World History Themed Report

World History Themed Report. World History Themed Report.

I need an explanation for this History question to help me study.

You can submit early but you cannot submit late. I will offer extra points for any student who submits by March 3. This part of your final exam is worth 100 points.

Several important themes emerge as you study World History. Here are some of the important themes that we have studied this semester:

  1. Peopling of societies
  2. Exchange (ideas, food, technology, etc.). This would include Scientific Revolution, Industrial Revolution, etc.
  3. Beliefs and cultural differences
  4. Politics and power (war, etc.)
  5. Environment and geography

For this part of your final exam, please submit a three — five page paper (minimum of 6 paragraphs), double space, 12 point font, Times New Roman. Number your pages. Each paragraph should be a minimum of 7 thoughtful, detailed sentences. A minimum submission will earn the minimal grade. You do not need to provide a cover page, heading or your name as you will be submitting through Canvas. However, feel free to do so.

  • Pick one of the themes above that you believe yielded the most powerful influence on the modern world. I want you to pick the one theme that has the greatest impact on your life and society in the modern world.
  • I will look for an opening paragraph that explains the theme you chose and why. Give at least three reasons, examples or evidence to support why you chose this theme in your opening. Subsequent paragraphs should provide details, facts and examples to support the reasons that you chose the theme. Conclude with your in-depth analysis, reflection and commentary about this theme. Make sure to make a personal or contemporary connection in your research.
  • This is where your work this semester comes in! Feel free to use parts of what you have already written this semester in your reflections or forum discussion assignments as the body of your paper. However, remember you will still need at least an opening and closing original paragraph.
  • You might want to write about the treatment of women in society. You have already written about the treatment of women in the Islamic Dynasties we studied. You could compare and contrast with how women were treated during the age of Imperialism. Then write how women are treated today in a Christian society. You wrote may have researched how women were treated in the Congo region under King Leopold. Reveal how the treatment of women then could affect your life or influences modern society today. The end of chapter 18 has several primary sources you could use on women. Be sure to include details, facts, quotes and examples to support you work. Or you might want to discuss how war, religion or the theme of politics and power has shaped your life and society around you. If you want to consider using a different theme than from the list above, feel free to email me ahead of time. You can use the examples I listed above or whatever speaks to you. Also, I will be glad to critique your work if you send it to my by March 3. I will not have time to critique any work after March 3.

Use your textbook or any website or video pulled into the class in Canvas as sources. Use the primary sources found at the end of each chapter. If you use the textbook, you could say something like, “The writing by Qiu Jin on page 677 is a great example of a woman’s voice on women’s rights. She said, “…women cannot rely on men.” Or you can use a quote from any of the videos or films found in your class. If you use a website or video just mention it within your paragraph. I am fine with you using another source. However, you must give credit within your paragraph of the site or video you use. I honestly believe that the textbook, videos and films will be enough for a successful paper.

Remember, I expect you to use parts of what you have already written this semester in your reflection or forum discussion assignments. The body of your work should be topics we wrote about this semester. However, I want to stress that you will need at least an original opening and closing original paragraphs to explain the theme you chose and the three reason why.

Grading Rubric

  1. Up to 20 points…..opening paragraph, thoughtful, detailed introduction for the theme you chose. At least three reasons why you chose the theme. Thesis provided regarding the importance to you and today’s world. Quantity, quality and grammar are important.
  2. Up to 15 points for each paragraph (up to four) that reveals the reason why theme is important, using engaging and detailed facts or supported by examples and quotes. Quantity, quality and thoughtfulness will also be considered.
  3. Up to 20 points…..Concluding paragraph, should provide a thoughtful, detailed conclusion for your essay. Tie all your reasons together for the theme you chose. Again, quantity, quality and thoroughness will be considered.

World History Themed Report

World History Themed Report

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