why did the Mayan and Aztec societies in Mesoamerica share knowledge?

Prompt: According to the readings linked above, how and why did the Mayan and Aztec societies in Mesoamerica share knowledge? Who was considered educated? What was taught to children? How did people share and accumulate knowledge? What were educated people or schools expected to do for their communities and governments?

What can we learn about the history of the pre-Columbian Americas from studying systems of education, writing, and how people accumulated and shared information? •••

Essay should have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement that provides the essay’s argument, the main body of several supporting paragraphs that address the questions, and a conclusion that wraps up the essay and refers again to the thesis statement.

Excluding citations, essays should be a minimum of 1,000 words, or four pages in length. Essays should run no more than a maximum of 1,250 words, or five pages in length.

Essays should provide specific examples and use evidence in answering the questions. This includes citing sources, either with direct quotes or summarized information. As a general rule of thumb, essays should have at least one citation per paragraph. Essays should avoid lengthy or block quotations.

MLA or Chicago source citations


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