What are some good references about teaching cases?

Teaching cases are used for instructional purposes at business schools around the world and
have been used in this manner for decades. However, what is fairly new is the use of teaching
cases that are driven or supported by social media technologies, multimedia content and
videos. We have moved beyond text based cases and embraced these types of technologies.
The following paragraphs will help you understand a unique form of multimedia teaching case
and how it can be used to improve your learning experience. Responses to the following
questions guide this discussion:
• What is a multimedia case? These are not your typical Harvard style teaching cases. We
offer a brief description of the format of a typical case.
• Why cases? Professors have been using cases to help students learn about both simple
and complex issues for a long time. We realize this and provide a few reasons as to why
they should continue to be used.
• What is unique about these multimedia cases? We have told you that the cases are
different but how so? We suggest a few points of differentiation.
• What are the components of a good multimedia case analysis? While multimedia cases
are different, many of the aspects of a good cases analysis remain the same. We list a
few of these features in the following paragraphs.
• How might a multimedia case be analyzed? There is no one catch-all answer. But we
offer some ideas as to how you might go about it.
• What are some good references about teaching cases? There are a lot of good articles
available for students who want to learn more about teaching cases and their use in the
classroom and beyond. We suggest a few of these articles.
What is a multimedia case?

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