Why are forearm extensors important for the development of a power grip as in using a hammer?

Funtional Human Anatomy
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Question 1
a. With reference to this wrist X-ray, complete this table by identifying the following bones
Name of bone
b. Explain why the degree of ulnar deviation/adduction of the wrist is greater than radial deviation/abduction.
c. Why are forearm extensors important for the development of a power grip, as in using a hammer?

.Question 2
a. Name the joints at which forearm supination occurs, name the two muscles primarily responsible for this movement and give the nerve supply of each.
b. Complete this table by identifying the letter on the forearm diagram below corresponding to the muscle primarily responsible for producing ulnar deviation adduction of the wrist. Also give the name of the muscle, its site of origin on the humerus and the name of the nerve supplying it.
Name of muscle
Site of origin
Nerve supply

Question 3
a. Identify muscle A on this diagram.
b. Name the main action of muscle A
1 mark
c. Name the bony structure and the ligament under which the tendon of muscle A runs.
d. Identify muscle B
a. Name the main action of muscle B
b. Name the nerve supplying muscle B
c. Identify muscle C
d. What is the action of muscle C when raising the hand above the head?

Question 4
(a) the bony region that has fractured (arrow)
(b) the nerve and artery at risk of damage by a fracture here
(c) the muscle(s) that would be affected by nerve damage at the site indicated by the arrow and the shoulder movement primarily affected
(d) joint A
What prevents upward displacement of bone B at joint A?
Question 5
(a) bones E and D in this diagram of the carpal tunnel
(b) tendon C and describe its function
(c) tendon B and describe its function
What functional deficits would occur if nerve A was compressed at this site?

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