what society has played role on individual’s choice and behavior? Other Assignment Help

what society has played role on individual’s choice and behavior? Other Assignment Help. what society has played role on individual’s choice and behavior? Other Assignment Help.

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1. My thesis is society has positive and negative influences on individual’s behavior.

2. write a conclusion for the essay

3. check the grammar errors

4. rephrase the sentence if it didn’t make sense, and make the whole article more fluent

– I don’t finish the last paragraph, please add more analysis

5. edit it with red color at the end of the original context, please don’t delete the original sentence

6. Does intext quotation make sense and does I effectively unpack the quote??

6. below are articles that I analysis in my essay

http://www.online-literature.com/forums/showthread.php?67465-Salvation-A-short-essay-by-Langston-Hughes Salvation,Hughes

https://learn.uncg.edu/courses/soc101-ischool/content/episode7/pdf/WalkBy.pdf Just walk by, Staple

https://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/01/opinion/01munoz.html Leave your name at the border, Munoz

http://orwell.ru/library/articles/elephant/english/e_eleph Shooting the elephant, George Orwell

https://www.umsl.edu/~alexanderjm/SupermanandMebyAlexie.pdf Supermen and me, Alexie

https://wr.english.fsu.edu/sites/g/files/upcbnu1141/files/media/files/college_composition/inkwell/coursematerials/inthkitchen.pdf In the kitchen, Grate

what society has played role on individual’s choice and behavior? Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

URGENT HELP — TEST 13 questions – Physicians Practice Management Health Medical Assignment Help

Need URGENT HELP with these 13 questions from my test.

  • CHAPTERS 1-4

Question 2

Which of the following statements is true about the financial structure of medical groups?

The financial structure of medical groups must be substantially different from other organizations.

Most medical groups maintain their financial records on an accrual accounting system rather than a cash system.

Unlike most organizations, it is easy for medical groups to determine their receivables.

Privately held medical groups are not required to strictly adhere to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Question 7

Which of the following is true about incorporated medical practices?

These entities are taxed at the lowest corporate tax rates.

These entities are allowed to have a non-calendar fiscal year for tax purposes.

There are no special statutes related to the organization of professional organizations such as medical practices.

The physician is held liable individually for any acts of malpractice.

Question 11

Which of the following statements is true regarding the measurement of success in group practices?

Measures of success for group practices should focus strictly on financial indicators such as such as profitability, cost management, productivity, capacity staffing, and accounts receivable collection.

Measures of success for group practices should focus strictly on the patients’ experience within the group practice, with quality outcomes and service being most prominent.

The measures of success upon which performance is judged should be clearly articulated and leadership behavior should be aligned with these measures.

The most important measures of success for group practices are patient satisfaction, staff turnover and satisfaction, and appointment access.

Question 13

Which of the following statements is true regarding the evolution of the physician’s role?

Physicians are taught early in their training that they are at the bottom of the “food chain” in healthcare delivery.

Traditionally, a physician’s identity was to a great extent predicated on dependence and led physicians into joining large group practices.

In recent years, fewer physicians have become employees of group practices, hospitals, or other similar organizations.

The role of physician as leader or manager is relatively new and of accelerating importance.

Question 18

The ultimate goal of managing clinical data is to have better overall healthcare outcomes:

for individual patients.

for individual providers.

in specific regions of the country.

for the healthcare system as a whole.

Question 21

The term _________ conveys the idea that healthcare professionals should coordinate their patient activities and be responsible for both the appropriateness of their services and the outcomes they produce.

integrated health delivery system

accountable care organization

health maintenance organization

medical home

Question 22

The economic incentives associated with fee-for-service payments are that physicians:

will tend to underutilize health services.

have less time to spend with individual patients during office visits.

receive more fees by providing more services of greater intensity to patients.

receive less fees by providing more services of greater intensity to patients.

Question 25

The first academic medical center in the United States was founded at:

the Mayo Clinic.

New York University

Johns Hopkins University.

the Los Angeles County Medical Society.


Question 3

Marketing to businesses and organizations is referred to as:

outside marketing.

business-to-business marketing.

consumer marketing.

large marketing.

Question 4

The reclassification of certain drugs that were previously prescription drugs to over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, and the decreasing influence of physicians over which drugs may be prescribed for a patient have resulted in:

a gradual decrease in the use of prescription drugs by patients.

pressure to reclassify more ethical drugs to OTC drugs.

a dramatic explosion in pharmaceutical advertising directed to consumers.

an increase in the number of drugs available for physicians to prescribe.

Question 14

A 30- and 90-day review can help with retention and decrease the cost of __________, such as recruitment costs and lost productivity.




legal issues

Question 18

The goal of a well-defined __________ is to ensure that the practice retains employees that it needs by remaining competitive with the market and by maintaining internal equity among employees with similar positions within the practice.

base and differential pay strategy

salary survey

career ladder

total compensation philosophy and strategy

Question 21

In a survey of group practice physicians practicing in groups of 20 members or more, which of the following was the greatest benefit?

Economies of scale

Profit from ancillary services

Leverage with health plans

Improved quality


Prepare a report that contains the key topics of Weeks 1 to 8. The ITSM report should not exceed fifteen (15) A4 sides of paper. Students are required to prepare a presentation for their ITSM assignment. Other Assignment Help

You need to pick an organisation and should write a report in regards to IT service management applied to that particular organisation. You are required to cover all topics mentioned from Weeks 1 to 7. For example, you need to pint out how various phases of ITIL are implemented in that particular organisation, etc.

Keep in mind that report is not about summarizing the topics in the slides.

ITSM is one of the key functionalities for organizationsand allows organizations to achieve higher customer satisfaction, reduce delivery time,and provide service support as per customer requirement. In this assignment, students need to explore various aspects of ITSM in an organisation or a company that provides IT servicesand explain how ITSM can enhance business proposition.Examples could be Department of Education and Training, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Jobs, Amazon, and HP.

K1. Research and discuss underpinning theories of ethical philosophy and apply these in to a range of scenarios in IT workplace and service environments.

K3. Describe contemporary approaches to dealing with the social impact of technology in a changingIT service environment.

K4. Appraise IT service management practices and how they assist organisations.

K5. Debate the need for organisational change, the key influence of human behaviour and its impacton IT organisational culture in a service driven environment.

K6. Investigate skills frameworks and develop an awareness of industry certifications relevant to IT professionals.

S1. Evaluate cognitive and practical approaches required to manage IT professionals in collaborative global work context.

S2. Apply the IT service lifecycle, processes and functions in an organisational setting.

S3. Demonstrate and coordinate best practice IT service management in an organisational setting.

S4. Utilise professional presentation and communication approaches in a range of IT workplace and service settings.

A2. Implement and use service management processes and practices in a business organisational context.

A3. Apply skills frameworks and develop a career plan in readiness for transition into the IT profession.

V2. Appreciate the global nature of the IT industry.

Marking criteria :

Content precisely presented based on references


Readability and presentation of material (Layout, no grammatical errors, reads well,etc.)

5 Marks

Cited references

3 Marks


write journal Writing Assignment Help

you can write journals about the class sessions, exercises, guest speakers and movies wherever you see this note: ‘Don’t forget to write your reflection paper after today’s class’. Your journal entries will be in the format of reflections. Your journal entries should be tied to course material. A reflection is not a recap of the class, lecture or the exercise. A proper reflection paper is a combination of your thoughts, analysis of what you have experienced. In doing so, please relate your reflections to class topics. A reflection paper demonstrates your understanding and interpretation of the experience/course material. Therefore, a reflection paper is a personal account and is less structured than a regular paper you write for other classes. Each journal entry is 5% of your final grade. Journal entries due at the beginning of next class. You need to attend the class to write a journal entry. Each journal entry should be minimum 500 words. Please include a word count.


(psychological) sources Humanities Assignment Help

Now that you have settled on one of the five critical approaches to Watchmen–(psychological), use the Grossmont College Library or any online library to find at least two of the five required sources for Essay #3. You can include more than two if you want. These must be scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Please review the handout below for a reminder of how to use the library web page effectively.

For this critical response, be sure to include:

  1. The full MLA citation that will appear in your Works Cited page.
  2. 2-3 quotes from the article that you might end up using in your essay.



Writing for one sheet and message/ taking Points Writing Assignment Help

Assignment requirements:

“You’ve determined who/what should grace the December cover, now, you’ll create both a one sheet and message/talking points for an event announcing the cover person/place. The person on the cover will be at the event. For mags with no person on the cover, the Editor-in-Chief will be at the event.“

The “December cover” means a magazine company for example Elle Decor’s past December cover. I attached some examples below, which’s Elle Decor’s December cover from the past.

Please follow all the requirements I gave based on what I explained for December cover means and write one sheet and message/talking points for an event announcing the cover person/place.

Writing for one sheet and message/ taking Points Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Psychology research paper on exercise Writing Assignment Help

I have to write a research paper that involves selecting a health behavior that I want to change and are willing to work on changing over the course of the semester. I have already decided to write about exercise, and I need you to do a literature search on the best techniques for facilitating the kind of behavior change I have chosen and to plan an intervention for myself as I would a client. So basically I need 3-4 journal articles (have to be scientific articles; not just Internet sources; must be peer-reviewed) and a summary of those articles and a behavior change plan.

This is for health psychology class, and I would expect to find some strategies that are related to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

I have attached the entire project guidelines, and just ignore the evaluation and analysis part.


MTH410 CSU Global Employee Turnover Probability Distribution Paper Mathematics Assignment Help

As a manager of an organization, what probability distribution from this week would you use if you wanted to study one aspect of your annual employee turnover? Explain why you would use the probability distribution to study the chosen aspect of employee turnover. In your post, be sure to identify the statistical formulas specifically and what additional data you would need to understand the chosen aspect of employee turnover. For example, some aspects of employee turnovers are employee age, years employed, hours worked per week, number of turnovers, number of pay raises, years employed until the first pay raise, satisfaction or morale level on a scale of 1 to 10,…,etc.

Here are the probability distributions that we have covered.


  1. Binomial – See Section 5.5 as to when you may use it.
  2. Poisson – See Section 5.6 as to when you may use it.
  3. Hypergeometric – See Section 5.7 as to when you may use it.


  1. Uniform – See Section 6.1 as to when you may use it.
  2. Normal – See Section 6.2
  3. Exponential – See Section 6.4 as to when you may use it.

Do not forget to explain why your probability distribution applies.

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced.


Epidemiology Health Medical Assignment Help


  • Go to http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/default.aspx and review the Healthy People 2020 initiative.Pay close attention to the objectives, goals, and indicators.
  • Using your city or county public health department or the CDC, choose 3 population or community based problems such as disease, disaster, crimes, accidents, falls etc.. from the topicsoutlined in the website and preparean analysis discussing how these 3 conditions, affect your community and how they were identified and a plan of action to contained them base on healthy people 2020.
  • You can also use the following CDC link https://www.cdc.gov/outbreaks/index.html and identify 3 community infectious outbreaks such as measles and develop the assignment.


power point about contemporary issues in food and nutrition relate to meal management. Health Medical Assignment Help

I need a power point I will attach the topic : I have the whole assignment done only the power point

  • You must use PowerPoint (or other presentation software) and all group members must be involved in the presentation.
  • The Oral Report should be at least 20 but not more 30 minutes in length.
    • A question and answer period is required and must be incorporated into the maximum time allowed.
  • Your group will be evaluated on the criteria:
    • Audience participation and involvement
    • Creativity
    • Effective use of slides, images and media
    • Flow of the presentation
    • Adherence to time limits
  • Your instructor and peers (classmates) will evaluate your Oral Report.


https://anyessayhelp.com/ and identify 3 community infectious outbreaks such as measles and develop the assignment.