Why is it difficult to prosecute cybercriminals? Computer Science Assignment Help

Why is it difficult to prosecute cybercriminals? Computer Science Assignment Help. Why is it difficult to prosecute cybercriminals? Computer Science Assignment Help.

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1) We live in a world where an Internet crime occurs every minute in some cases cybercriminals steal millions of dollars with near impunity. For every 1 that is captured nearly 10,000 or not captured. For every 1 sucessful prosecuted in a court of law, 100 get off without punishment or with a warning.

Why is it difficult to prosecute cybercriminals?

minimum of 250 word

2)This assignment you will review an article about cybercrimes laws and policy from a peer reviewed journal.

The Challenges to Enforcement of Cybercrimes Laws and Policy

Align your assignment to the following questions:

  1. Provide a full and correct bibliographic citation of the article using APA format.
  2. Identify and summarize the author’s argument or viewpoint.
  3. Discuss the most important primary sources used in the article. What are the primary sources used? If applied what type of analysis did the author use inconjunction with the primary sources? Did the author look closely at a small number or primary source evidence? Or did the author take examples from a wide range of sources? or something in between? Explain.
  4. Discuss the secondary sources used by the author. Did the author include only sources that supported the argument? or did the article also bring up secondary sources that the author wanted to challenge or refute? Did the author try to resolve disagreement between secondary sources? How recent are the sources relative to the article’s publication date?
  5. Judge the article: Has the article been citied, has the author written other articles or reviews?
  6. Write a short paragraph (5 sentences or more) indicating the scholastic value. rate the article as if you expect someone with an IT background would read your rating. (Do not make this paragraph about your background or interests)

Why is it difficult to prosecute cybercriminals? Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Assignment: Introduction ~ Reflective Essay Questions Writing Assignment Help

What were your preconceived notions regarding HDFS 232 Diversity?

2. After reading the Introduction PowerPoint presentation, express what you feel to be the two most important takeaways? State why.

3. Open the Web
link in this module and read “Children Learn What They Live” by Dorothy
Law Nolte. Based on the poem and your own personal thoughts in terms of
diversity and adult role models, what meaning did you derive from this

4. Create
a Life-Map by writing a brief autobiography beginning with the day you
were born. This may be accomplished by interviewing family members and
perusing photo albums from when you were a child. Include your origin,
family culture, where you were born, the language or languages you
speak, where you grew up, present location, important people in your
life, milestones, accomplishments, dreams, goals, and life-changing
events along the way. What you include in this paper is up to you! The
finished product may be a private document that will be shared only with
your instructor, or you may want to share your paper with family and
friends. Your Life-Map must not exceed 2 pages. This is my favorite
assignment to review.


discussion and replies 3 Science Assignment Help

Discussion Board – Miasma vs Germ Theory

22 unread replies.22 replies.

Etiology of diseases: what causes diseases

A. Watch the following videos and study the materials

B. Post a paragraph discussing one of the following questions (5 pts):

  1. What is Miasma Theory? Why do you think people believed in it for so long?
  2. What is Germ Theory of disease? Do you know a disease that we cannot explain with it?

C. Then, read your class-mates posts and reply to at least two of your classmates. Your comments should be meaningful (not simply “Yeah, me too” or “I agree”). (2.5 pts for each full meaningful response). Make sure you include following in your reply:

  • start by greeting the class-mate by name
  • contribute to one or two of his/her discussion point with your view
  • Pose any related questions you might have
  • your name

D. Answer any questions you might get from class-mates

reply 1:

1. Miasma theory is a disproved medical theory proposed by Florence Nightingale. Florence theorized that diseases were carried throughout “bad air” also known as night air. She believed that this bad air came from rotting organic matter which made her assume that all hospitals should be as clean as possible. Her theory helped interest scientists in rotting organic matter which helped them to discover microbes that carry infectious disease. A possible reason this theory was believed in for so long is because it makes sense to stay away from rotting organic matter in order to protect your health.

reply 2:

1. The Miasma Theory is a theory that sickness was spread through poisonous gases in the air were what caused illness in people. People believed this theory for hundreds of years. It was interesting to learn that even after John Snow investigated the cholera outbreak in London people did not believe him about germs. I thought it was clever on his part to try and describe it as a poison in the water rather than calling them microbes. At the time this probably seemed more believable to the government officials. It was crazy to me that even after John Snow was right about the cholera outbreak coming from the water the people still did not believe in his ideas about microbes. I understand that people do not like change and do not like to admit they were wrong about something, but when it comes to the health and safety of the people I would think they would have been a little more open-minded. As more evidence came out as more experiments were done the Miasma theory was dis-proven and John Snow’s Germ theory was accepted. I guess Jon Snow knew more than nothing after all…


Week 5 Position Paper / Position Paper Outline ENG Humanities Assignment Help

Position Paper Outline View Full Description

Forum Objective: Create an outline for your Week 5 position paper.

In week 5, you will be submitting a position paper. In this forum, create and post your outline, concept map, or other visual representation for that essay. Then provide feedback to your peers about their outlines.

First, read the article “Critical Reading Practices,” which is linked here. The author provides good advice on how to identify a good thesis and recognize a strong argument. The tips here will help you as you assess your peers’ outlines in this forum, as well as help you build a strong thesis and outline for your position paper.

Initial Post

Then post the outline of your week 5 position paper. To receive full credit, the outline must contain the following:

  • Thesis statement,
  • Topic sentences, and
  • Supporting points for each topic sentence.

Remember your thesis statement should be a single complete sentence, not a question. Your paragraphs should support that thesis statement. Your purpose in the essay is to persuade.

Please do not make your initial post as an attachment or link. I may process the forum in Turnitin and attachments cannot be processed.

Responses to Other Students

When responding to your peers’ outlines, consider these questions and suggestions.

  • What questions do you have after seeing their outline/mind map?
  • Using the critical reading strategies in the article above, determine the strengths of the outline as well as areas for improvement.
  • Is there a strong and well-worded thesis statement?
  • How do the body paragraphs support the thesis statement?
  • Pose questions to help your peers strengthen their position.
  • Play devil’s advocate to help them defend their position.
  • Offer possible supporting points or research if you know anything that might help.


  • Instructions: Please read the instructions in each forum area carefully.
  • Due Date:
    • Initial post due Thursday by 11:55 EST.
    • Replies due Sunday by 11:55 EST.
  • Length:
    • Initial post should be at least 250 words.
    • Replies should be at least 100 words each.
  • Responses:
    • Respond to at least 2 fellow students’ initial posts. Do not simply compliment them on a job well done. Ask questions and/or provide thoughtful insight and continue the discussion they have started.
    • You are also expected to reply to anyone who responds to your initial post. This is our place for our classroom discussion, so it’s important to keep the conversation going!

*Please refer to the rubric in Week 1 for grading details.


reflection paper Humanities Assignment Help

see instruction in word file….

please write a reflection paper 1.5 long

do not need to to intro and saying ” I am doing my practicum here and here ) -> no need for that wasting !

just start writing straight from what it is about

so write about my family session I was observing.

the patient is highly griadiose… he has no insights about his behaviors.

the main problem was that he does not want to stop smoking weed together with taking meditatios. and as long he his smoking the meds won’t work ! and he does not understand. he is tangential (jumping through the topics making no sense) he is saying he is a drag dealer and when ask question what u are selling he is like “do not worry about it” he thinks he is “way to smart for degree” etc. he is always in happy mood. when u push him too much he will get angry.

his parents are concern because he does not listen to them to stop smoking and the family session was to get some kind of agreement but!! he is not able to. SO what I am concern personally is if I would be a mother I would take his rights away from him and put him in a long term facility becase he is giving his parents a hell, so why not do it? His parents do not want to do it. they are denied.

so this is what I need you to write about in my reflection paper.



Linked List C++ booking reservations program Computer Science Assignment Help

Create a booking events program using doubly-linked list in C++ in order to manage a Hotel
Conference Room Renting Schedule. Specifically, you will need to implement two classes,
Booking and BookingNode. Booking is the “main” class, and it maintains the schedule as a
doubly-linked collection of BookingNodes. Each BookingNode has a name and duration and
represents a single event on the schedule. A header for both classes has been provided, and
you are not allowed to modify this file.

The program starts with an empty schedule of length 24, to which the user may add (and later
cancel) events. As user adds and removes events to the schedule, there are five main
challenges your code should overcome:
• All valid changes (e.g., booking a new event during a free period or cancelling an existing
event) should be reflected when the schedule is printed.
• Scheduling or cancelling events should not change the total length of the schedule.
• The schedule should never show two consecutive events (or free periods) with the same
name. Instead, consecutive events with the same name should be joined together into a
single event with a duration equal to the sum of the original events.
• Every event must have a positive (i.e., non-zero) duration.
• All allocated BookingNodes must be deallocated.

The uploaded zip file has a pdf with more details about the project specifics as well as the header and driver files…

Linked List C++ booking reservations program Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Writing Essay Writing Assignment Help


How to use rhetorical devices in your own writing

Take time to read through all this information. Highlight it. Take notes. Whatever you need to do to keep track of it all.

Essay #1 “What will be my final grade in this class (WR 122) and why?”

LENGTH: 900–1000 words

Learning Objectives:

  • I want to see if you can write a basic WR 121 level first person, three point argument
  • I want you to learn seven basic rhetorical devices from the video linked above and use all seven in this short (900–1000 words) argumentation essay that answers this question: “What will be my final grade in this class (WR 122) and why?” You can be serious or funny or a mix of both as you use the rhetorical devices to build an essay that will persuade me, your audience.
  • I want you to review and practice a very basic, three point argument thesis sentence at the end of an introduction.
  • I want to see those WR 121 skills of well organized paragraphs and complete, correctly punctuated sentences.
  • I want you to learn that college academic English is not the same as journalism and social media English. This is a first person argumentation essay.
  • I want to see you integrating reference to one source for your “logos.”
  • I want to move you past the high school summary conclusion.


Primary Learning Video: “Common Rhetorical Devices”

Just a note: This essay assignment is meant to replicate the last essay you wrote in WR 121. It is also the kind of essay you may have written in middle and high school. I am making sure you can write a basic 1, 2, 3 argument using a classic thesis shape.


  • Read the Introduction to our textbook, pages 1-14.
  • Read Chapter 1, p. 19-28, which introduces the very helpful concept of “templates,” or standard ways of making certain kinds of sentences in English academic writing. I expect to see you applying these practices and concepts in this essay.
  • The grading rubric is below. You’ll note it is the same one as is used in grades 4-8, but the basics just don’t change.

This assignment asks you for YOUR viewpoint, so write in first (I/me/my) and third (he/she/it) person. You are writing in the first person (I), so don’t confuse your reader by switching to the second person (you). Don’t give me, your reader, advice. This is answering the question, ““What will be my final grade in this class (WR 122) and why?”

I am your audience. You are writing an argument that will convince me of your conclusion using strong rhetorical devices.

Remember, the point is not to write an essay and then reverse engineer it for any rhetorical movs you may have made; the point is to deliberately design them in in the first place.

Use the Comment feature (INSERT→ COMMENT) of Google to label each of your seven rhetorical devices, and I expect I will see multiple examples of each. Label EVERY rhetorical move you make. You may also leave questions–I will answer them.

Many students report that they struggle to write about themselves, and I understand that. However, putting yourself forward appropriately is required in the workplace in everything from cover letters to workplace self-evaluations. This is a good exercise toward that probable future.

REQUIRED ELEMENTS for GRADING: (and yes, I expect you to click on each link and take notes on what is new to you–then use that info):

Please note: This class is conducted in Academic English. This is not a class in Journalism, which is different. That means no second person shift. In plain English, don’t use “you/your/we/our.” Use first person “I/we/my” or third person “she/he/it.”

Learn more in the GRAMMAR book in the Welcome block of our Moodle: https://classes.lanecc.edu/mod/book/view.php?id=2463148&chapterid=157985

I have examples of this essay written to a different assignment:

Here is a successful student example by Hannah Darling

Would you like to see another successful student example? By Olivia Fulton

Or Another one? By Jake Storms


  1. Please create a Google Doc and actually compose your paper on it. I should be able to go to FILE → VERSION HISTORY and see the day you began, your notes, outline (whatever your process is) and multiple drafts at different times. If the tutor has been working with you, even if you have resolved their comments, I can see them. If I see an entire whole essay appear all at one time on a Google Doc, I have to suspect plagiarism, as that says “copy/paste” to me. Real humans make messy drafts over time, and Google allows me to observe that.
  2. Do you need a review of the Writing Process (clickety-click!)?
  3. Moodle will lock you out promptly at 11:55 pm.


You can post a BLANK GOOGLE DOC weeks ahead of time and never have to worry about that deadline. As long as you are done by the time I get to your essay, time is really not an issue once the link is posted. If I take three days OR EVEN SEVEN to get to your essay–you have that extra time to work. THINK ABOUT IT: Google Docs are on the internet and update in real time. It has nothing to do with Moodle. The Moodle deadline is only so I have a list of essays to work on.

Post the link when you open the blank doc and forget about the deadline.

Make sure the Google Doc SHARE is on. Make sure you set it to “anyone with the link can edit.”


On your Doc, click on the big blue SHARE button in the upper right.

Choose: “Get a shareable link.”

Then on the small dropdown button, choose “anyone with the link” can “edit.” You may need to click on “more” to find it.

FEEDBACK AND GRADING I will give you feedback (not criticism–you don’t pay me enough to be critical of student work!) then give you seven days to submit a revision. When you finish revising, text me to tell me. If you don’t tell me, I don’t know, and the grade is an automatic zero.


I request that every essay submitted have a reflective memo with it. I want to hear about the process-what slowed you down or really worked for you, etc. I DON’T want to hear that you were confused in any way about the assignment requirements since I am a quick text away to clear up issues as they arise.” Type it at the very top of your paper, and I will look for it first. A classic five sentence paragraph is the appropriate length.


One Page assignment Writing Assignment Help

it should be one page which is enough

– I’v uploaded the 4 flowchart below from class These may be helpful as you revise your Project 1(Project 1 which I previously did)

– I provided my project 1 assignment

What to do for this assignment (part 2)

Be sure to include a PAD Memo (included in your Project 1):

  • In addition to the three deliverables in the document series, remember to attach the PAD (purpose, audience, design) self-reflective memo about the choices you made in your document series. Unlike the document series, which is situated within a realistic scenario, the PAD memo should be addressed to your instructor with the purpose of explaining the rhetorical choices you have made. By reflecting on your genre, content, style, formatting, and organization choices, you can make the argument that you understand the genre expectations and have effectively and intentionally chosen the best option for each deliverable in your scenario. I suggest using section headings to discuss either Purpose, Audience, and Design separately, or to discuss each deliverable separately (Deliverable 1, Deliverable 2, Deliverable 3).

you need to review

Plz go over the scenario 2 from previous assignment


You are the project manager of a civil engineering company. Your current project is a large-scale (100 miles) construction project that is restoring a portion of the wetlands in coastal Louisiana and SE Texas. Currently, you are building a series of temporary access roads so that you can get equipment to one of the low-lying areas. This project involves a literal convoy of heavy trucks. Your firm has received numerous complaints from local residents about the noise and dust. In particular, you’ve received three letters from the same woman, Winnifred Doucette Lejeune. The last letter contained 10 additional signatures. If residents’ complaints continue to escalate, they could slow down the project and put you behind schedule. You make a trip from the office headquarters in Lafayette, LA to the Calcasieu/Sabine Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Area to see what’s going on. On site, you see everything seems to progressing fine. Workers are on the job by 7:00am and running until almost sundown, but in the local bar and grill, all the talk is about “the darn government project to nowhere.” When you get back to the office you decide you need to take action. Deliverables Based on the scenario above, your deliverables will be the following:

  • document to Winnifred Doucette Lejeune, who after further investigation, is a local resident that seems to spearhead any effort the town needs
  • document to the company vice-president, Richard Smith, who asked to be told of any problem, or in his words, “anything that even remotely smells like a problem” with the project.
  • document to sub-contractor supervisor at the construction site. Your firm has used this sub-contractor for almost five years, but this is the first project you’ve worked on with this particular supervisor.

This is what I did for the fist assignment : The old assignment included

first Deliverable: (letter ) response to scenario 2

( for Ex this assignment asking why did I choose a letter for the first Deliverable rather than email or memo

(make some reasons 3-6 sentences each))

second Deliverable: (e-mail ) response to scenario 2

third Deliverable: (MEMO ) response to scenario 2


Week 5 Analysis Science Assignment Help

Week analysis 5.1


The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to:

  • Identify Good Database Design.
  • Create an Entire Database With Tables, Queries, Forms, and Reports.
  • Demonstrate Your Knowledge of a Database in an Oral Presentation.
  • Create a Table and Define Fields in a New Database.
  • Modify Existing Tables.
  • Create Table Relationships.
  • Change Data Types.
  • Create a Lookup Field.
  • Set Field Properties.
  • Create a Query in Design View.
  • Specify Criteria in a Query.
  • Use Compound Criteria.
  • Create a Query Based on More Than One Table.
  • Use Calculated Fields in a Query.
  • Use Aggregate Functions in a Query.
  • Create a Parameter Query.
  • Create and Use a Form to Add and Delete Records.
  • Modify a Form in layout View and in Design View.
  • Create a Report by Using the Blank Report Tool and the Report Wizard.
  • Create a Form in Design View.
  • Format a Form.
  • Make a Form User Friendly.
  • Create Validation Rules and Validation Text.
  • Create a Switchboard with Buttons to Open the Database.

Action Items

  1. First, you need to choose one of the following databases to create. Each database option contains a list of all of the components that must be included in your completed database. These projects are roughly equivalent in difficulty.
    Database Information – Dentist Office OR Database Information – Superheros OR Database Information – Pet vet
  2. Complete steps 1 through 9 as outlined in each of the project files.


Just write 7 more sources for my topic Writing Assignment Help

  1. itation:

Include the citation of the source. Please use APA. Be sure to note the date accessed and database used (if applicable). It’s important to get this information as you are researching with all the sources you collect…just in case

  1. Type:

Identify whether the source is academic/scholarly, trade/professional/, or popular. Know that sometimes a source could fit into multiple categories.

  1. Source Credibility:

Investigate the source’s credibility… Credible author? Credible publication? What’s the purpose? Who’s the intended audience? Genre of source? Reliable evidence? Etc.

  1. Summary and Analysis of Main Ideas:

A detailed summary of the author’s central argument or main idea/ideas. You can write this in paragraph form or use bullet points (remember this work is to help you with your drafting, so use a style and approach that will be suitable to your habits). It is important that you phrase your annotations as summaries of arguments rather than just summaries of information. When you are writing, use phrases like “according to the author” and “the author argues/asserts that…” etc. Always analyze what the author is trying to say. If there is no author, use phrases like “the article states” or “the article argues…”.

Also, include specific quotations that are uniquely worded or helpful in revealing the author’s central argument or ideas. Quotations that are memorable and controversial also should be included. Type them out and be sure to include the page numbers where the quotations were found. Additionally, be sure to note the importance of the quote or the reasons why you’re including it (otherwise, you’re just cutting and pasting quotes, which isn’t very helpful in the long run). You can then turn these quotations into paraphrases of your own as you continue this process.

Should your source have other helpful information (charts, graphs, figures, images, etc.), include such evidence in this section. Use this section to help build your source as evidence for the report you will draft later in the semester. This content should reflect the source itself. For example, a scholarly article is going to have dense, technical information and use tables and graphs with detailed info. A popular source might rely on images to get its point across. Both are valuable and both can be helpful. So, include information that is appropriately applicable.

Sometimes, sources will present themselves as informative or objective rather than argumentative. This means that you will have to read between the lines. You may also think about how you might characterize the author’s “frame” or “perspective” on the issue he/she is writing about. For sources that still don’t seem to work for the above requirements, please see me for further instruction.

Once the summaries have been built, then go through the material with a fine tooth comb, emphasizing what content is most pertinent. What content is most helpful and why? Most debatable? Most conflicted or controversial? Are there holes or outward bias that is necessary to acknowledge? Incomplete info? Etc.

It might be helpful to stylize this content so it’s more easily accessible later. For example, underline analysis, italicize key phrases, bold quotations, highlight different contents with different colors, etc.

  1. Usefulness:

Describe the usefulness of the text to your future report. Will the source content be used to discuss the topic’s background, current state, or future? Again, work in paragraph or bullet form to assist you. This section should reveal how the source contributes to your in-progress project as a whole. What do you gain by using its information? Does the source provide examples, definitions, etc. Explain and analyze thoroughly.

  1. Connections:

How is this source connected to your other sources? Does it agree (in part of in full) with some? Disagree (in part or in full) with others? Pick up where another source left off…? Use this section to begin organizing your sources by content, so be detailed and specific.




Why is it difficult to prosecute cybercriminals? Computer Science Assignment Help

Why is it difficult to prosecute cybercriminals? Computer Science Assignment Help

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