Wireshark Other Assignment Help

Wireshark Other Assignment Help. Wireshark Other Assignment Help.

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What would I type to show these filters?

Create a filter showing only ftp request with the
command PWD, paste a screenshot below showing this capture filter.

Create a filter for TCP flags that are only set
to PSH and ACK, place a screenshot showing the filter below

Create a filter with TCP flags set to ACK only
and have an IP destination of, place a screenshot below showing the
duel filter

Create a filter with TCP flags set to ACK only
and have an IP destination of, place a screenshot below showing the
duel filter

Wireshark Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming Humanities Assignment Help

  1. a) Greenhouse gases-list major greenhouse gases and their percentage presence in earth atmosphere. List the name(s) of the satellite(s) sent by NASA/European Space Agency to earth orbit and how these satellites collect the info on greenhouse gases, what kind of data has been collected so far. Provide your opinion with supporting evidence on the sources of these greenhouse gases.
  2. b) Greenhouse Effect-explain the physical principles behind Greenhouse Effect and its pros and coms. List the data collected over last 100 years on ocean, air, land temperature change vs increase of greenhouse gases in earth atmosphere. Give your opinions with supporting evidence on the relationship of the rising temperature with the increase of greenhouse gases in earth atmosphere.
  3. c) Evidence of global climate change. Is climate change due to rising temperature of ocean, land and air?
  4. d) Consequences of rising temperature (ocean, land and air) and its impact on environment and human society.
  5. e) The core principles and measures of the Paris Agreement (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Agreement(Links to an external site.) (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。). What kind of role USA would resume and what you could do slow down, or even reverse, this potentially devastating trend of global climate change.
  6. The format requirements for this essay are: minimum of Four full pages of text; margin no more than 1″ on the top, bottom, left and right; single line space; size 12, font TIMES. Please include a list of references at the end of the essay (beyond PAGE No. 4). Graphs, photos and data tables are additional.


disease process Writing Assignment Help

Topic 1: Disease Process

  • Write an imaginary case study for your hypothetical patient.
    • Explain how the patient moved through the healthcare delivery system.
    • With respect to the costs you calculated last week, describe how the patient will pay for the cost of treatment.
  • Analyze the healthcare delivery system as illustrated in this case. What problems did you notice? Would some people find it difficult to pay for treatment? Are there areas where treatment for this illness is unavailable or unaffordable to the common person?

below was week 2 questions

Topic 1: Disease Process

  • Select a disease process to be studied.
  • Research the disease and compile a bulleted list of symptoms, diagnostic procedures, progression, treatments, etc.
  • Identify all of the healthcare providers in the healthcare system that can treat this illness and the potential complications of this illness.
  • Create a list of providers who treat this disease in your area.
  • Thoroughly discuss each topic

Final Task

  • Your answers for Topic 1 and Topic 2 should be in about two pages.
  • Incorporate the feedback you have received from your instructor for all the tasks of the project topic you selected, including the corrective feedback or suggestions for more information.
  • Ensure that your completed project meets all of the expectations of each week’s tasks.
  • Combine what you have developed in Weeks 2–5 into a single 14- to 16-page Microsoft Word document, applying appropriate headings and formatting to make it one complete document, including works cited or referenced on the final page of the document. Cite all references in APA format.


Complete Classmate Responses for Managing People Course NO PLGARISM Business Finance Assignment Help

Respond to two classmates posts with at least 300 words each, APA style, cite all references, NO PLAGIARISM


Acting ethically and responsibly is something that all managers and high level executives should be doing. As stated by Bazerman (2011) “The vast majority of managers mean to run ethical organizations, yet corporate corruption is widespread.” This is true in the example I have chosen for this weeks discussion. FIFA, which is soccer’s international governing body was investigated for institutional corruption, this lead to the arrest of multiple of high level executives and the charging of more. FIFA even though it is not a corporation in the traditional sense, it is still considered a big business.

Some of these executives and managers did not act ethically and according to law, these people were charged with taking bribes and receiving money that totaled over 150 million dollars, these bribes were for endorsements as well as world cup bids. By doing this the reputation of FIFA as the governing body suffered a great hit, more regulations are being enacted and people are labeling them as a corrupt organization. This was a very big case not only because it involves a large worldwide organization but also because it brings into question the integrity of some countries representatives as well as put into question all the decisions made by this organizations, these allegations bring into question the decision of the locations of the two next world cups: Russia and Qatar. There is also claims that these two counties bribed the officials in order to be selected as the headquarters for the next two world cups. As for the people involved, it lead to people being arrested as well as having them be banned for life from having anything to do with FIFA as well as fines being imposed.

If I worked for this organization and I knew the managers and executives were not doing things according to the law or ethically, I would try to inform someone above them in the chain of command and try to inform them of what is going on in their organization, in this case I would have concerns because due to the wide spread or corruption in the organization you can not be sure who is involved and who is not involved. If this did not work, I would try to contact some sort of law enforcement in order to let them know what is going on. By doing this I will have some concerns about my career, being labeled a whistle blower can be something that might stop me from getting a job in the future, also if the managers and executives do not get in trouble or are allowed to keep the position I would most likely lose my job, but I would rather be know as a whistle blower than corrupt.


Bazerman, M.H., & Tenbrusel, A. E. (2011). Ethical breakdowns. Harvard Business Review, 89(4), 58-65

Perez, E., & Prokupecz, S. (2015, December 03). FIFA arrests: U.S. charges 16 FIFA officials. Retrieved October 17, 2017, from http://editions.cnn.com/2015/12/03/sport/fifa-corr…

Rebecca R. Ruiz and Victor Mather. (2015, September 25). The FIFA Scandal: What’s Happened, and What’s to Come. Retrieved October 17, 2017, from https://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/26/sports/the-fifa…


A case I have experienced where the manager did not act ethically was the Director of my department before the previous director. Several years ago, my department had a director that was rough around the edges, not personable, and did the minimal. As time went by our workloads were noticeably increased. Eventually, the workloads began reaching unsafe levels (and we work in a hospital). This was troubling to many of my coworkers, but everyone was afraid of our director and afraid to speak up. I was one of our director’s “favorites”, but I was not going to stand by while workloads increased to unsafe levels. I talked to my coworkers in what little free time we had to build my case. I came in early to talk to night shift, or stayed late to catch them. It soon became clear to me that increased workloads were the least of our problems. One of my coworkers revealed to me that they work more weekends than anyone else – believing it was because they had a formal disagreement with this director several months prior. Another coworker disclosed that if I went back and looked at all the old schedules, almost everyone except this employee had “paid time off” all over the schedules except for this employee because their requests kept getting denied and they believed it was because they, too, had a formal disagreement with this director. This was obvious retaliation, so I built my case. I knew the director was close to our CEO, and I also knew that I was one of her “favorites” and this whistle blowing could lead to trouble for me. Colquitt, et al. define whistle blowing as an ethical behavior “which occurs when former or current employees expose illegal or immoral actions by their organization” (Colquitt, 2013). Having no idea what my whistle blowing would lead to for me or this director, I stuck to my plan. The action I took, since I knew this director was not aligning their actions to the values and policies of the organization (and possibly the law), was the writing of a two-page email to the CEO. I carbon copied the other two officers and the director of human resources on it to ensure it was taken seriously. I mentioned the increased workloads to unsafe levels, and the possible retaliatory actions this director took against two employees. The next day, I was called to the CEO’s office and was questioned with the HR director present. The day after that, our director was suspended for a week while corporate HR flew in from corporate headquarters and interviewed me and other key staff members. A week later, the director was let go. It was a huge relief, but left a void in the department. A coworker and I kept the department afloat until we got a new director.

All these years later, I am pretty sure the increased workloads to unsafe levels was not what got this director in trouble – it was the retaliation. “Research has consistently demonstrated that the desire for retaliation is common upon experiencing an offensive interpersonal encounter, particularly if the encounter threatens one’s self image” (El Kharzazi, Siwatu, & Brooks, 2015). Retaliation is prohibited by law under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, and includes making work more difficult for employees (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, n.d.). Corporate HR may not have found enough evidence for these employees or the company to take legal action against this director, but they must have found enough, per our own policies, to move forward with the termination of this director. The scary part of all this is that if she had not increased our workloads to save a penny and increase her chances of getting her end-of-year bonus, these retaliatory misdeeds may have never been brought to the attention of our CEO.


Colquitt, J. L. (2013). Organizational behavior: Improving performance and commitment in the workplace (3rd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

El Kharzazi, R. J., Siwatu, M., & Brooks, D. R. (2015). Retaliation – Making it Personal. Retrieved from U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/retaliation_consid…

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (n.d.). Facts About Retaliation. Retrieved from EEOC.gov: https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/facts-retal.cfm


​Mid term paper Western architecture u should choose a building before 1100 AD. : 1200 words.​ Humanities Assignment Help

Mid term paper. For this you are required to choose a building from the first half of the semester
(Western architecture before 1100 AD) and imagine that you are its designer and that you are writing a
letter to your patron/client which will accompany a plan and model of your building to explain how
your design meets the challenges inherent in the project. In particular you should focus on what
architectural decisions you made during the design process and why. Here are some suggestions of
topics that you might consider addressing (note that there might be others as they will vary from
building): function, response to site, form, materials, constructional techniques, precedents, style and
expression. Focus on the questions that would be of interest to a reader of the same period / culture
trying to understand why you designed it in the way that you did. This is an opportunity to think about
what issues were uppermost in the mind of the original architect. Do not write in an “old-fashioned”
language (or in Latin, Byzantine Greek, Medieval French, etc.), but in clear and expressive modern
English using your own words. You may use the first person if you wish. Quotations should not be
used and citations should not be needed; an appropriate bibliography, however, should be appended.
Length of mid-term paper: 1200 words.



Secessionist Automobility Racism Anti Urbanism and the Politics of Automobility in Atlanta Humanities Assignment Help

Critical thinking papers serve to encourage the development of creativity and critical thinking through writing. Three to four pages in length, these assignments require you to dig deeper into a research article or book chapter related to course topics. For this critical thinking paper, you will read “Secessionist Automobility: Racism , Anti-Urbanism, and the Politics of Automobility in Atlanta, Georgia” by Henderson (2006).

I have uploaded a pdf copy of this reading. Please check it out.

In your critical thinking paper, you will answer the questions posed below. Note: You should type the questions directly into your paper and write your answers below each one. Do not include extra space before or after the questions—simply list them in bold. You will also need to ensure that including the numbered list of questions does not increase the indent of either the questions nor the responses.

  1. What aspect of social life does the author focus on? What is the author’s main point or argument?
  2. What kind of evidence does the author give to support their point?
  3. How does this reading help you understand a current or personal event?
  4. Can you think of any counterarguments that would contradict/weaken the author’s main argument? Explain.
  5. How does this reading relate what you’ve read/discussed in class so far? Explain.
  6. Did you enjoy the reading? Hate it? Explain. Here is your chance to vent! Tell me why you think this reading is a masterpiece or a disaster.
  7. Come up with one possible discussion question for class. Explain why you think your question is important, and describe how the author addresses/answers/fails to answer your question.

Formatting Guidelines: Use 12pt Times New Roman font, 1″ margins on all sides (no extra indents for either questions or answers), double-spaced, and no extra space between paragraphs (search online for directions to remove the paragraph space if you don’t know how). The paper should only have your name in the top-left corner and no title (no date, nothing except your name). Your paper should exhibit clear paragraph structure as well as proper spelling and grammar.

Secessionist Automobility Racism Anti Urbanism and the Politics of Automobility in Atlanta Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Tetts book on Silo’s identifies a major problem of many large organizations Humanities Assignment Help


Tett’s book on Silo’s identifies a major problem of many large organizations — the rise of isolated silos and a variety of problems that come from their isolation. She also suggests some cases where individuals and organizations have been able to “bust” these silos or think about them in different ways. Write an essay that uses organizational cultural and/or organizational environment approaches and make an argument that one of those two approaches does a better job finding solutions to the problems of silos as Tett sees them. To be specific, write an essay that first details the concept of Silos as offered by Tett, then briefly explains the problems they create, and then talks about some of Tett’s suggested solutions to the problem. Then make an argument that either the culture approach or the environment approach offers a meaningful way to see and deal with the problem of Silos.


Corrction the old work Humanities Assignment Help

I want you to explain why this art attracted me?

: I want to talk more about his life and of fiction art

: I also needed more references because I graduated

: I also need to use examples to support the culture context art

: Also the use of drone warfare in Uncovering layers of meaning and message

: I need two pictures of his works and descriptions . Put in Interpretation of work

: I will send you notes of the professor on the paper

There are some comment in the attchment need to add or corrct


History Homework Writing Assignment Help

Please see the following requirements and use the files attached or your own sources if the provided information is not enough.

1. Write a 300 word editorial (5 paragraph essay format) for describing why or why you wouldn’t support strong enforcement of child labor laws today. Your editorial should compare the 1908 study and its relevance to modern day problems, including illegal aliens by using suggested links or Google your own. Suggested titles: “Child Labor is No longer a problem in America.” “Illegal Immigrants create New Opportunities for Illegal Child Labor”

2. Write in complete sentences answers to the following questions (each response minimum 150 words)
a. Why was the suffrage movement relatively unsuccessful in the South according to Mabel?
b. Why was Mabel such a success in the Movement? Why was Mabel such an effective speaker in the Suffrage Movement? Or, what characteristics is Mabel possess that would make her a leader, CEO, President today?

3. Write a memo listing the most significant facts about tenant farming/sharecropping, called “darker side of life”. Your memo would be addressed to your member of Congress. (At least 100-150 Words)


Economic Order Quantity and Safety Stock Business Finance Assignment Help

A. Based on the Microwave Inventory Case, using the spreadsheet perform a sensitivity analysis and evaluate potential additional benefits focusing in Economic Order Quantity and Safety Stock. See the attached spreadsheet to be fill out. On the spreadsheet perform the following:

1. Perform a sensitivity analysis and evaluate potential additional benefits focusing in Economic Order Quantity and Safety Stock

2. Calculate the current cost of IMI’s inventory practices using the CURRENT tab of the template provided

3. What would be the potential benefits of selecting both the production batch sizes and the reorder points more scientifically? Do this by completing columns B through H of the ANALYSIS tab of the template provided. Using the concepts of Economic Order Quantity and Reorder Point, explain the difference between this model and IMI’s current practice.

4. What if IMI was able to fully standardize the heavy-duty model to the point where the language and power supply customizing features could be added in a modular fashion immediately before shipping to the warehouse that needs them? You consulted with the production superintendent, who indicated that this could be done, but that it would add one day to the ship time to add these customizing features to the standard microwave just prior to shipping.

5. Consider it this way. IMI maintains a warehouse right next to their factory and they store inventory for models A, B, C, D, E, and F. Therefore they have to maintain separate inventory for each of the models. If they standardize to a single model, it may take them a day to ship, but they only need to keep one type of microwave in their warehouse.

6.For this part use the SINGLE MODEL column of the ANALYSIS tab and consider the impact RISK POOLING has should IMI combine all models. Using the inventory concepts we discussed in class, explain to IMI why they might achieve some cost benefit by embracing the idea of replacing all of their models with a single model.

7. Assuming that you have now convinced IMI to standardize on a single model of microwave, investigate other opportunities that IMI may have to reduce costs or improve customer service. Look at the components of total cost (not limited to transportation time, order cost, supply or demand variability) and make a recommendation to IMI on where else they may want to focus their efforts. Justify your recommendations.

8. On the spreadsheet add a column and consider:

  • Reducing set-up times
  • Reducing production or lead times?
  • What about variances

B. Using the information of the spread sheet perform

Based on the spreadsheet summarized results and deliver in form or report.

  • what you have discovered
  • Draw conclusions and summarize findings
  • In what other areas might you invest?

Report should be professionally structured, well-organized, insightful, start with an
executive overview, and conclude by emphasizing the most important parts of the


Wireshark Other Assignment Help

Wireshark Other Assignment Help

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