West Virginia University Week 4 NFL Scores 2011 Data Analysis Major Project Mathematics Assignment Help

West Virginia University Week 4 NFL Scores 2011 Data Analysis Major Project Mathematics Assignment Help. West Virginia University Week 4 NFL Scores 2011 Data Analysis Major Project Mathematics Assignment Help.

Part 1: Select a Data Set (NFLSCORES2011)

For this project, you must select a data set from the included list of datasets provided OR you can source your own custom data set. You must declare your dataset by the end of Week #2 (which is the end of the first module) failure to do so may mean a zero for all remaining parts of the major project.

Overview of your dataset requirement that you are using for this Project:

Data set requirements:

Requirement 1: The dataset you select must have at least 25 cases.

Requirement 2: It also must have at least two categorical variables and at least two quantitative variables. (Students must make sure their dataset fits BOTH requirements or it cannot be used for this Project).

Requirement 3: Categorical variables must either have only five or less levels OR be adapted to only have five or less levels. (For example: Gender has two levels: Male and Female. You can often decrease the number of levels in a categorical variable by pooling more than one level under a new “OTHER” grouping.)Major Project – Part 2 : Data Analysis.Part 2 is a milestone in your project that results in a full completion of the Analysis portion of this project/report. Refer to the Major Project.pdf for complete instructions for this Part 2 of the Major Project. Students are required by end of Week 4 to complete the structured analysis of their chosen dataset following the directions in Major Project.pdf file located in this course shell

West Virginia University Week 4 NFL Scores 2011 Data Analysis Major Project Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Harbor–UCLA Medical Center Off White Clothing Brand Presentation Writing Assignment Help

Choose an organization Your work on this proposal will allow you begin using terminology associated with social media, to consider the relationship between an organization’s mission and its social activities, begin developing the elements of your organizations digital story, and begin strategizing the use of social media for the purposes of achieving communications goals.

The brand I choose is Off-White (a clothing brand). I am the consumer and follower of this brand.

10 minute 15 page

1 .Organization Details. Please share the name of the organization you want to create a social media strategy for and provide a link to the organization’s website if applicable. Briefly describe the nature of the organization (it’s primary mission and organizational structure) and your interest/reasoning in choosing the organization. If you have a personal relationship to the organization, please describe that relationship, including your access to/role in managing the organization’s social/digital presence.

2. Organization’s “Business Goal(s).” Briefly describe one or more key goal you believe the organization may want to try and accomplish through social media. For example, if I chose Burger King, maybe I would want to focus on the launch of a new kids meal. What do you know about what the company/organization is working on that they might want to focus on right now?

3. Organization’s social/digital platforms. Please describe the organization’s social and digital communications. What platforms does the organization use to communicate with its audiences? Does the organization have a presence on LinkedIn? Instagram? Facebook? Etc? Generally, how is each platform used? You might choose to do this in the form of a table or list. Be sure to include links to the organization’s social presence

4. Publics/Consumers. Generally, who are the groups that the organization is trying to reach through their social media platforms? Are they audiences of fans? are they consumers? Are they volunteers? Other businesses?

5. Storytelling/Messaging. What are the key messages that are shared through the organization’s social platforms? You may choose to organize your description by types of messages, or choose some key examples that highlight the types of stories that the organization shares.

6. Influencers. Does the organization have/use influencers to extend their social media reach? If so, who are those influencers?

7. Recent campaigns/engagement. Identity the organization’s most recent social media content. What has happened on the organization’s platforms in the past 4 weeks?

8. Industry/Competitor observations. How does your organization compare to the social media use of its competitors? You may choose the one primary competitor, or a broader field of organizations.

9. References

In some cases, you may have to search for years to understand your organization’s social media landscape. Your organization may have a strong social media history or a very limited presence. Search industry and news publications as well as digital posts to identify any important AD series and view past posts from your organization for analysis. The organization you choose should guide what you assign.


CALUMS Health Promotion in Minority Populations Case Study Health Medical Assignment Help

Select an ethnic minority group that is represented in the United States (American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian American, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander). Using health information available from Healthy People, the CDC, and other relevant government websites, analyze the health status for this group.

In a paper of 1,000-1,250 words, compare and contrast the health status of your selected minority group to the national average. Include the following:

  • Describe the ethnic minority group selected. Describe the current health status of this group. How do race and ethnicity influence health for this group?
  • What are the health disparities that exist for this group? What are the nutritional challenges for this group?
  • Discuss the barriers to health for this group resulting from culture, socioeconomics, education, and sociopolitical factors.
  • What health promotion activities are often practiced by this group?
  • Describe at least one approach using the three levels of health promotion prevention (primary, secondary, and tertiary) that is likely to be the most effective in a care plan given the unique needs of the minority group you have selected. Provide an explanation of why it might be the most effective choice.
  • What cultural beliefs or practices must be considered when creating a care plan? What cultural theory or model would be best to support culturally competent health promotion for this population? Why?

Cite at least three peer-reviewed or scholarly sources to complete this assignment. Sources should be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and public health content.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


Topic: Benchmark – Policy Brief

Research public health issues on the “Climate Change” or “Topics and Issues” pages of the American Public Health Association (APHA) website. Investigate a public health issue related to an environmental issue within the U.S. health care delivery system and examine its effect on a specific population.

Write a 750-1,000-word policy brief that summarizes the issue, explains the effect on the population, and proposes a solution to the issue.

Follow this outline when writing the policy brief:

  • Describe the policy health issue. Include the following information: (a) what population is affected, (b) at what level does it occur (local, state, or national), and (c) evidence about the issues supported by resources.
  • Create a problem statement.
  • Provide suggestions for addressing the health issue caused by the current policy. Describe what steps are required to initiate policy change. Include necessary stakeholders (government officials, administrator) and budget or funding considerations, if applicable.
  • Discuss the impact on the health care delivery system.

Include three peer-reviewed sources and two other sources to support the policy brief.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


MGT301 SEU Employee Performance Through Motivation Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

  • The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.
  • Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.
  • Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
  • Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.
  • Late submission will NOT be accepted.
  • Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
  • All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).

Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.


May Pregnancy Result & Liam Gastroenteritis Case Study Health Medical Assignment Help

May David, a 22-year-old woman, comes to the clinic to obtain a pregnancy test. She has not had her menstrual period for the past 6 weeks but claims that infrequent menses are not unusual for her. She feels nauseous in the morning but the feeling is only temporary. You ask May, “Is it possible you might be pregnant?” May’s response is “I doubt it, since we have always used a condom during intercourse.” She goes on to explain that she has been taking an anti seizure medication for several years to control her epilepsy and is taking some herbal medicines for a feeling of well-being.

May’s vital signs are the following: Temperature = 36.7 C (98 F); Pulse = 68 beats/min; Respiration = 18 breaths/min; and blood pressure = 110/70 mmHg. She is 1.7 m (5 feet 6 inches) tall and is surprised that she has gained 2.3 kg (5 lbs) in the past 4 weeks, bringing her weight to 65.8 kg (145 lbs).

A urine specimen is sent to the laboratory for a pregnancy test. A complete physical examination is performed, followed by a vaginal examination. All physical findings were within normal limits except for her urine specimen, which confirms that she is pregnant. May smokes approximetly a half pack of cigarettes per day.

This activity contains 3 questions.

  1. What education should the nurse provide for May regarding the use of medications during pregnancy?
  2. While caring for May, the nurse must consider FDA pregnancy risk categories. In your own words, explain these categories.
  3. What effect does May’s tobacco use possibly have on her unknown baby?

Ms Nguyen reports that Liam has not been eating well for the past 48 hours. He is a 7-month-old child. Last night he vomited3 times after drinking sips of water and also had several very loose, green foul-smelling bowel movements. He voided only once in the past 12 hours. For the past 5 days Liam has been taking amoxicillin for an ear infection. Liam lies still on the examination table but responds to his mother’s commands. The nurse prepares Liam for examination.

Liam’s preliminary diagnosis is gastroenteritis with milk dehydration. His vital signs are as follows: Temperature = 39.1. C (102.4 F); Heart rate = 160 beats/min; Respiration = 39 breaths/min; Blood pressure = 100/57 mmHg; and weight = 8.6 kg (19 lbs). His skin is dry and warm to touch, and there is slight tenting. The following laboratory studies were performed; serum electrolytes, complete blood count, blood urea nitrogen, creatine, urinalysis, and stool for culture and sensitivity.

An IV line was inserted immediately and a solution of D5W in ⅓ NSS was started to infuse at 30ml/hr. Lima was placed on NPO (nothing by mouth).

This activity contains 2 questions.

  1. What factors are seen in children that affect pharmacokinetics?
  2. When starting an IV, the nurse would select from the following two sites as the best sites on a patient of this age group.



HSTM 4431 TU Industry Statistics Associated with Men & Women Soccer Team Essay Mathematics Assignment Help

Please use R-Studio and Word to finish this project.

Please write a project report acording to the proposal and dataset in the attachment.

Project Report – 100 Points

Required Components:

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents (including figures and tables)
  • Rationale for the Study
  • Research Questions: (minimum of 3 for final submission)
  • Variables and Definitions
    • Categorical (factor) Variables: (must have at least 4 categorical variables)
    • Measured (numeric) Variables: (must have at least 10 measured variables)
  • Results – Broken down by research questions – See sample report
    • Statistical Analysis (as appropriate)
    • Tables (as appropriate)
    • Plots (always)


  • Individual project reports must follow APA style requirements

HSTM 4431 TU Industry Statistics Associated with Men & Women Soccer Team Essay Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Georgetown University Chapter 7 Listening and Communication Pathways Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

The book we use in this class: Communication Pathways By: Joseph M. Valenzano III, Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post, Erin S. Parcell

PTP 7 – Listening / Chapter 7

Instructions: After reading the textbook chapter, answer the prompts below. To receive full credit, each response should be written as a complete paragraph (5-7 sentences in length) and incorporate key concepts and vocabulary from the textbook. Save the file to your computer, and then upload a copy to Canvas to submit your responses. Be prepared to share some of your thoughts during our class discussion.

  1. Explain the difference between hearing and listening. Describe a situation in which another person was hearing what you were saying, but wasn’t really listening to you.
  2. What are the four purposes of listening? For each, explain how that purpose might be fulfilled and give an example of a couple of situations in which that listening purpose would be especially appropriate.
  3. Which of the six non-listening behaviors are you most often guilty of engaging in? How has that behavior impacted a recent conversation? How will you work to avoid this non-listening behavior in a future conversation?


CUNY Brooklyn College Budget Proposal Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

based off of last weeks work. In the notes section of each slide can you put what I have to say for each slide

Using a presentation tool such as PowerPoint (with narration), WebEx, Prezi, etc., create a presentation directed to the management team for your start-up business that will outline your proposal, summarize the key points and defend your budget.


Item Descriptions Points

Defending (CO 8) The key assumptions and the proposed budget are defended 30

Summarization (CO 8) The key points from the budget proposal are presented at the right level of detail. 30

Professionalism The layout of the slides, color schemes, and content are readable and highly professional. 20

Spelling and Grammar Limited or no errors in spelling, grammar, sentence structure or use of language 20

Total 100


PSC 103A City College of San Francisco R Coding Statistics Questions Mathematics Assignment Help

Conceptual questions

1. With a normal population distribution and a constant sample size of N = 2, what shape will the sampling distribution of 1000 sample approximate? (1 points)

2. How would you interpret the 99% confidence interval of [5.43,7.83] around a sample mean of 6.44? (2 point)

3. For both of the following density histograms below, compute the approximate area of the shaded region (you may complete your work by hand and include a picture with your answer, if you prefer). (2 point)

Computing Questions

Please use R/RStudio to complete the following questions. Include the code you used to generate your answer for each question.

1. Randomly sample 1000 values from both a (a) normal distribution and (b) uniform distribution. Then, check the normality for each. (2 point)

2. Find the mean and 93% and 96% confidence intervals for the normally distributed sample you collected in question 1. (2 points)

a. Do they change when assuming a t-distribution (t-critical)? (2 points)


Tidewater Community College Oral History of the Second World War Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Primary sources are sources produced at a particular time in history. You might think of them as the historical
“raw materials” used by historians to study and make arguments about the past. They take many forms
including, but not limited to: textual documents (journals, newspapers, treaties, diaries, etc.); visual sources
(film, political cartoons, art, posters, etc.); audio sources (radio addresses, speeches, music, etc.); quantitative
data (census data, trade statistics, ship manifests, etc.); or artifacts—pretty much anything that society has left
behind for us to study! For this short paper, you will be reading oral histories collected by a historian named
Studs Terkel. As primary sources, oral histories provide a unique perspective on the lived experiences of people
in the past. These first-person accounts offer historians evidence of the ways in which everyday people
understand events and shape their values, beliefs, and actions.
Begin your Primary Source Analysis by reading three oral histories from Terkel’s The Good War: An Oral
History of World War II. I have scanned the three documents in .pdf format. That document is titled Terkel
Oral Histories. You may access it here under the folder “Primary Source Analysis: WWII Oral Histories” on in
Module IV. Please note, the oral histories were scanned sideways. Once you open the .pdf, in order to view the
documents right-side up, go to the “View” tab at the upper left-hand side of screen, and choose “Rotate View”
and “Counterclockwise.”
Here are the three oral histories you are reading. You must mention or discuss all three in the paper:
1) Peter Ota, 28-33.
2) Peggy Terry, 108-113.
3) Timuel Black, 277-282.
Your goal for the paper is to make a strong central argument (your thesis statement) about how World War II
affected the individual lives and experiences of Americans, using evidence from the three oral histories to
support your main points. Your central argument should be the controlling idea around which you construct
your entire paper. State your main argument in the introductory paragraph and then use evidence and examples
from the oral histories to illustrate your central point(s). That argument should appear early on in your paper so
that readers can follow and assess your argument throughout the rest of your work.
Consider the following questions as you begin to formulate your main argument. While you are not required to
answer all these questions in the paper, utilize them to help you build and articulate a central argument: In what
specific and various ways did the war change Americans’ lives? How and why did Americans’ experiences
during and after the war differ according to race, gender, and class? How did the war influence Americans’
sense of national identity or perceptions of the U.S.?
Here are additional pointers to help you with your analysis and assist you in crafting a thesis statement:
•Directly engage with the authors/documents to get to the heart of the perspective they are advancing. What
points are they making and how? On what grounds are they justifying their positions?
•Look for connections (or disconnections) between perspectives or themes in the documents. Comparing the
documents will help you make sense of them and their larger significance. You want to move beyond simply
describing the sources to analyzing them for what they tell you about the time period in, and the circumstances
under which, they were written. Sources do not speak for themselves; historians make them speak through their
interpretation and ideas!
•Be specific in your writing and in your reference to the documents. Introduce your authors and documents
(provide basic context) so that your readers understand your analysis and how you are them as evidence to
support your points. In general, aim for showing rather than telling by using concrete examples from the
sources in your analysis.
Assignment Instructions
Length: 600 to 700 words (This is pretty short, so you’ll have to be concise and precise in your writing and
selective in your evidence—these are all important skills to practice!)
Formatting/Presentation: Organize your paper into paragraphs with an introductory paragraph that includes
your main argument. Please include a cover page with your name, course number, title of the assignment, date,
and the word count of the paper (the word count should not include the information on your cover page). The
paper should be double-spaced, in 12-point font, with one-inch margins.
Citation: Avoid over-quoting from the sources, but if you include a direct quote from one of the oral histories,
provide the number of the page on which the quote appears in parentheses at the end of the sentence. For
example: (Peter Ota, 29). No bibliography is required.


West Virginia University Week 4 NFL Scores 2011 Data Analysis Major Project Mathematics Assignment Help

West Virginia University Week 4 NFL Scores 2011 Data Analysis Major Project Mathematics Assignment Help