Who are the users of the building?

Can you please write 2 pages essay about any public library in USA using those questions:
-What is the theme and the concept of design and why???

-Who are the users of the building?

-Who are the clients? What is their group age?

-How exterior of the building and interior of the space work together?

-What is the focal pointof the office? Would you do it different?

-What colors been used and why? How it makes you feel?

-Howelements and principles of design were used? (Examples) Was harmony achieved?

-How was the light distributed through the space?

-Where a lot of architectural details used in the space? What kind?

-Howfurniture,work of art and accessoriesadded individuality to interior? Does it make sense?

-What do you think abut function and traffic pattern of the space?

-What is their logo and does it works with the theme of Adams and Knight interior?

-What is your favorite room or area in the whole office andwhy?

Feel free to insert images of Adams and Knight interiors into your essay.

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