What is the country’s environmental regulation level?

Your firm has been investigating the possibility of locating facilities in an East Asian country such
as Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, or Singapore. You have been asked by the chief executive
officer (CEO) to research what has been happening in these countries in terms of environmental
legislation and laws regarding wages and hours. He has asked you to prepare a report that
addresses the following information:

Describe the level of environmental regulation in any 2 of these countries.

Describe the 2 selected countries’ versions of wage and working-hour legislation.

Use the Library and other Internet resources to find the legislation for the specific countries.
Select 2 of the 4 East Asian countries to analyze for this assignment. Use the Library and other
Internet resources to answer the following questions for each selected country:

What is the country’s environmental regulation level?

What kind of legislation has been passed in the country regarding working hours and

Do you think the country’s environmental regulation is sufficient? Explain.

Do you feel that the country’s hour and wage legislation is ethical? Explain.

Your submitted assignment (125 points) must include a 2–3-page Word document that contains
your answers to the 4 questions listed. You must also include a reference list in APA format.

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