Which of the topics that I’ve read about so far have interested me?

To be truly information literate, you need to understand how information is produced, the forms information comes in, and where to locate information sources. You need to be able to evaluate sources and select the best ones for your purposes. And finally, you need to be able to clearly communicate your research results. As you are guided through this assignment, you will complete
all of these tasks. Your end result will be a well-researched and articulate essay on one of the three topics about which you have read in this module.

Conduct research for, and write a research essay on a topic related to one of the three previous sections of Module 1:

Over time, our conceptions of individual and community health have changed in significant ways.

People around the globe are impacted by the choices that we make as individual consumers.

The decisions we make as individuals have a significant impact on the environment.

You are required to submit the following pre-writing elements:

Notes taken from research, including:

Your Web Check: criteria for evaluating websites
(Section 4 Assignment: Part 1, Step A)

Your website evaluation (Section 4 Assignment: Part 1, Step B)

Your journal response about the origins of words

Your goal for the number of print and non-print resources you expect to collect from
Section 4, Lesson A: Activity 3 in this section.

Any brainstorming or mapping of concepts

Your completed Research Essay Preparation Template (in your English 12 Source File).

Step A: Narrow Your Research Topic:

Before you start gathering information, you need to narrow your focus. To help choose your topic and define an area of research within that topic, ask yourself the following questions:

Which of the topics that I’ve read about so far have interested me?

Do I have a personal connection to any of the topics through family, friends, or leisure time activities that might make any one topic more interesting to research?

Have I studied any of these topics before?

Do I already know of some resources I can access for any of these topics?

With these questions in mind, please select a topic from one of the three choices listed previously, and include it in your Research Essay Preparation Template.

Next, define a subject within the topic that you’ve chosen that you will write about. Once you have narrowed your research focus, write the topic and subject within your topic in a clear statement in your Research Essay Preparation Template. This will guide your next steps, as everything you look for and everything you write must relate to this specific focus.

Step B: Gather Your Information

Remember the stages of research:

Look at print resources and non-print resources, critically analyzing sources for their quality of material Use your critical reading skills!

Balance the use of primary and secondary resources (this means first hand and second hand information).

Take detailed notes from resources.

Collect bibliographic information from sources.

Organize and condense notes into a manageable form.

You will need to use at least five sources in total, though the number of print versus non-print sources will be determined by you. Be sure to use a variety of sources; five works by the same author, for example, would not provide the required variety. For every source on your works cited page, you must include at least one matching parenthetical citation in the body of your paper.

Step C: Write Your Research Essay

You will need to include the following:

A completed outline

Evidence of a first draft

A final draft of your essay, 750-1000 words long (approximately 3-4 pages of text)

Your list of Works Cited should be included on an additional page.

Your essay must address ONE of the three topics in a multi-paragraph form, including an introduction, body paragraphs supporting your thesis, and a conclusion.

For tips and more information on essay structure, visit the relevant sections from the “Writing for Success” section in the English 12 Source File.

Proper MLA citations for all sources: For more information, consult the “MLA Formatting and Style” and “Literacy Education Online” links at theEnglish 12 Course Companion Website.

For information on how to write outlines, first drafts, final drafts, and Works Cited lists, visit the Writing Process section inWriting on the Run.

Evaluation Guidelines


Your goal for the number of print and non-print resources you expect to collect (from Section 4, Lesson A, Activity 3)




Completed outline


Evidence of a first draft


Final draft of Essay: Research Writing Rubric, for both content and form, each rubric x 4


Total Marks

Preservation of the environment: Click here for the Research Essay Writing Scoring Guides for Content and Form.

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