Why did it take Germany so long to unify, and how did that delay affect German behavior once it did come together under Prussia?, political science assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Why did it take Germany so long to unify, and how did that delay affect German behavior once it did come together under Prussia?, political science assignment help Humanities Assignment Help. Why did it take Germany so long to unify, and how did that delay affect German behavior once it did come together under Prussia?, political science assignment help Humanities Assignment Help.

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Module 03 – German and Russian Political Relations


Acronyms for Germany

Germany specializes in acronyms – for political parties, groups, labor unions, even East and West Germany. For easy reference, click here to print a copy of the German acronym table.

Germany’s Challenges

Germany is faced with many challenges in the 21st century. Please pay close attention to the following questions:

  1. Why did it take Germany so long to unify, and how did that delay affect German behavior once it did come together under Prussia?
  2. Why did Germany’s first attempt at democracy give way to Hitler (1889 – 1945) and his Nazi regime, which was responsible for the deaths of millions?
  3. How did the division of Germany and other events after World War II help create the remarkably prosperous and stable democratic Federal Republic of Germany in the West but also the stagnant and repressive German Democratic Republic in the East?

Germany Today – Moving Beyond Memory

People today who remember, are still influenced by their World War II experience. Veterans and war movies may not be as ubiquitous on television as they once were, but cable channels bring us nearly everything. As the last members of America’s “greatest generation” die, they still influence the impressions held by baby boomers and their children. The fascination with the evil image of Adolph Hitler can still be found in junior high school history classes and some fringe political groups.

The Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. provides a chilling experience for those too young to recall the death camps. If that were not enough, most of us have memories of the Berlin Wall. Some of us have friends who, as children went on family “picnics” in Berlin before 1961, packing only what would fit in the picnic basket to take into an exile of freedom in the West. These are powerful images. They may be helpful in partially explaining how Germany got to where it is today. On the other hand, they are not too helpful in explaining how Germany functions today. Somehow, if we are going to deal with the reality of a working, liberal democracy in Europe’s largest, richest state, we will have to get beyond the images that fill our collective cultural memories.

Change in Political Culture

Political culture is probably one of the most appropriate ways to approach a study of Germany. The anthropologist’s vision of culture is of a rather stable, slowly evolving nearly organic entity. However, the last century of German political history offers an example of political culture that has changed dramatically three or four times (depending on how you wish to classify changes). It’s also worth noting that at the present time, the change has led to remarkably positive results.

Leadership for a New Germany

Leadership is another element of politics that can be enlightened by the German example. If we can point to De Gaulle in France as a pivotal figure of modern French politics, we must count several post-war leaders in Germany as similarly critically important. Konrad Adenauer and Helmut Kohl are in the first rank, but Willy Brandt and a number of other important figures stand just behind them.

Economic Miracle

The economic miracle of rebuilding West Germany, thanks in large part to the Cold War-inspired Marshall Fund investments, must be part of the story as well. It certainly plays a part in understanding the different paths followed by West and East Germany toward 1989. Here’s a place to attempt to measure the consequences of economic success on political stability. As messy as that may be (because of the differences in the functioning of the states in East and West Germany) it’s worth a look. The East Germany state may have been repressive and authoritarian, but the strivings of individual souls within that political culture had a lot in common with that of the West. How else does one explain the flood of refugees before the Berlin Wall was built, or the hundreds of escape attempts in the first years of that wall’s existence, or of the huge rallies and marches, led by religious leaders, in the late 1980s demanding democracy from some of the world’s most undemocratic Communist leaders?

The economic and leadership issues were jointly relevant to politics in Germany in 2005. The slowing of economic growth and the perceived lack of leadership by Chancellor Schröder led to his party’s losses in local elections in the spring of that year. He called for elections to be held in September. Elections were held, and Angela Merkel, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leader and also a woman who grew up in East Germany, became the new leader of Germany.

Finally, in Germany, we see not only the interventionist state that has offered a progressive social welfare program since the late nineteenth century, but we see corporatist arrangements between the government, businesses, and unions that appear to have led to social stability, high economic productivity, some of the world’s highest wages, and social benefits nearly unrivaled anywhere in the world. How do political scientists explain those factors in a world of global pressures, economic liberalization, and European Union?

Current News

As always, be sure to catch up on today’s news of this module’s country – Germany. Try searching your college online library for international news on Germany.

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As you study politics in Russia for this module, note the following key questions:

  1. How and why did the Soviet Union Collapse?
  2. How did its legacy affect the way Russia has evolved?
  3. How will Russia adapt to its new international role in which it remains a major power in some military arenas but is increasingly buffeted by global economic forces beyond its control?

Leadership in Russia

Perhaps more than any country in our study of comparative politics, individual political figures matter in contemporary Russia. Historically, you can use the names of Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin to tell the story of modern Russia. There may be more names to take into account than there are for China (Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and Jiang Zemin, Hu Joint), but the Soviet Union had a 30-year head start on communism. As you look at the current Russian leadership there are a few questions to consider:

  • Will Putin and his administration be able to continue to strengthen and stabilize the Russian state?
  • Can Putin build stronger and more broadly accepted institutions if the economy continues to flounder?

The Ethnic Factor

Knowing the importance of personal leadership provides some clues about how the Russian government and politics work today, but there are other forces at work too. Ethnic politics may often be overshadowed by economic crisis, but it seems ready to burst into open conflict in many places. Chechnya is only the most violent example. In addition, Russian nationalism is still a strong force, as is the desire for the custodial aspects of Communism. In the spring of 2005, Putin expressed the power of these sentiments when he lamented the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Economic and Political Fate

The transition away from a command economy is a difficult one, and Russia is suffering during the transition. Exacerbating the problem is the role played by the so-called “Russian mafia.” Whether organized criminals are as organized in Russia as in other places, the level of illegal activity appears high, and the links to legitimate business and political activity seem powerful.

From the perspective of the Western industrialized democracies, a viable political party system seems to be a key to the success of democratic regimes. The personalized “floating parties” of Russia don’t look like the successful systems of the West. Neither does Putin’s personalized vehicle for attracting votes.

Mother Nature

Internal forces are not the only ones at work. If environmentalists are correct, Mother Nature is going to come calling on the Russians soon and demand an accounting. The disaster around the Aral Sea may be the next site of nature’s “demand for payment.” Russia’s neighbors may well be stand-ins for Mother Nature. Norway is already demanding changes in the nickel smelter on its northern border with Russia.

Globalization and Russia – the Demands

There is less foreign investment in Russia as a whole than in most countries. Hence, if global forces aren’t making environmental demands, there are economic ones. And those demands will probably require more than cash. They will require more restructuring. Controversy seems to follow most of them, so you will be able to find examples reported in the media regularly. Western cultural influences, from missionaries to New York advertising firms, appear everywhere, especially in European Russia. Foreign political and economic advisors as well as academics from the U.S. work for government bureaus and politicians. The International Monetary Fund demands market reforms and offers loans to prop up the economy and the government. But what demands can be met? What demands will be met? Putin’s response has been to try to strengthen the state. Critics have argued that he’s weakening democracy in the process. At the same time, rising oil prices during the Iraq war have reduced economic pressures on the Putin government. Some international loans have been paid back ahead of schedule.

It is widely known that popular sentiment was never given much thought in the Soviet Union. The USSR has been described as a state without a demand structure in any part of its culture. If that’s true, how will all the nations of Russia respond to the attempts to create a market economy and democratic political system? The Summer Institute of Linguistics lists 99 languages spoken in Russia. See Ethnologue, 15th edition (http://www.ethnologue.com) Can we expect any unity to come from so much diversity?

Current News

As always, be sure to catch up on today’s news of this module’s country – Russia. Try searching in your college online library for international news on Russian politics and government.

Rasmussen Personal Support Center, call toll-free, 24/7: 1-866-693-2211Copyright © 2017 Rasmussen College, Inc. All rights reserved.Globalization may have considerable beneficial and detrimental effects on various countries. Using what you’ve learned from this module share your thoughts on the economic and political impact of globalization on the Russian economy.

Why did it take Germany so long to unify, and how did that delay affect German behavior once it did come together under Prussia?, political science assignment help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Construction Process Management, assignment help Engineering Assignment Help

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4. Presentation Slides. The student has to defend their work at the end of the semester and
proper reasoning, justification and conclusion has to be provided.


You’ve spent some time wrestling with procuring tractors for the fair and trying to knock, task 3 assignment help Mathematics Assignment Help

Task 3

You’ve spent some time wrestling with procuring tractors for the fair and trying to knock some sense into your food vendors, but now it’s time to start figuring out how everything goes together.

from Epigogy.org on Vimeo.

Measurements are a big deal in the fair, as they are in every day life. Are the power cables long enough to reach the vendors? Do the vendors have enough supplies? How big is the tent for the performers going to be, and is there enough space for it? We bought this stuff on the cheap, but it’s not even in normal measurements!

In this module, you will be working on how we use weights and measurements, and how can they be converted into other units of measurement.

Download the Module 3 Instructions. You will use these for the Lesson.

Work through the LYNDA tutorial Everyday Math Fundamentals Part 6

  1. Area and perimeter
  2. Volume

Watch the Khan Video, The Basics of Area, Perimeter

Now that you have the major concession areas identified, it is time to decide how many vendors you can accept and how much room you will give each. For this task you can choose to focus on the food vendors or the game vendors. Make a plan for how you will determine how much room each will need and how many the space you previously designated for this category of concession will hold.

MAT099 Module 3 Instructions.docxMAT099 Module 3 Instructions.docx


preventing domestic violence, english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Due Week 10 and worth 230 points

A stance essay takes a position on a topic and argues and supports that position with evidence. Consider your topic:

  • What possible positions/arguments are there?
  • What position resonates with you? (Which position do you believe is correct?)
  • What are your main points?
  • What are the counterpoints? Are you ready to dispute them?
  • Do you have enough evidence to effectively support your argument?

For the stance essay, your personal voice (your perspective) should come through. This is just like assignment 1, except you should maintain a formal tone. And just like assignment 2, you will need to support your points with credible sources.

Compose a three-four (3-4) page paper in which you do the following:

  1. Use third person point of view (POV) and the appropriate voice and tone throughout your paper.
  2. Write an introduction paragraph, which includes your thesis statement. It is suggested that this paragraph contain 5-7 sentences.
  3. Write a supporting/body paragraph for each of the three (3) points/reasons from your thesis statement. It is suggested that each paragraph contain at least 5-7 sentences.
  4. Write with logic and with transitions throughout your paper.
  5. Write a conclusion paragraph. It is suggested that this paragraph contain at least 5-7 sentences.
  6. Apply proper grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and APA formatting throughout your paper.


History of Los Angeles, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Hi! I need help witting this short paper on the history of Los Angeles. The question is pretty straight forward you just have to read the assigned reading for this week and find examples that support your thesis. I will give a tip to A paper! In paragraph citations please!!

The readings this week all focus on, among other things, building projects in postwar Los Angeles. Eric Avila discusses the construction of Disneyland and Dodger Stadium, and John McPhee discusses the building of an elaborate system of debris basins to defend the city from the mountains to the east. (Of course, a significant amount of destruction preceded and accompanied all this construction.) In different ways, all this building was meant to provide order, predictability, and safety to the city and its surrounding areas.

In your Reading Response this week, I would like you to reflect on these efforts by addressing some or all of these questions (as always, in a way that you see fit): How would you rate the success of these building projects in delivering order, predictability, and safety to Los Angeles’s residents? Why did they succeed or why did they fail? Alternatively, for whom did they deliver these results, and for whom did they not? Address these questions in a short paper of 750-1000 words that includes specific, cited evidence from at least two of the three assigned chapters (two chapters in Avila and the article by McPhee).



Effective and Efficient Production and Operations Management, homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

The pharmaceutical industry went through many changes in the 1990s
and the early 21st century. The North American Free Trade Agreement
(NAFTA) made a significant impact on Canadian manufacturing. The trade
barriers were removed, and the company began to question whether it was
cost-effective to keep manufacturing products in Canada with higher
labor costs and much higher taxes. In addition, the 245 acres of land at
which the facility was located was near a prime residential area and
within a mile of Lake Ontario just outside of Toronto. The land alone
was worth over $7,000,000.

Analyze whether or not the company should continue manufacturing in
Canada or if it should move back to the United States. This requires
research into transportation cost estimates from Colorado to Toronto. It
also requires analyzing the impact on company image by shutting down a
facility in Canada.

Draft your recommendation to management.

Include the following with your recommendation:

  • The estimated costs and benefits of shutting down the Canadian facility or keeping it open
    • financial
    • nonfinancial
  • Create a 12-month based action plan

    Deliverable Length: 1000-1500

    Effective and Efficient Production and Operations Management, homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Describe each milestone, writing homework help Assignment Help

    Using the project deliverables developed thus far ( Summary
    of Project Deliverables
    management-related deliverables:
    business case, charter, team contract,
    scope statement, WBS, schedule, cost baseline, status reports, final project
    presentation, final project report, lessons-learned report, and any other
    documents required to manage the project. , identify at least eight milestones.

    Describe each milestone using the SMART (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, time-framed) criteria.

    Assignment Instructions:

    1. Read the “Week 3 Assignment Case Study” in the week 3 assignments folder. (file attached)
    2. Using a Work table, Excel, or a similar tool, complete the assignment as per the instructions above.


    Professionalism, Accountability, Best Practices, and Ethics in Emergency Management, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Assignment 4: Professionalism, Accountability, Best Practices, and Ethics in Emergency Management

    Due Week 9 and worth 150 points

    As within any profession, there are rules and standards of conduct in the field of emergency and crisis management.

    Write a five to eight (5-8) page paper in which you:

    1. Determine two (2) standardized actions and ethical practices that emergency management practitioners might implement in order to further professionalize the field. Provide a rationale for each action or practice.
    2. Discuss at least two (2) commonly used methods of ensuring accountability in emergency management procedures. Examine the effectiveness of each of these methods toward professional practice. Provide a rationale for your response.
    3. Examine the importance of the three (3) values proposed in the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Code of Ethics for emergency managers (discussed in Chapter 11 of the text). Provide one (1) example or scenario that shows the importance of each value.
    4. Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other related websites do not qualify as academic resources.

    Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

    • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow 6th edition APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
    • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

    The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

    • Assess how emergency management personnel respond to the major forms of natural, technological, and man-made disasters.
    • Determine how the major forms of emergency management work – mitigation, response, recovery, preparedness, and communications – are interrelated.
    • Use technology and information resources to research issues in emergency management.
    • Write clearly and concisely about emergency management using proper writing mechanics.

    Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic / organization of the paper, and language and writing skills, using the following rubric.


    ISA Server Computer Science Assignment Help

    View the following video on Configuration of the ISA Server

    Answer the following questions

    What is an ISA Server?

    What is the benefit of using an ISA server?

    Are there any advantages over a hardware firewall?

    Activity 7-4 and 7-5

    View the following video on Configuration of the ISA Server

    Activity 7-4

    how would you:

    Assign administrative roles?

    Define enterprise networks?

    Enter an enterprise policy?

    Activity 7-5

    Software based firewalls have evolved from ISA Server, and there are several more available for use today. Research 2 software products currently available for enterprise firewalls. Create a table in Word and provide information (not just yes or no) on the following features:

    Unified threat management (UTM)

    NAT, stateful packet inspection

    Virtual private network (VPN),

    Integrated signature-based IPS engine and application awareness.

    Directory-based policy,

    Upgrade path to include future information feeds and security threats,

    SSL decryption to enable the identification of undesirable encrypted applications.


    Effective and Efficient Production and Operations Management, homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Scenario: Smitheford Pharmaceuticals is facing other
    issues. The company had not kept up with modern manufacturing
    technology and was in the process of modernizing the injectable
    manufacturing facilities in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. There were
    several modernizing scenarios under analysis. Perform cost-benefit
    analysis calculations for 2 equipment scenarios. The data are provided

    Scheduling the various manufacturing operations has become more
    complicated. In the 1990s, the Pueblo plant expanded tremendously, based
    on forecasts for the growth of a promising osteoporosis medication,
    Osto54. The facility doubled in size, mostly with tanks and processing
    equipment. Osto54, however, caused heightened enzyme levels in the liver
    and led to seven deaths in the elderly because of drug interactions.
    Smitheford faced the loss of millions of dollars in liability suits and
    had excess intermediate manufacturing capacity in Pueblo.

    Two years ago, a new immune system treatment, Ultamyacin, was
    discovered by a Smitheford researcher. The drug could be manufactured at
    the Pueblo facility for the bulk manufacturing, but the final
    manufacturing steps could be made in Puerto Rico for final purification
    and then sent to Fort Collins for final manufacturing into sterile
    bottles for injection.

    Smitheford leadership has narrowed the decision making down to 2
    options. The first is a higher technology option in one location, and
    the other is a lower technology option in several locations.

    High Technology
    Centralized Location
    Low Technology
    Annual Fixed Cost $620,000 $110,000
    Variable Cost/Product 16.31 18.89
    Estimated Annual Production
    (in number of products) Year 1 100,000 100,000
    Year 5 170,000 170,000
    Year 10 225,000 225,000

    Use applicable business formulas to determine costs for both options.

    Consider the following questions:

    • Which is the lead cost alternative in Years 1, 5, and 10?
    • How much would the variable cost per unit have to be in Year 5
      for the automated alternative to justify the additional annual fixed
      cost of the automated alternative over the manual alternative?
    • Determine what other factors should be considered when deciding the following:
      • When to centralize manufacturing
        • When to opt for higher technology options Deliverable Length: 1000-1500 words


    Why did it take Germany so long to unify, and how did that delay affect German behavior once it did come together under Prussia?, political science assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

    Why did it take Germany so long to unify, and how did that delay affect German behavior once it did come together under Prussia?, political science assignment help Humanities Assignment Help