What is a research paper on African American Studies? Humanities Assignment Help

What is a research paper on African American Studies? Humanities Assignment Help. What is a research paper on African American Studies? Humanities Assignment Help.

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I have a big research paper that is due and i need help on it. I need an A on it. I have wrote out the research paper proposal but i am stuck on it. i need somebody to use the online book database on my school website and research other work/books and etc to help write out my research paper. My research paper has to be 4-5 pages. please help me. i posted my research proposal paper up to get an idea of what I am writing about please provide more details and cited the work you use to help create my research paper.

What is a research paper on African American Studies? Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

VERY EASY ESSATy Humanities Assignment Help

Indiana University Bloomington’s The Media School has compiled a group of ethical case studies (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Select a case that deals with journalism and in a two page report discuss the issues that are addressed. Did you agree with the outcome of what you read? Would the inclusion of Social Media change any of your considerations? What are some elements that played into your moral reasoning? MLA FORMAT. NO PLAGIARISM WILL BE TOLERATED. WILL RESULT IN A WITHDRAWAL. Good quality work is necassary,


answering these questions Writing Assignment Help

These questions should be answers in less than 1⁄2 page. You may also use bullets to answer

  1. Describe and give an example of 3 ways to prevent reinforcer satiation.

  2. Describe and provide an example of the difference between a token system and a levels
    ( I finished answering these two questions)

( I need someone answering this part)

The question consists of a case study in which you will design an intervention based upon ABA principles. You will need to answer the following questions for the provided case study: A Broken Arm. You are limited to roughly 3 pages single-spaced (6 pages double- spaced) to complete this question. Please label your answer to each section.

  1. General intervention. This consists of a basic description of the behavior you are
    trying to address along with details of the intervention used. This must include an
    element to allow for the student to manage his/her own behavior. This section
    should consist of one paragraph. Detail will be provided below. (1point)
  2. A written hypothesis based upon (made up) elements of a Functional Assessment
    and Functional Analysis. To answer this section, you may; (1) Choose elements of
    a FBA within the textbook or another one you are familiar with and (2) Write
    answers to those elements from the students’ perspective. This should not take
    more than 1⁄2 page single-spaced. (1 1⁄2 points)
  3. Describe your intervention which will either increase or decrease the targeted
    behavior. Justification should be provided. This section should also include any
    reinforcement schedule targeted for antecedent behavior control and shaping. This
    may take roughly 1/2 page single spaced.
  4. Recording system and data collection instrument. This should include any
    observational recording systems and a rationale of why that system is appropriate.
    Examples of data recording systems should be provided. This may take roughly
    1/2 page single spaced.
  5. Single-subject design and graph. You will need to pick a single-subject design
    which best fits your intervention. Justification for this design must be given.
    Finally, make up at least 6-weeks of data (including baseline) and include in an
    appropriate graphic representation. This may take roughly 1⁄2 page plus graph.
  6. Find ethical guidelines to an appropriate professional organization (Example:
    CEC, APA). State how these guidelines apply to use of ABA procedures in your
    professional and classroom. One paragraph.


Implementation Plan Humanities Assignment Help

Your program has been designed and is now ready to be implemented. For this week, you will be submitting an implementation plan. This should include the long-term goals you hope to achieve with your program and the specific objectives of each goal. You will also need to discuss possible ways to collect data relevant to each objective to show how the goal is progressing. Refer back to Module 02 for a refresher on implementing your program.

In addition to the implementation plan, discuss some possible ways your program could be funded. Include specific funding sources you feel would be a good fit for your program and why. Research and include funding in your geographic area if possible. For more ideas on funding your program, refer back to Module 03 and see the Funding Development chapter in Developing Nonprofit and Human Service Leaders (Watson & Hoefer, 2014).

Submit your implementation plan and funding resources in a 1-2 page paper. Cite any resource information in APA format.

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:



Watson, L. D. & Hoefer, R. A. (2014). In C. Forrest (Ed.), Funding development. Developing nonprofit and human service leaders: Essential knowledge and skills (pp. 123-134). Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Need Help? Click here for complete drop box instructions.


Tasks of Data mining and Big Data Computer Science Assignment Help

1. Find a linear recurrence and initial conditions for the sequence an dened by the following, an

number of divisors 2 f 2;3;5g . For example a6 = 2, a7 = 0, and a30 = 3.

2. Find the following properties of the graph shown in Fig. 1 (next page). The degree distribution, the

betweeness centrality of the edge (6;1), the adjacency, degree, and laplacian matrices.

3. Consider gradient descent with learning parameter

. Suppose you have the objective function f (x ) =

x2 ?6x+ 10 to which you apply this algorithm for an initial point x0 = 5. For which values of is it

true that f (x1 ) f (x0 ) (assume0)?

4. A dataset has been provided with this assignment. The le is called bda-final-data.txt . Using

Python and the sklearnlibraries answer the following about the dataset. Note: this is a supervised

learning problem (binary classication) with 10 features and 1 label. Your answers to these questions

should be supported by evidence in the form of scripts and plots.

(a) Which feature has the strongest correlation with the class label?


(b) How many of the features provide useful information about the classication task?

(c) Which, if any, of the useful features are redundant?

(d) How many separate clusters are there in the dataset?




Find a substantial article on sexual harassment in the workplace and summarize it . Writing Assignment Help

  • Find a substantial article on sexual harassment in the workplace. It may be about a specific incident, or a court ruling, etc. No blogs or chat room messages
  • Summarize the article, paying particular attention to what happened and how/if the situation was resolved. Bullets are okay here.
  • Briefly discuss what strategies seemed to have been used to handle this situation. Also discuss if the strategies used were effective, or if others could/should have been used instead. Bullets are not okay here. Write your evaluation in sentence form. You don’t have to write a novel – several sentences will do.
  • The article may be from a newspaper, trade magazine, job website, etc. Make sure the source is credible.
  • 1 – 2 typed pages, Times New, 12 point font, double-spaced, one inch margins. Name only in upper corner. Title of article/source info. at the top of your summary in APA format.

Find a substantial article on sexual harassment in the workplace and summarize it . Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

See the description it is sooooo simple Writing Assignment Help

I want to you explain how the scientific method was used in the paper ( see the article below ) they have chosen, including an explanation of the obsevation, hypothesis, experiment, results, and conclusion of the study. Students may need to research above and beyond the paper they have chosen to provide a sufficient introduction to the topic.

* Cover all the informationin in the aricle

* avoid plagiarism

* do not forget the in-text citiation and references

The article


Discussion Question Responses Science Assignment Help

Responses to each discussion post below should consist of a minimum of 50 words using one of the following examples below.

  • Ask a question or make a comment showing that you are interested in another person’s post and encouraging him or her to elaborate.
  • Post a resource (a reading, web link, video, quote, etc.) not covered in the syllabus but adding new information or valuable perspectives to the learning.
  • Make a comment underscoring the link between two people’s posts and make this link explicit in your comment.
  • Make a comment indicating that you found another person’s ideas interesting or useful. Be specific as to why this was the case.
  • Contribute something that builds on what someone else has posted. Be explicit about the way you are building on the other person’s thoughts.


  • What is Annie experiencing?
    • Anxiety/ panic attack
  • What are the three stages of General Adaptations Syndrome (GAS)?
    • Alarm, resistance and Exhaustion
  • What stages is she currently experiencing? What hormone is released during this phase and how does it affect the body?
    • She is in the alarm stage where her heart rate increased and adrenal glades produce cortisol which increases her adrenalin levels.
  • What are the main organs involved in the response?
    • Heart due to the increase in heart rate and the adrenal glands.
  • What techniques do you recommend to help Annie calm down?
    • Exercise can help lower stress and reduce anxiety. Eating a well-balanced diet and reducing the stress level the best you can. Also doing some deep breathing exercise and mediation can also reduce stress and reduce the fight or flight response.
  • Think about your own experience. Describe an incident where your system activated the “fight or flight response”.
    • My personal experience happens a lot more then I would like it to. I have a fear of crowds and new places. When I am going somewhere new and have never been I start to panic before I even leave the house. My chest hurt, it’s hard to breathe, I begin to shake a little and sweat. Just the thought of having to go somewhere even a new grocery store by myself is terrifying to me. If I go with someone else it is less stressful. When I go alone there are times it is so overwhelming I won’t go and make excuses why I can’t go. My Flight response is in full swing. If I have someone with me my fight response is there and I am able to go to where I am trying to go. I am still scared and shaking but it is not as bad as if I were alone.
    • I experience all 3 stages of GAS. The alarm which is my initial response to an invitation or a planned trip or just going to a new store or mall. I begin to panic. When the stress level gets out of control I begin to get very short tempered with family and friends. I become irritable and once everything starts to calm down which for me could take hours or days to fully recover from a severe episode of my social anxiety. My body is exhausting from fighting with itself and I get depressed over it. Especially if I don’t make to where I wanted to go.
  • What is post-traumatic stress disorder? What stages of GAS is affected in PTSD?


General Adaptation Syndrome: Your Body’s Response to Stress. (n.d.). Retrieved November 29, 2017, from https://www.healthline.com/health/general-adaptation-syndrome#definition

PTSD: National Center for PTSD. (2007, January 01). Retrieved November 29, 2017, from https://www.ptsd.va.gov/public/PTSD-overview/basics/what-is-ptsd.asp


Hello everyone,

I found this unit’s reading very interesting, since I have experienced this before in my own life. I was looking forward to researching and writing this discussion post, because I have had general adaptation syndrome, or GAS, in the past. In the dialog for this discussion, it turns out that Annie is experiencing general adaptation syndrome, also known as GAS. GAS goes through three stages, and can be scary and frustrating for someone experiencing it. There are three stages of GAS. The first stage is known as the alarm stage. During this stage, you can feel a sudden rush of adrenaline, and you get energy to remove yourself from danger. The alarm phase also allows the speed and power in your body to get out of a situation. This phase is initiated by the autonomic nervous system (Ireland, 2013). The second phase that your body goes through is the resistance phase. During the resistance phase, the body goes through the response to prolonged stress. The body now focuses on surviving the stress that it has been given, instead of evading it. During this phase, you might feel tired, weak, or emotionally fragile. This sounds like an awful stage to me to be going though. I think that it is one thing to have a minor panic attack in the alarm phase; but, it seems almost painful to be going through the resistance phase. The last phase is the exhaustion phase. This phase seems to be exactly what it sounds like, exhausting. This phase lasts until the stress is removed. It can cause poor nutrition, or damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys (Ireland, 2013).

Annie is experiencing the alarm phase right now. Her feeling of terror, shaking hands, and racing heart are all signs of the alarm phase. Some people think of this as a panic attack. The hormone that is released during this phase is epinephrine. Epinephrine is also known as adrenaline. It is released from the adrenal gland in response to stress. I have heard stories about how adrenaline can be an incredible response from the body. I have read in the past about people pushing vehicles that weigh a ton, or lifting objects that cannot usually be moved by the human body. Adrenaline seems like an extremely powerful part of the body. Epinephrine helps the body operate at peak performance, while confronting or avoiding the stressor (Ireland, 2013). It can give the body extreme strength and the ability to act quickly. The main organ involved in this response is the heart. During the alarm phase, your heart rate increases, and your blood pressure rises. This can make strain on your heart, because during the alarm phase, your muscles tense up. Since your heart is a muscle, it also tenses during this phase.

I would recommend that Annie tries some relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques can help people calm down and not get stressed out easily. Meditation is a good form of relaxation, along with yoga and stretching. This allows the body to calm down and not think about the stress at hand. Breathing exercises are also a popular way of relaxation. Breathing exercises can help sow your heart rate, so that you do not go into a situation, already carrying a speedy heart rate. Maybe listening to calming music right before the stressful task might also help Annie.

One time, I had to present a project for a public speaking class, that made my body activate the fight or flight response. I remember as my turn to present approached, I wanted to run away so that I did not have to face the 300 people in the crowed. Knowing my turn was coming up, my hands started to shake, and my mouth got really dry, just like Annie’s did. I felt nauseous and my heart started to race. I remember this being such a terrifying feeling. The outcome was that after I presented, my heart was still racing, but my other symptoms went away. My hands were no longer shaking, and I did not feel nauseous anymore. The main stage of GAS that I experienced was the same one that Annie went through, which was the alarm phase. While I was in the middle of presenting, my body entered the resistance phase, where my body concentrated on getting the assignment over with. The exhaustion phase was nearly existent for me. Within 30 seconds of sitting back down in my chair, I was completely back to my normal self. It is interesting how nerves can make you feel so scared about a simple task.

PTSD happens after severe stress. This can happen if you witnessed or was victimized by rape or a violent crime (Ireland, 2013). PTSD can get worse over time, but does not get better. I have heard of people in the military forming PTSD; although, I did not know that it can be caused by any kind of traumatic event. It can cause abnormal brain patterns, and can scar the person for the rest of their life. The stage of GAS that is affected in PTSD is the prolonged resistance phase. This makes sense, because it can make the person feel tired and emotionally fragile. Treatments can include psychotherapy or psychoactive drugs. This can help with the person to cope and to stay calm. My heart goes out to anyone suffering with PTSD, because it means that they have either seen or been though a life changing event.

-Shannon Harris


General Adaptation Syndrome: Definition, Phases & Changes. (n.d.). Retrieved November 22, 2017, from http://study.com/academy/lesson/general-adaptation…

Ireland, K. (2013). Visualizing human biology (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons.

Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety and Stress Relief. (n.d.). Retrieved November 22, 2017, from http://www.stresshack.com/relaxation-techniques.ht…


Community Asset Mapping PPT Presentation Writing Assignment Help

Community Asset Mapping PPT Presentation:

Note: You may want to print this document out.

People in communities have always come together to make decisions, educate, celebrate, work, sing, dance, tell stories, and to produce and share things of beauty while creating meaningful relationships. Schools are an important part of this “ecosystem of activity.” You completed the sociological observations interview and analysis in module 3. You will use asset mapping as a tool for analyzing community resources as sites that could benefit schools and the broader community. You will inventory the school/community’s civic capacity by gathering a variety of information about the surrounding community through document collection, observation, supplemental interviews, and site visits. You will then annotate this information according to the schools stated learning goals and create a “map” (similar to the one described below) of the school/community where you are completing your fieldwork.

As a part of the Community Asset Mapping presentation-CAM, you will present a “map” using the appropriate technology (i.e., PowerPoint) along with an in-depth analysis of how community activities intersect with the school’s vision, mission, and learning outcomes as well as how the school’s vision, mission, and learning outcomes interconnect with their local communities.

Background: Community Asset Mapping

Community Asset Mapping is generally used as a strategy for rebuilding devastated or “troubled” communities. The purpose of the strategy is to help individuals and groups begin to understand communities from an “asset-based” development perspective (Kretzman & McKnight, 1993). Kretzman and McKnight (1993) argue that needs driven community development strategies that focus exclusively on “fixing” problems and deficiencies are based on faulty assumptions about how communities are created and destroyed. They state, “for most Americans, the names “South Bronx,” or “South Central Los Angeles,” or even “Public Housing” call forth a rush of images. It is not surprising that these images are overwhelmingly negative. They are images of crime and violence, of joblessness and welfare dependency, of gangs and drugs and homelessness, of vacant and abandoned land and buildings. They are images of needy and problematic and deficient neighborhoods populated by needy and problematic and deficient people (p. 2).

These negative images feed a type of conceptual “map of needs” that if left unchallenged can lead to disturbing unintended consequences for the residences of those communities. Kretzman and McKnight continue, “the fact that the deficiency orientation represented by the needs map constitutes our only guide to lower income neighborhoods has devastating consequences for residents. We have already noted the most tragic – that is, residents themselves begin to accept that map as the only guide to the reality of their lives. They think of themselves and their neighborhoods as fundamentally deficient, victims incapable of taking charge of their lives and of their community’s future. But other consequences flow as well from the power of the needs map. For example,

  • Viewing a community as a nearly endless list of problems and needs leads directly to the much lamented fragmentation of efforts to provide solutions;
  • Targeting resources based on the needs map directs funding not to residents but to service providers;
  • Making resources available on the basis of the needs map can have negative effects on the nature of local community leadership;
  • Providing resources on the basis of the needs map underlines the perception that only outside experts can provide real help;
  • Reliance on the needs map as the exclusive guide to resource gathering virtually ensures the inevitable deepening of the cycle of dependence and will ensure a maintenance of survival strategy targeted at isolated individual clients, not a plan that can involve the energies of an entire community” (p. 4-5)

Viewing communities as compartmentalized constellations of needs and deficiencies rarely leads to serious change, community development, or the active engagement of residents in the local institutions, like schools. Kretzman and McKnight (1993) argue that this orientation is one of the major causes of the sense of hopelessness that pervades discussions about low income neighborhoods and their concomitant cultures and institutions and therefore must be challenged and changed. The following graphic depicts how perceiving communities through the lenses of deficiencies looks in terms of community development initiatives.

There are attachments below and one of them is an example of a perceptual, emotional and cognitive “map” considered through the lens of deficiency, CAM Needs Map.

On the other hand, Community Asset Mapping is an alternative perceptual model that challenges taken for granted notions generated by viewing urban, low income or “troubled” communities as needy and dysfunctional. Kretzman and McKnight (1993) posit that each community boasts a unique combination of assets which can and should be drawn on in the regeneration process. Shifting emphasis away from needs based thinking, Kretzman and McKnight put forth a “new map” (see below) in an attempt to help communities realize and begin to assemble its “strengths into new combinations, new structures of opportunity, new sources of income and control, and new possibilities for production” (p. 6).

CAM PPT Presentations

You will present your CAM at a scheduled time in the December webinars. After your presentation, please submit your ppt to this dropbox for credit. PPT presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes with a total of 10 slides. Your presentation can be a combination of graphs, charts and text. This assignment is worth 100 points. Please review the CAM presentation rubric attached below for the points break down.

CAM Assets Map.pdf CAM Assets Map.pdf Export to portfolio
CAM Needs Map.pdf CAM Needs Map.pdf Export to portfolio
cam presentation rubric-1.pdf cam presentation rubric-1.pdf Export to portfolio

*content area is High School English

*observations within Valley Central High School

*New York Public Schools

*Please write out an outline for the presentation on what needs to be said when presenting it.

*Please follow exact guidlines

*Any questions please message me ASAP

*Attaching past papers for the class in case references to them are needed.


Small Business Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

You are interested in establishing a small business and you must decide which of the four forms of business organization would best suit your unique product or service. Consider legal, tax, accounting, and other implications when selecting from the four business types. Write a paper between 1,000 and 1,500 words discussing your small-business idea. Include the following: 1. The advantages and dis advantages of the four different forms of business organization, Which include sole proprietorship, partnership,C-corporation, and S-corporation s. 2. Identify which accounting method (i.e. cash versus accrual) you plan to use for your business. Why did you select this choice? 3. An explanation of the product or service your small business provides. 4. State three business transactions you expect to incur to with your company. Discuss how the transactions impact your income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow. 5. Select an organization type for your company and explain why you selected this option. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and submit your paper and plagiarism review file via the assignment files tab.


What is a research paper on African American Studies? Humanities Assignment Help

What is a research paper on African American Studies? Humanities Assignment Help

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