what are the roles and value of public health in the USA, Public health discussion help Health Medical Assignment Help

what are the roles and value of public health in the USA, Public health discussion help Health Medical Assignment Help. what are the roles and value of public health in the USA, Public health discussion help Health Medical Assignment Help.

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Answer the following questions:

what are the most critical issues the health care system the US undergoes

what are Public health service agencie

  • what are the roles and value of public health in the USA
  • what are the roles of public health in the UK
  • WHAT ARE THE Roles of public health in Australia what is
    Discuss Public
    health policy
  • Discuss the process of forming public health
  • Discuss the Ebola case in Liberia
  • The
    threat of immune viruses and emerging diseases is a public heath
  • Educating in public health
  • the most significant achievement of Public Health in the 20th century
  • I want 1200 words for this question

what are the roles and value of public health in the USA, Public health discussion help Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

What are the two components of total return on a share of stock?, Finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please answer the following questions

with showing the step


1. What are the two components of total return on a share of stock?

2.ABC Company earned $2.50 per share and paid $2.00 in dividends in the year just ended. ABC’s stock price is $42.00. If ABC Company expects dividends to grow 5% annually, and you require a 10% annual rate of return for this stock investment, answer the following questions:

§What is the estimated stock price in one year?

§What is the dividend yield for the year?

§What is the price appreciation or capital gain % for the year?

§What is the trailing (current) P/E ratio?

3.XYZ Corp earned $5.00 per share last year. XYZ Corp recently adopted a long term target to pay out 20% of all future earnings as dividends. So, the most recent dividend paid was $1.00 (20% of earnings per share of $5.00). Earnings and dividends are expected to grow at a constant rate of 4% in the future. You require a 10% rate of return on the stock investment. What are you willing to pay for XYZ Corp stock today?

4.ABC Company has the following estimates for free cash flow for the next three years:

§Year 1 = $48 million

§Year 2 = $51 million

§Year 3 = $56 million

After year 3, ABC Company expects that its cash flow will grow at 3% per year going forward. ABC Company has no excess cash, no debt and 10 million shares outstanding. It has a required rate of return for capital of 9%.

a.What is the PV of the expected free cash flow streams for ABC Company?

b.What is the expected stock price today, based on the above data?

5.Tampa, Inc. currently has an earnings per share of $2.00 and an earnings growth rate of 6% per year. If the benchmark Forward PE ratio is 15, what is the share price today? What is the estimated share price two years from now?


Ethical leadership, social science assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Leaders are
always expected to demonstrate ethical behavior, and sometimes issues
arise in which ethical leadership is needed. As a student of leadership
and organizational change, it is important to think about how and why
ethical issues occur and how they might be addressed when they occur.
Each organization may have its own set of procedures for addressing
these issues, and there are likely to be consequences for those
involved. The role of accountability is also significant. When ethical
breaches occur, people want to know who will take responsibility and who
will be responsible for preventing future ethical issues.

For this Discussion, consider the variety of ethical theories discussed in the course text, Leadership: Theory and Practice, and select two. Review the three case studies in the course text and select one.
Respond to the questions at the end of the case you selected. Consider
how the ethical theories you selected might influence the study that is
the basis of the case you selected.

Write your
responses to the questions for the case you selected. Be thorough and
specific. Analyze the impact of the ethical theories you chose on the
case you selected.

Note: Be sure to support your
postings and responses with specific references to the Learning
Resources while adhering strictly to APA style of reference.


  • Northouse, P. G. (2016). Leadership: Theory and practice (7th ed.). Thousand Oaks: CA: Sage Publications.
    • Chapter 13, “Leadership Ethics” (pp. 329-360)
  • Dinh,
    J. E., Lord, R. G., Gardner, W. L., Meuser, J. D., Liden, R. C., &
    Hu, J. (2014). Leadership theory and research in the new millennium:
    Current theoretical trends and changing perspectives. The Leadership Quarterly, 25(1), 36–62.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Dion, M. (2012). Are ethical theories relevant for ethical leadership? Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 33(1), 4–24.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
  • Mayer,
    D. M., Aquino, K., Greenbaum, R. L., & Kuenzi, M. (2012). Who
    displays ethical leadership, and why does it matter? An examination of
    antecedents and consequences of ethical leadership. Academy of Management Journal, 55(1), 151–171.
    Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


Since There’s No Help, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help

a Reader-Response analysis of “Since There’s No Help,” by Michael
Drayton (Lynn, 2011, p. 91 – 92). Use the appropriate vocabulary
suggested for this critical theory. You must use excerpts from the text
and appropriate theoretical critics to support your claims.
this assignment, you need to use Texts and Contexts: Writing About
Literature with Critical Theory and two other scholarly sources to
support your argument about one of the above works. The paper must be three to four pages in length
(not including title and reference pages) and formatted according the APA


Cross Cultural Management, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Module name: Cross Cultural Management,

Do not bid if you cannot keep time pleas

Topic of the presentation is on:

Regional differences in a national culture and their effects on leadership effectiveness: A tale of two neighboring Chinese cities.

-You should prepare and deliver a presentation to include the following:

1)A brief summary of the article including its key Concepts, Aims, Objectives and THEORIES used…etc.

2)Comment on how the article relates to cross-cultural management with the relevant theories of Leadership in cross cultural management.

3)A critique of the article to include your observations on the strengths and weaknesses of the article (for example, a critique of the methodology, the Limitations of this research)

-The main keyword topic of the presentation is {LEADERSHIP, National culture}. This should be a total of 5 pages. Make sure you have 3 sources, and APA format

-The time given to present is 20 minutes.

– Put the given Article in the reference list with other used references that are about cross-cultural management using APA referencing style.


-Any type of Plagiarism will be panellised.

so upload the

*Slides: that must be clear and following the instructions carefully.

*Pages: that we read from to explain the each slide

*Excellent simple English language, I do not like heavy vocabulary

*12 slides without the title and name page



Adaptive Response, health and medical assignment help Health Medical Assignment Help

As an advanced practice nurse, you will examine patients presenting with a variety of disorders. You must, therefore, understand how the body normally functions so that you can identify when it is reacting to changes. Often, when changes occur in body systems, the body reacts with compensatory mechanisms. These compensatory mechanisms, such as adaptive responses, might be signs and symptoms of alterations or underlying disorders. In the clinical setting, you use these responses, along with other patient factors, to lead you to a diagnosis.

Consider the following scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Jennifer is a 2-year-old female who presents with her mother. Mom is concerned because Jennifer has been “running a temperature” for the last 3 days. Mom says that Jennifer is usually healthy and has no significant medical history. She was in her usual state of good health until 3 days ago when she started to get fussy, would not eat her breakfast, and would not sit still for her favorite television cartoon. Since then she has had a fever off and on, anywhere between 101oF and today’s high of 103.2oF. Mom has been giving her ibuprofen, but when the fever went up to 103.2oF today, she felt that she should come in for evaluation. A physical examination reveals a height and weight appropriate 2-year-old female who appears acutely unwell. Her skin is hot and dry. The tympanic membranes are slightly reddened on the periphery, but otherwise normal in appearance. The throat is erythematous with 4+ tonsils and diffuse exudates. Anterior cervical nodes are readily palpable and clearly tender to touch on the left side. The child indicates that her throat hurts “a lot” and it is painful to swallow. Vital signs reveal a temperature of 102.8oF, a pulse of 128 beats per minute, and a respiratory rate of 24 beats per minute.

Scenario 2:

Jack is a 27-year-old male who presents with redness and irritation of his hands. He reports that he has never had a problem like this before, but about 2 weeks ago he noticed that both his hands seemed to be really red and flaky. He denies any discomfort, stating that sometimes they feel “a little bit hot,” but otherwise they feel fine. He does not understand why they are so red. His wife told him that he might have an allergy and he should get some steroid cream. Jack has no known allergies and no significant medical history except for recurrent ear infections as a child. He denies any traumatic injury or known exposure to irritants. He is a maintenance engineer in a newspaper building and admits that he often works with abrasive solvents and chemicals. Normally he wears protective gloves, but lately they seem to be in short supply so sometimes he does not use them. He has exposed his hands to some of these cleaning fluids, but says that it never hurt and he always washed his hands when he was finished.

Scenario 3:

Martha is a 65-year-old woman who recently retired from her job as an administrative assistant at a local hospital. Her medical history is significant for hypertension, which has been controlled for years with hydrochlorothiazide. She reports that lately she is having a lot of trouble sleeping, she occasionally feels like she has a “racing heartbeat,” and she is losing her appetite. She emphasizes that she is not hungry like she used to be. The only significant change that has occurred lately in her life is that her 87-year-old mother moved into her home a few years ago. Mom had always been healthy, but she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her hip. Her recovery was a difficult one, as she has lost a lot of mobility and independence and needs to rely on her daughter for assistance with activities of daily living. Martha says it is not the retirement she dreamed about, but she is an only child and is happy to care for her mother. Mom wakes up early in the morning, likes to bathe every day, and has always eaten 5 small meals daily. Martha has to put a lot of time into caring for her mother, so it is almost a “blessing” that Martha is sleeping and eating less. She is worried about her own health though and wants to know why, at her age, she suddenly needs less sleep.

To Prepare

  • Review the three scenarios, as well as Chapter 6 in the Huether and McCance text.
  • Identify the pathophysiology of the disorders presented in each of the three scenarios, including their associated alterations. Consider the adaptive responses to the alterations.
  • Review the examples of “Mind Maps—Dementia, Endocarditis, and Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)” media in this week’s Learning Resources. Then select one of the disorders you identified from the scenarios. Use the examples in the media as a guide to construct a mind map for the disorder you selected. Consider the epidemiology, pathophysiology, risk factors, clinical presentation, and diagnosis of the disorder, as well as any adaptive responses to alterations.
  • Review the Application Assignment Rubric found under Course Information

To Complete

Write a 2- to 3-page paper excluding the title page, reference page and Mind Map that addresses the following:

  • For each of the three scenarios explain the pathophysiology, associated alterations and the patients’ adaptive responses to the alterations caused by the disease processes. You are required to discuss all three scenarios within the paper component of this assignment.
  • Construct one mind map on a selected disorder presented in one of the scenarios. Your Mind Map must include the epidemiology, pathophysiology, risk factors, clinical presentation, and diagnosis of the disorder, as well as any adaptive responses to alterations.

By Day 7

This Assignment is due.

Adaptive Response, health and medical assignment help Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Juvenile Deliquency, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Complete the following module. This module is designed to provide you with an overview of the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. The module is followed by a short non-graded activity.

Module 1: FBI’s Uniform Crime Report

Complete the Unit 1 Assignment: Facts and Figures Essay

The information provided at childstats.gov represents a compilation of data reflecting some of the key areas of concern, and risk, for this country’s youth. It is driven by data from key federal agencies as well as many private organizations, and provides an excellent statistical overview of some of the primary risk areas facing our youth today.

Visit Child Stats at http://www.childstats.gov/americaschildren/eco.asp

Write a 350–450 word essay highlighting one interesting fact and how it relates to juvenile offending.

Save your Assignment in the following format: Last name First name Assignment. (Example: SmithJohn_Unit1_Assignment).

Submit your Assignment to the Unit 1 Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 1.


What can you change in your plans to create an opportunity?, homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

One of the risks you anticipated for the project was the late delivery of the prototype from the vendor. You adjusted your project schedule to minimize the impact of the risk, built in a penalty for late delivery, and created action plans in case the vendor delivered late. You also identified a risk with the vendor that they have very little technical depth; if the key engineer is not available to your project, the risk of a delay is even greater. You determined how you would monitor the vendor’s performance and ensure a timely delivery. You took a very risk-averse, protective approach to the relationship, but now, as the project is progressing, you are wondering if there is something you could do with the vendor to actually benefit the project instead of just protecting it.

Assignment Guidelines:

Create a 1-page addendum to your risk management plan that describes how you will modify the plans or create new plans relative to that vendor to create an opportunity that will result in lower costs, earlier delivery, higher quality, or other positive impacts.

Also, answer the following questions:

  • What can you change in your plans to create an opportunity?
  • What would that opportunity be?
  • What is the probability that this opportunity could occur? What is the impact?
  • What are the risks (adverse effect) that are introduced by this change in plans?
  • How will you communicate this change to the vendor?

Your submitted assignment (175 points) must include the following:

  • A 1-page addendum
  • A 2 to 3 page document answering the questions above
  • Submit both files as 1 zipped document to the drop box


Analyze a Film, film homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Attend a film of your choice.

Analyze and describe, in 525 words, responses to the following:

  • What are the sounds and smells?
  • What does a large audience add to your experience?
  • Are there distractions?
  • How is the theater experience different from home viewing?
  • Do you prefer the theater experience or home experience? Why or why not?
  • What genre of film did you attend? Does the theater experience add or distract from this type of genre?
  • Observe and explain the narrative of the film.
  • Be thorough, and specifically describe the entire experience.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.


American Studies , history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Part I. Essay

Please answer ONE of the following sets of questions in a concise but well-developed essay (about 3-5 pages double-spaced should do) that incorporates evidence from the primary documents, the assigned chapters in The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and lectures.

You will be graded on how well you engage with the question and how clearly you explain your argument. There is no set “correct” answer to these questions. You have to look at the materials I have provided you with and create your own answer.

YOU SHOULD USE ONLY THE SOURCES FROM THE CLASS (including the linked textbook if you choose). Use of outside sources may result in an automatic C and, if not cited, F on the paper.

For citations to written documents, please use the following format: (Author Name, Page #). There is no need to cite my lectures.

In the following question sets, the first (in bold) question is the main one you must answer. The remaining questions are designed to help you answer the question in a logical manner. Failure to address them may result in lost points.

How did the Revolution transform the nature of power in American society and culture? Who did the Revolution empower? How did the Revolution encourage other groups of people to challenge their authority? By the end of Reconstruction (1870s), were those groups of people successful? Why or why not?

Which side in the Civil War (Union or Confederacy) more closely resembled the Founding Fathers’ vision of the United States? (both or neither are acceptable answers). What kind of society did most Founding Fathers imagine that America would become? What kind of society was celebrated by the Union? What kind of society was celebrated by the Confederacy? Was either side successful in eradicating the vision of the other?

I have included 2 chapter readings to help answer the question.



Write a 350–450 word essay highlighting one interesting fact and how it relates to juvenile offending.

Save your Assignment in the following format: Last name First name Assignment. (Example: SmithJohn_Unit1_Assignment).

Submit your Assignment to the Unit 1 Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 1.