Wk 1 – LA 2 Ethics and Compliance: 14 Trends – Ethics of Tomorrow, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Wk 1 – LA 2 Ethics and Compliance: 14 Trends – Ethics of Tomorrow, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. Wk 1 – LA 2 Ethics and Compliance: 14 Trends – Ethics of Tomorrow, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Prior to taking this course, what opinion did you have as to any ethical requirement for corporations to comply with ethical standards over and beyond legal ones? Having read and observed the material provided under this 2nd theme – “Why Study Business Ethics?” – has this changed your mind? You will see that there remains a divergence of opinion. Some believe that business should focus just on making a profit; others are convinced that business must also consider what is the ethically right thing to do, in the pursuit of their business concerns.

Which view do you think is correct? And why? Make sure you discuss the idea of the Corporation as (or as not as) a “moral person.” Please be sure to cite materials if used.

Must respond in 200-250 words minimum.

Wk 1 – LA 2 Ethics and Compliance: 14 Trends – Ethics of Tomorrow, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Health Care Policy— Business Finance Assignment Help

Each question only needs 5 to 6 sentences.  You can add more if needed.

 1. Describe, in general terms, the operation stage of policy implementation

  2. Discuss the effect of a policy on its own implementation.

  3. Discuss the concept of incrementalism in public policymaking.

  4.  What does it mean to characterize policy implementation as public management?


Foreign Investments Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

  • You have been hired
    by a U.S. corporation that wants to expand its business to a foreign
    country. Evaluate the approaches to expanding into a foreign country and
    create an argument for the approach you would recommend. 

  • Your client has
    asked you to assess the methods of capitalizing a foreign corporation that
    produces the most advantageous tax position. Propose a method that
    produces the least amount of tax for your client.

Please keep the bullet point and solution
together and make the solution at least a paragraph long.


Licensing of Intangible Property Business Finance Assignment Help

  • The licensing of
    intangible property is a commonplace occurrence in foreign countries.
    Choose any type of intangible property and propose a strategy to minimize
    or eliminate the tax impact of licensing.

  • You have been hired
    by a U.S. corporation that wants to invest in a foreign corporation
    through the transfer of intangible property. Make a recommendation to your
    client as to how to transfer the intangible property and thus mitigate or
    eliminate the tax impact of the transfer.

keep the bullet point and solution together and make the solution at least a
paragraph long.


Export Risk Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

  • Assess the risks of
    incurring foreign tax in exporting goods from the U.S. Based on your
    assessment, propose a strategy to minimize or eliminate the foreign tax

  • International trade
    is important for the U.S. There is a lot of discussion regarding countries
    who may be subsidizing their currency to create a trade imbalance with the
    U.S., resulting in lost tax revenue. Propose a strategy that the U.S.
    could deploy to eliminate or offset these subsidies. Support your strategy
    with examples.

keep the bullet point and solution together and make the solution at least a
paragraph long.



first assignment pay Humanities Assignment Help

Case Study: Chester 4 pages without the reference pager or introduction page 

Consider the following case:

Chester is a 3-year-old boy whose mother has come to you for in home ABA services. His mother explains that Chester was diagnosed 3 months ago by a hospital based interdisciplinary team who recommended that Chester receive early interventions services at school and in the home. Chester is one of three boys. The oldest is Charles, who is 8, and has a diagnosis of ADHD. The middle child is Clark, who has a speech delay. Chester is the youngest. The mother explains that her husband is a truck driver who is gone for many days at a time because of his work. She tells you, somewhat hesitantly that her husband, Mr. W, does not want strangers in the home. The mom is wondering if services can be offered somewhere else besides the home. 

In talking to the mother, you learn that the family belongs to a tight-knit, Christian community that does not believe in “therapy” and that does not condone “psychological diagnoses.” Ms. X wants her son to get help, but she really does not want her family disturbed in the home. Ms. X reports that her biggest concerns right now are that Chester does not have many words to express his needs and that he does not respond readily to simple redirection. She describes last night, when she was giving Chester a bath, where he laid down in the water on his back and would not sit up to breathe when asked, She had to pull him out of the tub in order to make sure that he did not stay under the water.

Chester’s family has qualified for services, but you are still need to do the assessment before regular services can start.

Please address each bullet point and as headline put what is between parentheses 

  • Discuss your plan for assessment in this case, including who, when, where, and how you will go about assessing for target behaviors and overall need. (Plan for assessment)
  • Discuss the cultural needs of this family and how you could meet them during the assessment process. (family cultural needs)
  • What specific data will you need to compile to decide on an intervention? (data to collect)
  • How will you incorporate professional best practices into this process to ensure an accurate and detailed assessment? (professional best practice)
  • What role could a professional interdisciplinary team play in this Functional Behavior Analysis? (Professional interdisciplinary team)

first assignment pay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Case Study Analysis Gender Issues 4-5 pages Business Finance Assignment Help

Case Study Analysis 

Here is the case study

Week 6 Case Study Glass Ceiling.pdf

This paper analyzes the assigned case study of women and men in the workplace.  Base your analysis on the course readings, learning activities/discussions, and additional research on group dynamics and communication.

Required Elements to include in the Case Study Analysis:

The paper should answer the following questions.  In responding to the questions, students will apply concepts learned in the class to support the reasoning.

·  In this case study, what benefits come from having both women and men in the workplace?

·  Describe and analyze, in the context of the literature and research, the behavior of the women and men in the workplace depicted in this case study.  Be specific by giving examples.

·  Based on what you have learned in the course thus far, what challenges related to gender are evident from reading the case study?

·  What should Attorney Evans do in this situation?  Be specific by using examples from the case study and support your position with your readings and research.

·  What would you recommend the participants in the case study do differently (both women and men) to increase effectiveness in the workplace?

·  What three to four actions would be effective to strengthen the effectiveness in the mixed-sex work situation identified in the case study? (Note:  actions can be implemented by any person or department within the organization).

Required Formatting of Paper:

  • This paper should be double spaced, 12-point font, and four to five pages in length excluding the title page and reference page;
  • Title page with your name, the course name, the date, and instructor’s name;
  • An introductory paragraph, a summary paragraph and the use of headings are required;
  • Include three references;
  • Do not cite the case study;
  • Case studies are written in the third person;
  • Use APA formatting for in-text citations and a reference page.  You are expected to paraphrase and not use quotes. Deductions will be taken when quotes are used and found to be unnecessary;


healthcare policy & law Health Medical Assignment Help

  • Examine two (2) efforts at health reform in the United States that occurred during the 1900s. Determine the major political and social factors that influenced the outcomes for each. Support your rationale with specific examples of such influence.
  •  compare and contrast at least two (2) pros and cons of developing a state health insurance exchange. Speculate on which exchange you believe would be most beneficial for the majority of the insured in your state. Provide support for your rational
  • Analyze at least two (2) new provisions to the Affordable Care Act. Interpret the implications of these new provisions for access to care for families. Provide specific examples of such implications to support your rationale.
  • Appraise the inherent impact of at least (2) Affordable Care Act quality initiatives on quality of care for both the consumer and the healthcare provider. Support your response with specific examples of the effects on both aforementioned groups.
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    As we begin to finalize our essays this week, our discussion will focus mainly Humanities Assignment Help

    As we begin to finalize our essays this week, our discussion will focus mainly on academic writing and its importance. Remember to focus on all that you have learned in the previous weeks in regards to grammar and mechanics. Also, hopefully you have completed your APA Quiz for this week so that you will have a general idea of what APA is and why it is important.

    After completing this week’s reading assignments, please respond to all of the following prompts in the discussion area below. 

    1. Look at pages 109-110, and use “A Final Checklist for Your Essay.” You should be able to answer “Yes” to each of these questions. However, this is not always the case when reviewing what you have written. Choose one of the 15 questions and explain why you may have difficulty with this particular question in reviewing your essay. What are some of the reasons this is giving you trouble in your writing?

    2. Pages 107-109 (V. Editing for Errors) give a series of ways to edit your essay for errors in both mechanics and grammar. Choose one of these ways and explain how you used it in revising your essay. Did it help? Why or why not?

    3. APA Style will help you in formatting your paper and avoiding plagiarism. What is your experience with APA Style? What are three specific requirements of APA style to remember as you format your essay?


    PLEASE help me! neesd to be 100 % original and need by Wednesday Humanities Assignment Help

     This assignment presents you with the opportunity to explore your own gender identity development. Gender identity is a very personal topic, yet also one that has been much studied in professional literature.

    Using the module readings, the online library resources, and the Internet, research psychological literature on gender identity. In addition to the module readings, select at least two scholarly resources for use in this assignment. You also have the option of using nonscholarly resources from reputable Web and print sources.

    Cover the following sections:

    • Early Learning about Gender
      • Identify memories of masculinity and femininity in your family, peers, authority figures, and role models from childhood through adolescence.
      • Describe the biological, social, historical, cultural, ethnic, or political influences on your early learning of gender roles and explain how they form a part of your own gender role identity.
      • Include examples specific to your experiences.
    • Influence of Gender on Roles and Decisions
      • Evaluate the scientific evidence for the influence of gender expectations on social roles, cognitive abilities, and educational and career choices.
      • Compare or contrast this scientific evidence to your own experiences. That is, explain how your experience matches or does not match the scientific community’s opinion about how gender expectations influence social roles, cognitive abilities, and educational and career choices.
    • Transitions, Conflicts, and Challenges
      • Identify any transition points or conflicts in your gender role development until now. Were there times when you did not feel your expected gender role fit for you?
      • Describe your experiences with sexism or lack of experiences with sexism. How does this relate to what the scientific community says about transitions, conflicts, and challenges?
    • Looking Forward
      • Discuss how you anticipate your gender identity will continue to evolve over the course of your life. Do you have present concerns about your gender identity?
      • Identify areas in which you could benefit from expanding the definition of your gender role. What difficulties do you anticipate in this? Explain.

    Be sure to include the following in your paper:

    • A title page
    • A reference page
    • Headings for each of the sections applying APA standards
    • A minimum of two scholarly sources, which are not included in the module readings

    For reputable Web sources, look for .org, .net, or .edu Web sites as opposed to .com sites. Please avoid Wikipedia.

    Write a 4–6-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to the formatting of your paper and the citation of sources. Remember to include a cover page and reference page in APA format.


    Wk 1 – LA 2 Ethics and Compliance: 14 Trends – Ethics of Tomorrow, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Wk 1 – LA 2 Ethics and Compliance: 14 Trends – Ethics of Tomorrow, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

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