What is the purpose of minimum wages?

What is the purpose of minimum wages? Should fairness and equity be considered when determining the minimum wage or do minimum wages undermine employment growth and productivity?

AUS english please.

The assignment must include
a bibliography at the end. The bibliography is not counted as part of the word limit.

As a general guide, you will need to
demonstrate a reasonable depth of knowledge and understanding of the main issues raised by the
question.This will include providing evidence of close reading and engagement with the distributed
materials and relevant parts of the prescribed text; but you will need to go beyond these basic
sources, e.g. by referring to other books, journal articles, decisions, etc relating to your chosen
A well-structured discussion which follows a logical sequence and is well expressed will be
rewarded with extra marks. Most importantly, your paper must develop an argument and reach
some conclusions about the issues you are addressing. Simply describing or summarising the
research material that you have read will not be sufficient. You will need to analyse that source
material, and draw upon it to come up with your own views.

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