Week 8 Project 2 Business Finance Assignment Help

Week 8 Project 2 Business Finance Assignment Help. Week 8 Project 2 Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Turn in Project 2 (Estimation and Triangulation)

This is a project that you can do to check your estimation and triangulation skills. Given a glass container (I did the experiment for survey and you can use the data I collected so that you do not need to purchase the jar…but by all means if you would like to duplicate the experiment please be my guest). I filled the jar with Whoppers candy malted milk balls. The jar is 11.5 inches high and 3.25 inches across on all four sides. There is a glass top that covers the candies. I had a group of students collect guesses from other students, faculty, staff and guests at the university as to how many candies they thought were in the jar. The data we collected is in the attached spreadsheet n=204. This would represent one leg in the triangulation process – wisdom of crowds. You should conduct your own analysis on the data average, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis…etc. new data candy.xlsx

Your task is to complete this leg of triangulation, conduct a case study (I would recommend buying a box of Whoppers and using how many candies fit in that box and then extrapolating to the size of the container above) and a mathematical analysis based on the geometry of the milk ball and the container. Then you should conduct a PERT analysis of the three and submit a paper detailing your experiments including a chart of all three measurements and the PERT. In the past, the student work usually predicts the number of candies in the jar within 5%.

PERT needs to be conducted using three calculations

1. Average based on data set given to you in excel spreadsheet

2. How much candy fits in a jar given the size of a jar and candy

3. Estimate based on a box

A. Size of the box and number of candy in the box

B. how many candies will fit in the jar based on A

Calculations need to be part of your submission.

Week 8 Project 2 Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Criminal Investigation Unit 4 IP Business Finance Assignment Help

You are a rookie investigator assigned to the Juvenile Sex Crimes Unit. Because you are new to the unit, the supervisor of the unit has assigned you to work with veteran investigator Jake Wilson to get your training in sex crimes unit investigations. During your tour of duty on your first day, you receive a call to proceed to 1255 Maple Street to meet a patrol officer who is on a juvenile sex assault call at the No Tell Motel. On arrival, you learn that the suspect was seen by law enforcement officers acting suspicious in the parking lot earlier in the day, and when he spotted officers, he quickly drove away from the motel parking lot. After a short chase, officers took the subject, Jose Torres, H/M 35 years of age, into custody.

After taking the suspect into custody, he was asked by officers why he ran, and he opened up to officers and told them that he had been having sex with an underage 14-year-old girl, his girlfriend, in the motel room and had gotten scared when he saw the police. You also learn that officers did not read him his rights before asking him questions regarding the scene and recognize this might be a problem in the case. The crime scene had been entered already by several police officers who stopped by to visit the crime scene, and office management had also stopped by. The 14-year-old female was also at the crime scene, and your partner is interviewing her on the scene to find out what happened.

Based on the above crime scene and information, answer the questions listed below regarding the scene.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 3–4 pages, APA Format:

Evidence and Scene Processing

  • Considering the evidence at the crime scene, make a list of this evidence, and also advise what equipment you will utilize to recover the evidence.
  • Describe the process of protecting the crime scene and recovering the evidence, labeling it, transporting it, and exactly what type of analysis you would request to have performed with the evidence by the lab.
  • After reading the scenario, is there a problem with scene contamination?
    • What role will this evidence likely play in your case?
    • Would a warrant be needed at the crime scene? Why or why not?

Victim and Witness Statements, Suspect Interrogation

  • What is the proper process for obtaining a statement from both the suspect and the victim in this incident?
  • Will you be able to use the information provided to patrol officers by the suspect immediately after his arrest?
  • If your partner interviewed the suspect at the scene and threatened him, would this be lawful? Why or why not?
  • If your partner lied to the suspect to gain information from him, would this information be usable?
    • What if your partner read the suspect his rights before the interrogation?
  • What has the Supreme Court said about the use of deception in interrogating a suspect?
  • Where would you interview the female victim?
  • Who would do the interview, and how should it be conducted?
  • What types of questions should the interviewer ask the suspect and the victim in this crime? Why?

Training Needs

  • What type of specialized training would you need as a sex crimes investigator?
    • Describe some of the training you feel would be useful for a rookie detective who just got promoted and placed into a sex crimes unit.
  • What types of training would you recommend for a veteran detective who had just transferred into the sex crimes unit?
  • How does experience play a role in the types of training that you would recommend for each of these two types of officers—a rookie and a veteran? Explain.


Image Processing Programming Assignment Help

Ninety-nine things to do (actually only 8 or 9) :

  1. Fix the reset function in the pulldown menu. I fixed it on mine now, but it’s a good practice on learning the code and figuring out what’s going on.
  2. Rotate image 90 degrees, odd shaped images should work…….mine did when I went back and looked at.
  3. Turn an image into grayscale and display it, use the “Luminosity” method for grayscale conversion. You can put the grayscale value using the three channel, you don’t have to create a new image.
  4. Blur the grayscale image, use an average of surrounding pixels to blur the image, you will need a second array so you don’t use already blurred pixels in your calculations. First, call the grayscale method from number three.
    1. The last thing set the original picture array to your temporary blurred array and call resetPicture()
  5. Turn a color image into a grayscale image first and then do a minimum of 3×3 mask to do edge detection. 5×5 will work better and be worth more.
    1. See notes below
  6. Show a histogram of the colors in a separate window
    1. See notes below
  7. Use the values in the histogram to equalize the image:
    1. Use the mapping function to normalize the distribution evenly
    2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Histogram_equalization
  8. Track a colored object…..orange is easiest. Result is a binary image that is black except where the colored object is located.
    1. See notes below (I’ll also cover this next Wednesday)

Use HIMP that I linked in above.

Don’t forget to resetPicture()


Edge Detection

Start with a 3×3 mask (multiply each pixel and surrounding pixels by the multiplier) like this:

-1 -1 -1
-1 8 -1
-1 -1 -1

But if you want a much better line try this:

-1 -1 -1 -1 -1
-1 0 0 0 -1
-1 0 16 0 -1
-1 0 0 0 -1
-1 -1 -1 -1 -1

//This is in my histogram function in IMP

//first count all pixel values in R and G and B array

// Then pass those arrays to MyPanel constructor

//Then when button is pushed call drawHistogram in MyPanel…..you write DrawHistogram

//Don’t forget to call repaint();

JFrame redFrame = new JFrame(“Red”);

redFrame.setSize(305, 600);

redFrame.setLocation(800, 0);

JFrame greenFrame = new JFrame(“Green”);

greenFrame.setSize(305, 600);

greenFrame.setLocation(1150, 0);

JFrame blueFrame = new JFrame(“blue”);

blueFrame.setSize(305, 600);

blueFrame.setLocation(1450, 0);

redPanel = new MyPanel(red);

greenPanel = new MyPanel(green);

bluePanel = new MyPanel(blue);

redFrame.getContentPane().add(redPanel, BorderLayout.CENTER);


greenFrame.getContentPane().add(greenPanel, BorderLayout.CENTER);


blueFrame.getContentPane().add(bluePanel, BorderLayout.CENTER);



My panel class stuff that inherits from JPanel:

//instance fields

Graphics2D gc;

///PaintComponent Method



Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D)g;

if(grid == null){

int w = this.getWidth();

int h = this.getHeight();

grid = (BufferedImage)(this.createImage(w,h));

gc = grid.createGraphics();


g2.drawImage(grid, null, 0, 0);


Color Tracking

Color Detection

Any pixels within a certain threshhold will be displayed white, non threshold pixels will be displayed black.


To Any Would-Be Terrorist by Naomi Shihab Nye Humanities Assignment Help

Use this link for questions

  1. Naomi Shihab Nye addresses her letter to “you” and apologizes for using the term “would-be-terrorist,” though she says she doesn’t “know how else to get your attention” (para 1). Are terrorists her real audience, or is she speaking to another group of people? Who? And how do you know?
  2. What is it about American popular culture, particularly movies and TV, the Nye criticizes? Why does she call it “trash” (para 12)? To what extent to you agree with about what she perceives as the cause-and-effect relationship between popular culture and violence?
  3. What is Nye’s tone in this letter? Cite evidence to support your claim.

Something to THINK ABOUT: This is under the Justice Unit. Think about why. What does this passage have to do with the Justice theme?


Ladder Logic needed (LogixPro 500) Silo Simulator Programming Assignment Help

Project Details:

project will involve the Silo Simulator within LogixPro 500. Follow all the Project
Parameters listed, include an explanation of how your project works.

Design a program that will move boxes to a filling station while the SELECTOR SWITCH is in position A.

  • When the START switch is pressed, the RUN light should come ON.
  • The
    first box arrives at the filling station and activates a PROX SENSOR,
    then activates a 5 second timer to pause the process then starts filling
    the box after 5 seconds is complete.
  • While the box is filling,
    the FILL light should flash ON/OFF at a 1 second interval. The FILL
    light should go OFF when the box is full.
  • Once the box is full, the FULL light should come ON, and activate a second timer to wait an additional 5 seconds.
  • After
    the last 5 second interval is complete, the box should move away from
    the fill station, and the FULL light should go OFF, so the next box can
    arrive to be filled.
  • The process should repeat.
  • Once 10 boxes have passed the PROX SENSOR, the process should shut down. Also the RUN light should go OFF.
  • To
    restart the process, move the SELECTOR SWITCH to positon B to reset the
    counter. Move the SELECTOR SWITCH back to positon A, depress the START
    SWITCH to restart the system for the next 10 boxes.
  • If the STOP switch is pressed the system will stop, and the RUN light should go OFF.
  • The START switch will have to be pressed to start the control system again.



Story time Other Assignment Help

For this week’s assignment, you are going to choose a children’s book that you are familiar with and have used either in your classroom or with children outside of the classroom. Then:

  • Describe how you have incorporated this book into your classroom.
  • Reread the book and suggest at least two different activities you can do with the book to extend children’s learning and encourage engagement.
  • Incorporate at least one multicultural component
  • In about two paragraphs, answer the following:
    • Why is it important to foster a healthy relationship with literacy at a young age?
    • How can you use literacy to promote pro-social behaviors, like empathy?
    • In your opinion, are multicultural components necessary to incorproate? Why or why not?

Story time Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ETL : Ethical Life . 2 homework + the ebook available / Humanities Assignment Help


If someone interested in doing the whole class homework + doing two copy for each homework one for me and the other to me friend

at first we had last week a homework we did not do + tomorrow The due date the another homework

so the first two homework i want them by tomorrow 12pm New York time.

then I will review it and if it acceptable I will assign another post with the all homework and invite the tutor to do it

it’s not my core class (elective class) so it does not matter to be perfect just understandable and reasonable = simple language

300 word (reflation)

300 word (application)

total 600 word ! and then you can paraphrase it for my friends and you are done !


Design system Engineering Assignment Help

Please make a program to solve design problem. You can use a programming language you are comfortable with (python, C++, Java etc.) All and make a computer program to calculate the nominal diameter.

Question -1 For the system illustrated in example 1-1, specify the nominal size of clean commercial pipes required for a flow rate of 0.2 ft3/sec if the following are given

Da=Db=Dc,La=200ft,Lb=20ft,Lc=80ft,andH=75 ft

Question -2For the system illustrated in example 1-1, specify the nominal size of clean commercial pipes required for a flow rate of 0.2 ft3/sec if the following are given

Da=Db=Dc,La=200ft,Lb=20ft,Lc=320ft,H=75 ft

Look down file example1-1


People of Appalachian and Arab Heritage. Health Medical Assignment Help

1. Give an overview of the Inhabited localities and topography of the Appalachian and Arab heritage.

2. Discuss any similarities in the beliefs of the Appalachian and Arab heritages regarding the delivery of healthcare.

3. How the religion or folks beliefs influence the delivery of healthcare in these two heritages.

You must cite or quote at least two evidence-based references (besides the class textbook) no older than 5 years old. Two replies to any or yours peers sustained with the proper reference (s) are required. An example of how to present the first page is attached for your guidance.

A minimum of 600 words excluding the first and references page is required. NO PLAGIARISM


Writing Assignment: Hear Me Roar Writing Assignment Help

Every person on this planet has a unique story about his or her path or their journey so far. Expressive writing is all about expressing the self, but the audience is important too. You need to find a hook and a central image to hold your readers. You need to make your experience matter to the audience. In this unit we have analyzed examples of expressive writing that reached out to us with humor, emotion, and deep truths. Now it is your turn to share your story. So . . . tell us about yourself! To do:

  1. Select a means of expression for your finished story (choose one):
    • A blog (At least five 100-word entries; submit the link to your instructor and invite your classmates).
    • A humorous monologue/essay (You may video or audio record this [minimum three minutes] or submit it as a 500 to 750-word essay.).
    • An emotional personal narrative (Submit it as a 500 to 750-word essay.).
    • A series of poems (The poems must be first person, tied together thematically, and expressing real experiences. Review the poetry unit to avoid writing poems devoid of imagery and substance.).
    • A letter (Choose someone to address the letter to, your birth mother, the grandmother you never met, your future self, your future children. 500 to 700 words).
    • A journal (At least five 100-word entries. Avoid the temptation to chronicle you daily life unless your daily life is wildly unique and exciting. You must have a focus.).
  2. Decide upon a focus, central idea, theme, message, or unifying concept that tells readers about you.
  3. Decide upon an organizational pattern for your story (choose one):
    • Linear plot development.
    • Spiral plot development.
    • Parallel plot development.
    • Pyramid plot development.
  4. Write your story (minimum 500 words).
  5. Revise to add description, figurative language, dialogue.
  6. Revise for unity.
  7. Edit carefully for punctuation, spelling, capitalization, grammar, and usage.

I would like for the first step to be

  • An emotional personal narrative (Submit it as a 500 to 750-word essay.).

You can choose the one for step 3! Thank you.


Week 8 Project 2 Business Finance Assignment Help

Week 8 Project 2 Business Finance Assignment Help

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