ideals, the elegant, tree-lined Parkway not only brings a slice of nature to the city, but also serves as a focal point for art, culture, and learning. The dramatic terminus of the Parkway is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a majestic example of Greek revival architecture.

In 1417, the Great Schism came to an end with the election of Martin V (r. 1417–31). Martin and his successors to the papal crown invested great energy and resources in attempts to restore power to the Church and glory to the city of Rome. Among other things, this involved large-scale urban projects that encompassed everything from the creation of new streets to the restitution of dilapidated building. As reformers in other sectors of society sought to improve the conditions of America’s increasingly poor, crowded, and dirty urban centers through social programs, sanitation initiatives, and the law, the designers of the City Beautiful movement looked to urban planning and architecture for solutions. Beautification of the urban environment, they asserted, would inspire civic loyalty and moral virtue in the city’s inhabitants. It would, moreover, encourage upper-class visitation and spending, while fostering national pride through cities that could compete with the great metropolises of Europe. One of the most important precedents for City Beautiful planners was the Champs-Elysées in Paris, a broad boulevard that served as the model for similar designs in cities across the United States, including Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway. s and the commissioning of art and architecture. This papal urbanism reached its height under Julius II (r. 1503–13).

The colonnades designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini under the supervision of Alexander VII, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Dark days, Danny deckchair , Andrew Jenks Room 335, homework help Writing Assignment Help

Pick three films that we have viewed as a class. ( Dark days, Danny deckchair , Andrew Jenks Room 335 , Searching for sugar man ). The summary should include the details of film (i.e., release date, director, stars, awards, country of origin, rating, etc.). The content of your reviews should focus entirely on what you learned about other cultures/people and yourself through watching the film. Don’t try to provide and overview of the content film. I am most interested in what impacted you, how it impacted you and why you think it impacted you). Try to relate to what you learned to course content to the greatest extent possible in 2 pages for each film or more if you need it or want to share. Total 6 pages not include the reference and front pages.


Medical research, health and medical assignment help Health Medical Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to first become more familiar with the governmental agencies that oversee and regulate different aspects of the environment, biomedical research, public health and policy. Using inferential reasoning you must justify why it is logical for you to hold a position in a specific agency. This reflective exercise will enhance your comprehension of the department’s purpose and begin to illustrate the essential roles health care professionals play in the government.

  • Answer the following questions
    • What are the 3 branches of government?
    • Which branch does congress belong?
    • What are the two departments within congress?
      • What is the difference between the 2 in regard to the number of seats in each?
        • How are they decided?
    • Which does the cabinet belong?
      • What are the cabinet positions including cabinet level officials? List them all out.
      • Why would these departments be involved in your assigned scenario and role?
      • Why is it logical for you to hold a positon in this department as a medical care provider, epidemiologist, scientist or public health educator?
  • Find 3 specific departments overseen by the United State Cabinet that would be involved with your subject. You could also choose NASA or the National Academy of Science.
  • Make a hierarchy style chart using SmartArt in word that includes all of the cabinet positions and the 3 departments you potentially could be employed within. Use the link below for help
  • In 3-5 sentences thoughtfully and comprehensively
  • Create a cohesive narrative that describes the sequence of the events that led to your cross-disciplinary collaboration and discoveries. This will be the same for each group.
  • Name your task force (everyone’s name in their group will be the same)


Consider the Lobster, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help

Article 1: Consider the Lobster

Article 2: Ethic and New Genetic

writing requirement:

reading 2 article “Consider the Lobster” and “Ethic and New Genetic” answer the question of “Why do human justify their difference to others: human or non-human? new essay only need five paragraph, 1introduction, 3 body paragraphs [ each body paragraph need 2 quotes—one from “Consider the Lobster”, another from “Ethic and New Genetic”,] and 1 conclusion, like:

1paragraph: introduction (you can summary 2 essay, and answer the reading question)–do not need quote

2paragraph: body paragraph, use your viewpoint to support your thesis—-need 2 quotes one from “Consider the Lobster”, another from “Ethic and New Genetic”

3paragraph: body paragraph, use your viewpoint to support your thesis—–need 2 quotes one from “Consider the Lobster“, another from “Ethic and New Genetic”

4paragraph: body paragraph, use your viewpoint to support your thesis——need 2 quotes one from “Consider the Lobster“, another from “Ethic and New Genetic”

5 conclusion,

important : do not use other articles and authors appear in this paper


Public policy analysis, discussion help Writing Assignment Help


Week 4 Discussion 1

After reading the 2017 budget submitted by President Trump, how would you persuade official players in the US Congress to go along with the policies embedded in the Budget? While the President is required to submit a Budget, Congress has the Constitution responsibility to pass a Budget. What is your opinion on Trump’s budget? Would you adopt it or ignore it?

Week 4 Discussion 2

Why do you think that public policy experts have said that Americans “hate Congress” but “love their Congressmen”? What are the ramifications?


Week 7 Lab:Limitations of Liability Business Finance Assignment Help

Week 7 Lab:Limitations of Liability Business Finance Assignment Help

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