Write 2 pages. Writing Assignment Help

Write 2 pages. Writing Assignment Help. Write 2 pages. Writing Assignment Help.

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Between 1920 and 1945 the United States experienced incredible growth and prosperity, a

prolonged and catastrophic economic depression, and world war. Looking at your notes for the

1920s, the Great Depression and New Deal of the 1930s, and World War II, as well as the film(s)

we have watched, create a top five list of most significant historical developments that you

believe most accurately reflect the changes that shaped America over this span of time. For your

essay to be successful, you should elaborate and explain the historical developments you choose

to focus upon in order, moving forward in time from 1920 to 1945. You can write about positive

or negative events, or a combination of both. The most crucial factor in choosing your top five

historical developments should be change over time. For each of your five topics, you should

explain/describe the historical development, offer an argument as to why you think it is so

important/significant, and suggest how it leads either directly or indirectly to the next historical

event on your list. In other words, do not just provide a list of 5 historical events that you think

are interesting – explain how they relate to each other, how they worked together to shape, alter,

or define the country between the First and Second World Wars.

(2 pages, typed, double-spaced, preferably 12-pt font, roughly 500 words).

Please read the attachment (notes).

## Film: David Halberstam’s “The Fifties: The Fear and the Dream” Parts 1 & 2 (Available on


Write 2 pages. Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Your first task of this week is to select and reserve the company you wish to research. Assignment Help

Your first task of this week is to select and reserve the
company you wish to research. Your second task is to prepare a
report with the information you collect about the company. Do not
select a bank, financial services, or insurance company as the
ratios used to evaluate financial institutions are beyond the scope
of this course and are not addressed in the text.

Your second task is to prepare a report with the required
information provided below

When you have finished reserving your company, find the
company’s most recent 10-K report. There are two ways to do

Option 1: My preference is to use the 10-K
report posted on the company’s website because I often stumble
across other helpful information while there. From the company’s
home page, look for a link for Investors, then select SEC
, and limit the search of SEC documents to
“annual.” Select the most recent 10-K
. Take care not to select the 10-Q as it is a
quarterly report.

Option 2: Go to the Securities and Exchange
Commission’s website. Use the Filings tab to find the report. If
you need assistance, there is a short video about how to use the

Please remember that your chosen company must be a
publicly-traded company (excluding financial

A public, publicly-traded,
publicly held company, or
public corporation is a corporation whose
ownership is dispersed among the general public in
many shares of stock which are freely traded on a
stock exchange or in over the counter markets.

You should select a well know company (perhaps from the Fortune
Five Hundred) that has been in business for more than 10
so that the required financial data will be readily

Template Report:

Name of Company and Ticker Symbol: Company
name, ticker symbol

10-K Report: Paste the direct URL to the
company’s most recent 10-K Report

Company Website: Paste the URL to the company’s

Company Business Model: Review Item 1 of the
10-K report to find the following information:

Short Description of Business: What does the company do? What
are its key sources of revenue

Product Mix: Identify the company’s product mix or key segments.
Briefly describe each product line/segment. Include brand names if

Stock Price Data: use the Yahoo! Finance
website to find the information required

5-Year Stock Price Graph: Provide a screenshot of the data
(Learn how to do this on a MAC or PC)

Although the screen shot tool does not work with the Yahoo
interactive graph, the snipping tool does. Please view this video
for directions on how to snip the graph so that you can paste it
into your post for Discussion 1. (5 points)

Stock Price Data: Use the interactive chart on the Yahoo!
Finance page, and use your cursor to find the highest price point
and lowest price point in the last 52 weeks. The date the price was
hit will be at the bottom of the graph on the horizontal axis. (5

Evaluation: Does the stock price graph provide
evidence of management’s ability to maximize shareholder wealth?
What is your impression of the company thus far? (5 points)


Executive Business Plan – Powerpoint Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

After the meeting of the Board of Directors, the Chairwoman of the
Board calls you into her office. She offers you a cup of coffee and is
impressed with the information that you presented in the meeting and
your understanding of new ventures. She says:

“We’re ready to invest in a new generation of business leaders. There
is so much talent arising from business schools and the passion for
entrepreneurism, innovation, and business excellence helps to build a
strong economy. I’d like you to work with a multicultural team of
entrepreneurs to develop a global small business. You will need to
prepare an executive business plan presentation for the global small
business for the board of directors, a brand logo, and a prospective
commercial that could be used to advertise the global small business’s
product or service. If the global small business idea is successful, the
Board of Directors may approve startup funding of up to 1 million

Using Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection resources, research
entrepreneurism and small businesses, and create an executive business
plan presentation of 15–20 slides that includes the following:

  • Company Logo: An original creative graphic that identifies your company or brand.
  • Company Information: The name and background of your global small business including founders, history, current number of employees, and location.
  • Mission Statement: The purpose of your global small business.
  • Product or Service: A description of the products or services that your global small business will offer.
  • Market: The market for your global small business, including regions served and competitors.
  • Advertising: An original creative commercial
    for the products or services. The commercial should be created using an
    online video technology or a presentation technology. Provide a link to
    the commercial in your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Financials: The projected operational financial needs for your organization and the potential investments needed.
  • Growth Potential: The projected financial and market growth of the company over 5 years.

Provide a reference list at the end of your presentation of at least
20 Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection articles, and include
in-text citations for the articles in APA format.


writing assignment 1 Humanities Assignment Help

Read Chapter 2 and watch Week 3 Lectures. Choose a contemporary moral issue in our society (course materials) and apply the ethical principle of Utilitarianism to approve this moral issue. You must pick a moral issue that you strongly support and apply the utilitarian claims (course materials) to back up your arguments. The paper must be done in MLA format with a minimum of 500 words (quotes are not included in the word count). You must use at least 3 sources from LIRN (code 24439) in our library. This assignment is due on May 20th. You must apply Bentham/Mill’s “Principle of Utility” for 50 points and Bentham’s Felicific Calculus for 50 points. Both are under course materials.


Small essay or discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

Based on this week’s “Grant Writing Experience: Creating a Perfect Proposal” Assignment, in a minimum of 400 words, share from your perspective, the importance of future Health Informatics and Information Management Professionals and Health Care Administrators to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to oversee or participate in the grant writing process? Identify and explain at least two (2) examples in terms of the appropriate uses of awarded grant funding. Finally, discuss the importance of ethics and fiscal responsibility when it comes to the management and disbursement of any awarded grant funding.

2–3 peer-reviewed references APA only.



Business Plan for Women’s fashion market Writing Assignment Help

This assignment is a final assignment for MBA Entrepreneurship class; establishing Business/Marketing plan for women’s fashion market. I found an empty format and this can be used for this assignment. It is not a hard assignment but I just don’t have a time to complete this assignment. Please use your imagination to complete this assignment. This assignment needs to be submitted by 11am tomorrow. Even though it would be 15-16 pages, it contains figures and free of a format so it should not be difficult. You can just modify the sample format that is given, and use your imagination and knowledge!

P.S. My goal is trying to be a entrepreneur like a founder of FOREVER 21. I would like to use my creativity to launch this business. Please feel free to use your imagination for this assignment. Thank you!

Business Plan for Women’s fashion market Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

communication class assignment Writing Assignment Help

Purpose of the Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to continue engaging with the growing body of
research regarding the intersections among Sexual Identity, Culture, and
Communication from an intersectional lens. There are various options listed below for
you to engage with for the final project. I am looking for you to have fun, get creative,
AND educate us. Essentially you are going to find a creative way to teach a
theory/topic to the class (and perhaps beyond…). This could mean expanding upon
something that you do not see covered well enough in Queer: A Graphic History or
jumping into a whole other area of Sexual Identity and Communication. Perhaps you
are even inspired by yours or another’s group project! With every option you will write
an artist statement modeled after LeMaster’s Artist Statement for Circles.

Requirements for all assignments:

  1. Artist Statement including but not limited to:

    1. Definition of the topic/theory you are researching.
    2. Brief history of the topic/theory you are researching.
    3. How your work illustrates this/educates us.
    4. Why this matters to you.
    5. This should be between 1.5 – 3 pages long.
    6. Here is the link to Circles so you can see the model for this.
    7. http://liminalities.net/10-2/circles.html

  2. List of Works Cited

    1. Regardless of project research must be part of it. This could be shown in
      your artist statement, within the graphic novella, video, or zine. No matter
      which option you choose though, it should be clear you used peer-
      reviewed research as well as pop-culture research as part of this project.
    2. 5 Peer-Reviewed Sources
    3. 5 Popular-Culture Sources

If you are having trouble getting started, check out this link:


you have two options for this work, you can choose either option one or two.


Option One—Graphic Novella: If you choose the graphic novel option, you will choose
a theory and topic you would like to engage with more. You will then create a graphic
novel that explores this topic. There are various ways of doing this including, but not
limited to: collage, sketching, computer programs, etc.


– 10 Pages that must be the equivalent size of Queer: A Graphic History

– This means that they can be smaller but then you must have more pages. It is
likely it will be longer than this because you may need more space to expand
upon your topic.

-Be inspired by/or include:
5 Peer-Reviewed Sources
and 5 Popular-Culture Sources

Option Two—Zine: If you choose the Zine option you will choose a theory and topic
you would like to engage with more. You will then create a zine that explores this topic.

-10 Pages that must be the equivalent size of Queer: A Graphic History

-This means that they can be smaller but then you must have more pages. It is
likely it will be longer than this because you may need more space to expand
upon your topic.

-Be inspired by/or include:
5 Peer-Reviewed Sources and 5 Popular-Culture Sources


Research Paper RoughDraft Humanities Assignment Help

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Assignment 2: Research Paper Draft

Okay, you have your thoughts down on paper and have gone over your organizational structure to be sure that your argument is presented in the clearest possible way. Then you have reviewed your claims to be sure that your reasoning is sound. You may have written a first draft that contained only your own words.

Now it is time to add in the support that external sources provide. Think of your sources as a scholarly friend standing beside you when you make a claim, saying that you are right. This friend cannot be the main speaker but can offer affirmation of whatever you are saying. As you add in support, be sure to cite every idea that is not your own. Be sure to indicate with quotation marks and APA style citations precisely what material is from a direct quote, paraphrase, or summary, so as to avoid plagiarism. Do not include the annotations from previous drafts in this reference page. You only need the reference list in a paper draft.

The second draft should be the best you can offer without feedback from your instructor.

Here are the traits of a good second draft:

  • Your paper should, at this point, be 6–8 pages of text in length, not counting the title, reference, or abstract pages. (The final will be between 8–10 pages of text).
  • Your paper makes a single, main point, a single, argumentative claim that is not too broad, not too narrow, not a fact, and not a feeling.
  • All sentences in your paper directly relate to and support your single thesis statement.
  • You support your initial claim with the university-level evidence gathered during your research, and occasionally with personal experience, objectively, presented from the third-person point of view. .
  • You correctly cite, in APA style, every claim that is not your own or common knowledge and include all necessary information. Each references page entry must have at least one corresponding in-text citation.
  • In-text citations are correctly formed, with author’s last names and year-dates.
  • You give full credit for any ideas that are not your own.
  • Quotes are correctly formatted in either quote marks when short or extensive blockquotes when long.
  • Your main point is an original claim that is consistent with current research on the subject selected.
  • You avoid fallacious arguments.
  • Your word choice and language level show that you have a college-level audience in mind.
  • You present the strongest arguments against your claim.
  • You reply appropriately to all objections, agreeing with those that are correct, showing the errors in those that are not correct, and acknowledging any areas where you are uncertain.
  • You include a properly formatted, APA style title/cover page. The text should be centered and include all the required information.
  • Your abstract is presented correctly, without indents, and presents an accurate overview of the paper.
  • You include a properly formatted running header and page number on each page.
  • Your text in the body of your paper is formed with one inch margins all around, in 12 point Times New Roman plain, black font.
  • Your paper ends with a properly formatted, APA style references page that is double-spaced with hanging indentation, proper capitalization, and italicization of major titles. The reference page conforms to expectations of APA format for books, periodicals, and Web sites.

By the due date assigned, post your research paper draft to the Submissions Area.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Used only reliable sources as defined in course readings.


Earned a TurnItIn score of green by the due date assigned.


Correctly formatted paper in APA style.

  • In-text citations are correctly formatted with authors and dates.
  • Quotes are correctly formatted in either quote marks when short or extensive block quotes when over 3 lines.
  • References page conforms to expectations of APA format for books, periodicals, and Web sites according to Module 3assignment criteria.


Identified and responded to opposing arguments.


Assignment text is between 6–8 pages in length.


Used correct spelling and grammar.





From period 3000 BCE to 1600 CE , list the Five most important developments in western civilization Humanities Assignment Help

Grading Format for Special Topic Paper (100 Points)

Sources (10 Points)

You are required to cite three scholarly sources. A scholarly source includes a biography, a history reference book, an article from an historical journal, an essay from a historian, or similar sources. You can use more than 3 sources, but you must cite at least three. You can do your research using the NOVA library which contains all the material you could need online. Go to the NOVA home page, then Services and Support and click on the Libraries tab in the dialog box, then to Articles, then click on database by subject, then click on History. The available databases will open and you can choose any ones you want and do searches for any topic you want.

Length (10 Points)

Your paper needs to be 4 to 6 pages, roughly 1600 to 2400 words and needs to discuss one of the three available topics.

Topics (10 Points)

Each topic requires determining 5 of the most significant events, developments or people from the period of our course coverage. For Topic One it is from 11000 BCE (BC) to 1660 CE (AD). For Topics Two and Three it is from 3000 BCE (BC) to 1660 CE (AD). Note that for Topic Two you need to choose a significant development reflected today in Western Civilization and three of your 5 items must be from Egyptian, Greek, and Roman times.

Your chosen 5 items must be from the relevant period. For example, you cannot choose Abraham Lincoln as one of the 5 most significant individuals because it is not from the time period of our course as well as Lincoln is from the United States which had not been discovered during the time period. On the other hand, you can choose Akhenaten, the Egyptian pharaoh.

The accuracy of your information on your 5 chosen items in each instance will be evaluated as part of the grade.

Standard (10 Points)

In order to receive full credit you must provide the standard you are using to come up with 5 chosen items and to support your 1 to 5 rating. A standard is the basis for your choices and ratings. For example, for Topic One it could be the 5 most significant inventions from the period of the course that made life easier and have been used up to the present day. The standard narrows down your choices and affects your rating. Be as specific as you can. Be creative.

Events, Developments or People Chosen That Meet Your Standard (50 points)

In order to receive full credit you must provide the five items that meet your standard and explain why you have chosen them and why they meet your standard. This will be the longest part of your paper. Given that you must choose and rate 5 items, at least a paragraph or two at a minimum is expected per item. For example if your standard is the 5 most significant inventions that made life easier, you might choose the wheel and explain who figured it out, why it is useful, and why it is still used today. If you also choose the printing press as one of the other five, you would need to do the same thing as for the wheel and then explain why you are rating the wheel higher or lower than the printing press.

Make your case for why your choices and ratings are right. Don’t assume things. After you write sentences go back and ask yourself why what you wrote is the case. For example, if you chose the wheel and you write about it helping transportation address why it helps transportation and its uses. Don’t just assume that everyone knows what the wheel can be used for.

Writing Quality (10 Points)

Your paper needs to be written so that it can be understood. It must be grammatically correct which also includes spelling correctness. While this is not an English class you need to make every effort to prepare a quality, well thought out and written paper.


read a question, Write a essay about history based on three books,( you dont have to really read all of them of course.) Writing Assignment Help

1. this one is important for me, so if you are planning do this with a “part-time job” attitude please ignore my request.

2. please make sure that you are capable of accessing those three book before you accept the order.(1.When Heaven and Earth Changed Place

2.The Things They Carried 3.Shadows at Dawn. you can find their full name and information in the “question” file.)

3.question based on three different history book.please give specific example when you try to make a statement or point. and the page number(this is important) you can check the format format before you start it.

4. im not a native speaker so please try not to use difficult vocabularies thanks!( I’ve uploaded my writing sample, please check it before you start it)

5. the paper should mainly focus on the sources from those three books, which means if you write 6 pages, 5 pages should answering the question based on those “three books” instead of those extra sources I uploaded.

6. your own thoughts are always more important than generally essay template and statement.

7.I will upload more extra sources later for helping you understand the material.

8. you only can use the source from three books and the extra sources I given to you.

Thank you so much!


Write 2 pages. Writing Assignment Help

Write 2 pages. Writing Assignment Help

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