widely considered as a stimulus that initiates growth and development for individual organisations as well as world economies. Accordingly, you are required to critically discuss the role of disruptive technologies in creating organisational competitiveness for an organisation of your choice.

I would like the assignment to be about how Amazon uses disruptive technologies to create organizational competitiveness. I would the assignment to include their use of artificial intelligence, automation and data analytics in achieving there success. It is important that the assignment include references from academic articles found in the Harvard Business Review (HBR). However, although all references should be academic literature, not all of them have to come from HBR. The assignment should also include references from the following text book: “Building the agile business through digital transformation by Neil Perkin; Peter Abraham 2021 Second Edition” – ISBN 9781789666533, 9781789667493

I have included some references for convenience but feel free to explore other academic literature sources as this is a requirement for the paper.

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