Wixx presentation Programming Assignment Help

Wixx presentation Programming Assignment Help. Wixx presentation Programming Assignment Help.

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Q1. Create a blog about a business issue or topic that interests you and that provides content that is valuable to others. You should develop the blog with a specific audience in mind (your classmates), and provide original, insightful entries. You will write five entries on your blog that meet the needs of your target audience. You should also think about developing your own personal brand – how you want to present yourself through the blog (your personality should come out through your blog but remember to be professional). For each blog post, consider applying the following formula:

  • One or two takeaway messages
  • A catchy title & opening
  • A winning tone for the blogs – helpful, personalized, positive, informative, fun & interesting
  • Hyperlinks to interesting articles, videos, etc.
  • Use images if you like
  • Use concise writing with short paragraphs

You don’t have to describe a lot. just a small paragraph of each bullet point.

Here are some free blog platforms you can select from to create your blog:

I have already created the blog. all you need to create website with wix.

i will provide access.

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project spreadsheet: education cost plan summary Computer Science Assignment Help

For this project, you are to prepare an “Educational Cost Plan Summary.” In the process of doing the project workbook, you will make decisions about what schools you plan to attend, whether you will live on campus, at-home, or off-campus not at home, what expenses you will incur, how many full-time and part-time hours you will work while in college, and what type of educational loan you may want or need. Much of the information you will need to complete the project can be found on the Internet. You can use real or hypothetical set of college expenses, employment income, educational resources, and loan repayment information.


Summarizing an article Humanities Assignment Help

This is a summary of an article. Each summary should be at least 400 words and include how the source relates to the topic thesis/learning goals.

Our thesis is the effect of influencers. Learning goals: Feeding into capitalism and positive effects from influencers.

Some feedback from professor for other sections: (Do not need to finish section A-C, but can use them as a reference.)

Your topic and thesis statement should pretty much be the same thing; the topic is the effect of influencers. Your thesis, then should be exactly what you are going to explore. What you have below for topic/thesis goes in a couple of directions- affecting everyday decisions and indicating what is popular, and the different backgrounds of the influencers (affecting pop culture in a unique way is a little bit vague). Don’t forget to tell us why this is important, how this ties into any of the course learning outcomes, and how you can focus for a 12-minute presentation.

Section B- there are a lot of ideas in these two statements- diversity of influencers, models of marketing, and positive effect; feeding into capitalism, narcissism. While you can certainly talk about both the positive and negative aspects of influencers, make sure that you have a good focus. I think that once you have narrowed your thesis statement, the two learning goals will also become narrowed (or you could go the other direction and narrow your learning goals first, and then get a focused thesis from them).

Section C- How will you set up your video and convey the information to the class? A few ideas might be a plain voiceover with illustrating video; film yourselves doing examples of influencer videos; interview or survey people/set up a watching panel to see how they react to them.


Write Key terms Concepts Writing Assignment Help

Before you start doing this assignment I hope you can read the entire assignment requirement, classlecture ppt and follow it closely to make sure we would not need to revise basic issue later.

MAKE SURE to list the exact page number when you reference any reading material AND try NOT copy but rewrite it in your own words and understanding. I cannot upload every reading materials here, some files are too big, but you can find it online, if not, tell me, I will try to upload to me through chatting.

Feel free to bring in your own knowledge base, including what you have learned so far in class, or draw comparisons with the previous readings and lectures.


Following the Lab Report Grading Rubric and Based on our lab data writing the lab report conclusion Science Assignment Help


  1. Includes a summary of the results of the experiment and the % error involved.
  2. Addresses the experimental objective and EXPLAINS if it was accomplished or not based on experimental results and % error involved.
  3. Provides and explains one systematic error involved in the experiment and explains how it affected the outcome of the experiment and the % error involved.
  4. Provides and explains one random error involved in the experiment and explains how it affected the outcome of the experiment and the % error involved.
  5. If R is not constant, explain why

△Vout (V) should be X-axis, and I (A) should be Y-axis, and the graph should have the name.

Vout ?Vout (V) I (A)
0.1 0.1 0.0000003
0.14 0.15 0.0000004
0.2 0.2 0.0000015
0.25 0.25 0.0000067
0.3 0.3 0.0000425
0.41 0.35 0.0002601
0.64 0.39 0.0009217
3.8 -1.758 -0.000001
7.4 -2.3 -0.000001
11.3 -3.7 -0.000001
18.1 -5.8 -0.000001
21.1 -7.6 -0.000001
25.1 -25 -0.000001

Vout ?Vout (V) I (A)
0.39 0.4 0.0000001
0.5 0.5 0.0000012
0.55 0.55 0.0000037
0.68 0.65 0.0000998
0.84 0.7 0.0005211
1.02 0.72 0.0010998
2 0.76 0.0049182
1.7 -3.7 -0.000001
2.3 -4.8 -0.00191
3.7 -5.4 -0.01912
5.8 -5.8 -0.02919
7.7 -6 -0.3374
25.1 -6.1 -0.5685



Please just edit the code and add an input so anyone can enter the number and get the factors Programming Assignment Help

Write a program that calculates and displays all factors of a number with a function. A factor is any number that divides into a number evenly.

For examples: Factors of 20 are 1,2,4,5,10,20

For the program:

  1. Prompt the user for a number or use an input
  2. Call a function to calculate all factors using loops and conditionals and modulus
  3. Display all factors to the page

MY CODE: note I couldn’t attach it and please complete the work on an html file and thank you



function factorize(number) {

var factors=[],i;

for (i=1;i<=number;i++) {

if (number%i==0) {




return factors;


document.write(“The factors of 16 are: “+factorize(16));





Please just edit the code and add an input so anyone can enter the number and get the factors Programming Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Sex education presentation Writing Assignment Help

This assignment is straight forward on the directions. Make sure you do not plagiarize and cite your source. Only paying for good quality writing.

For this week’s assignment, you will submit a presentation of about 7–10 slides. How you create the presentation accompaniment are up to you—today’s technology offers many options. The simplest, however, may be to create the presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Conceptually, your presentation is a high-level, interactive version of your Case Study that you have been working on for the last several weeks. The goal of your presentation is to both inform the audience and persuade them of your point of view regarding your selected case study issue.

Here is a sample organizational structure for a presentation based on a persuasive format.

  • First Slide: Title—Your Name, Topic, Course, and Date
  • Second Slide: Introduction—In the introduction, you might discuss why you chose your topic and why you think it is important.
  • Third Slide: Thesis—Provide your thesis and call to action.
  • Fourth Slide: Background/Context—Provide background information on your topic to give your audience context.
  • Fifth—Seventh Slide: Reasoning—Convince your audience that out of all the possible solutions, yours is the best. Show how the world will be a better place as a result of implementing your solution.
  • Conclusion Slide—Provide a recap of your argument and final call to action.
  • Reference Slide—Remember to include references for all cited material and images used.

Presentations must include the following elements.

  • Thesis Statement
  • Clear and Distinguishable Main Points With Developed Analysis
  • Examples of Research With Documented Sources in APA Format
  • Images and/or Multimedia With APA Citations
  • Professional and Well-Designed Slides
  • Correct Use of Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation


The Prompt The first unit for our course focuses on Justine Sacco, the young woman whose career and personal life were temporarily ruined after her ignorant AIDs tweet started trending on Twitter. In the two articles we read, Sam Biddle and Siri Srinivas Humanities Assignment Help

Essay 1: Rhetorical Analysis of a Written Text

The Prompt

The first unit for our course focuses on Justine Sacco, the young woman whose career and personal life were temporarily ruined after her ignorant AIDs tweet started trending on Twitter. In the two articles we read, Sam Biddle and Siri Srinivas both argue, for different reasons, that the internet’s treatment of Sacco was unfair and unwarranted. For this first essay, you will discuss both of these articles and argue which you think would be more successful in persuading its intended audience based on the writer’s use of strategies. Your essay should do the following:

  • Introduce and briefly discuss both Biddle’s and Srinivas’s texts, focusing on their arguments and use of rhetorical strategies.
  • Make an argument about whose text you think might be more successful in persuading its intended audience.
  • Support your argument with textual examples. Pick at least two different strategies from your chosen text and analyze them, thinking specifically about how and why they might persuade the article’s audience.
  • Include a brief counter argument explaining why the second text is not as persuasive as the article you chose. Provide at least one example to support this claim.


Your final essay portfolio should include a copy of your rough draft along with two completed peer review worksheets.

MLA format. This requires: Times New Roman size 12 font, double spacing, 1 inch margins, appropriate heading and page numbers, correct in-text citations, and a Works Cited page.

At least 5 full pages (this means to the bottom of the page), not including Works Cited page.

Printed and stapled.




Argument identifying and resolving an issue of interpretation in a primary source.Identify one key issue to explore and resolve in your paper. Formulate the issue as a level 3 question, and resolve the issue by a detailed, specific analysis of the text. Humanities Assignment Help

* 4-5 pages + works cited page

* please use just the source I provide to include ins text citations (paraphrasing/quotes) to make your argument

* level three question is a thesis you come up with to argue the paper

Level three question is the most important in this paper. a thesis you come up with as your research question you answer that IDENTIFIES and resolves an ISSUE OF INTERPRETATION IN THE PRIMARY SOURCE

THE KEY: Identify one key issue to explore and resolve in your paper. Formulate the issue as a level 3 question, and resolve the issue by a detailed, specific analysis of the text.

highly suggest include: ASCETIC MONASTIC NETWORKING in thesis.

– try to stay away from so much historical context, rather focus on the analysis of primary source and the issue of interpretation

* include counter argument

thesis formula examples :

1.What role does concept/analytical unit X play in Author Y’s

portrayal of Z?

2.What does source X reveal/show/indicate about

issue/dynamic/culture Y during…?

3.What role does concept/analytical unit X play in source Y?

4.How is X represented/what role does X play in sources Y and Z?

Some ideas to take into consideration:

This text describes a “holy man,” whose religious commitments

endow him with special abilities. What does the text reveal about the society and culture that considered this man holy and told

these stories about him? About the relationships between individual, family, and community? About political power and religion? Consider these general questions to help you identify an issue of interpretation . What contradictions, curiosities, confusing points, connections do you see? Why does it matter? What are some possible interpretations that are in conflict?

below I’ll suggest the primary source and paper guidelines


Discussion Bored Questions Writing Assignment Help

Course Name: Hazardous Materials and Industrial Safety

Week 7 implementing the response – PIO exercise

I Live in Ardmore, PA 19003

1. Identify the possible environmental impacts of a Hazardous Materials Event impacting your community, list the governmental entities having responsibility to oversee and or control/mitigate such impact, with their contact numbers, added to your “master” Incident Action Plan. Submit.

2. Take on the role as the Public Information Officer (PIO) and submit a press release pertaining to week 5/6 activities (attached). Be prepared to answer questions from the media or community at a Town Hall Meeting.

Some examples include –

Ask the PIO to provide a briefing that includes:

1. The situation status. 2. Additional road closures. 3. Evacuation routes. 4. Personal protective measures.

In addition, address the following:

  • What is the local role in response to a hazardous materials incident?
  • Who is responsible for cleanup operations?
  • What is the role/responsibility of your organization and how does that impact or effect the state and federal systems?
  • What is the definition of “Hazardous Materials”?

There is no right or wrong – you are using the info and education from previous weeks and classes. Assess the incident and carefully address the questions and the briefing. Remember not to promise too much!

– APA Style

– Kindly, answer all discussion questions clearly and completely.

I Live in Ardmore, PA 19003

– Sample of expected answer (attached).