Why was France politically unstable after the Second World War compared to Great Britain?

To what extent was Italy “Americanised” after the Second World War?
To what extent was West Germany “Americanised”?
To what extent was East Germany “Russianised”?
Why was France politically unstable after the Second World War compared to Great Britain?
Why was existentialism so popular as a philosophical and cultural movement in 1950s France?
Was Harold Macmillan right in telling the British in the 1950s that “most of our people never had it so good”?
To what extent was immigration into Western and Central Europe in the decades after the Second World War a legacy of imperialism?
Compare and contrast the status of women in East and West Germany.
In what circumstances did gay and lesbian movements become established in Western Europe in the late 1940s and 1950s and how successful were they in meeting their objectives?
Assess how Rainer Werner
Did the invention and prescription of the contraceptive pill mirror or produce a “sexual revolution” in Europe?
How did Nordic countries achieve such a high standard of living by the late twentieth century?
Did French president Charles de Gaulle modernise France?
Assess the effectiveness of the European Convention of Human Rights?
Assess Coco Chanel as a revolutionary figure in European popular culture.
How did the Italian director and writer, Pier Paolo Pasolini, embody the paradoxes of Italian life in the three decades after the end of the Second World War.
Why was Picasso the most significant European painter of the twentieth century?
Account for the decline in religious practice in post-World War II Europe. Focus on two countries: one in Eastern Europe, another in Western Europe.

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