Write 5 reflective essays, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Write 5 reflective essays, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help. Write 5 reflective essays, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help.

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Write 5 reflective essays after reading the assigned chapters of the book attach. For Chapter 15,16,17,20,21. For the five Short Chapter Write Ups you choose to complete: the following are brief requirements to be included in your short essay, and pertains to every hard copy submission. Please follow this guideline as a template to complete your specific chapter assignment components. These short chapter write ups are intended to keep you well informed about fashion marketing topics, and will aid in your individual contributions to the chapter discussions. Short Chapter Write Up – Chapter 1 What is Public Relations? a. Provide a brief discussion on one ‘theme’ or ‘theory’ that has caught your attention from the material covered thus far during the lectures (either consumer behavior, strategic marketing or strategic management oriented). Theories are also listed and presented in the chapters. Label it ‘My Theory/theme of interest’ b. Address 1 of the Review and Discussion Questions at the end of the chapter Label it ‘A Review and Discussion’ c. Discuss 1 new term (define and apply) from the chapter d. Share your understanding of 1 On the Job narratives – presented throughout the chapter e. Implications/Application/Utility – share a concise analysis of what these parts (a thru d) imply for you as a future Senior VP, VP, Director or Account Supervisor in public relations, strategist or specialist for your company, or company of your interest. Make an application only to the fashion industry. Label it ‘Putting Things into Perspective (s)’ The above should yield no more than 3pages, or 1,500 words (single spaced, Times New Roman 12)

Write 5 reflective essays, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Submit week 6: One-Page Response Read the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Report, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help



1. Read the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Report on various issues regarding asmmetrical conflict, “Institute for Defense Analysis – Asymmetric Conflict 2010”


2. Read the article, “A Critical Juncture: American Foreign Policy and Asymmetrical Warfare Strategic Insights,” Vol. VIII, Issue 2, April 2009. http://www.hsdl.org/?view&did=36081

3 Read the Book Review of The Insurgents: David Petraeus and the Plot to Change the American Way of War by Fred Kaplan (New York: Simon & Schuster, Inc. 2013) Review Strategic Studies Institute by Brigadier General Kimberly C. Field, Deputy Director, Strategy Plans and Policy, DA3/5/7


4. Submit Response Assignment: Does remaking the United States military very adaptable to this new type of conflict create the very skills and technology that allows political leaders to engage in intrastate, asymmetrical conflicts they should avoid?


Decision-Making Techniques, Tools, and Approaches in outsourcing Business Finance Assignment Help

Assume you are a manager in a large Middle East manufacturing organization. You have been asked to consider outsourcing a division of the organization to another country.

  • Describe the steps you would take in evaluating this decision.
  • Explore whether or not you would use prescriptive or descriptive decision-making and explain your reasoning.
  • Evaluate the critical thinking skills you believe would be necessary to make this decision.

You must demonstrate your ability to describe the steps you would take in the decision-making process rather than merely providing an answer to this scenario. Your paper should be well-crafted, demonstrate careful development of thought, and exhibit critical thinking skill as appropriate to graduate level academic writing. Further, providing a narrative is not enough. You must tie in the concepts gained in the course and integrate those concepts throughout the main body of your discussion.


Your paper should be 6 pages long, double-spaced, and formatted according to Saudi Electronic University’s academic writing standards and APA style guidelines. Use at least three peer-reviewed scholarly sources and information from your module to support your decision.

APA example is attached.


I need someone who is great at Anatomy to take a online midterm Science Assignment Help


Is there anyone available who is great at Human Anatomy that would like to take a online midterm??

Here’s the info.:

Introduction to Anatomy
1. Distinguish between the terms anatomy and physiology.
2. Describe the subfields of anatomy.
3. List the levels of the structural hierarchy in the correct sequence from smallest unit to the largest. Describe each.
4. Briefly define the concept of homeostasis.
5. Describe anatomical position.
6. Describe the three planes and recognize organs sected by each.
7. Use directional terms properly, relative to anatomical position.
8. Describe body cavities and list the organs found in each.

1. Name the four main tissue type and be able to place any specific tissue within its type.
2. Distinguish between the epithelial tissue, providing general functions and locations.
3. Distinguish between endocrine and exocrine glands.
4. Distinguish between the connective tissues (including fibrous, blood , cartilage and bone tissue), providing general functions and locations.
5. Compare and contrast the three muscle types, including functions and locations.
6. Distinguish between a neuron and neuroglial cell, functionally and physically.
7. Describe the serous membranes, in terms of function and location.
8. Describe the mucus membranes, in terms of function and location.

Integumentary system
1. List the functions of the integumentary system.
2. Briefly discuss the function and physical characteristics of the epidermis. Name the tissue that forms that layer
3. Briefly describe the function and structure of the dermis. Name the tissue that forms that layer
4. Briefly describe the function and structure of the hypodermis. Name the tissue that forms that layer
4. Discuss the structure and function of the various glands of the skin.
5. Provide locations and functions for sensory organs in the skin.

Introduction to skeletal system
1. Describe the functions of the skeletal system.
2. Describe the composition of bone matrix.
3. Name the cells and structures of compact and spongy bone tissues. Include the types of marrow.
4. Describe the anatomy of a long bone, giving locations and functions of relevant tissues and structures.

Skeletal system
1. In general, name and locate any of the selected bones relative to adjacent bones.
2. Name and locate the cranial bones. Identify the fontanelles and their function.
3. Name and locate the facial bones.
4. Name the bones which contain the paranasal sinuses. Provide functions for these sinuses.
5. Recognize the structure and number of each vertebra type.
6. Name and locate the bones forming the pectoral and pelvic girdles.
7. Name and locate the bones of the upper appendages.
8. Name and locate the bones of the lower appendages.

1. Describe the functional and structural characteristics for selected articulations.
2. For fibrous structure joint types, provide examples, and their degree of movement (function).
3. For cartilaginous structure joint types, provide examples, and their degree of movement (function).
4. For synovial structure joint types, provide examples, and their degree of movement (function).
5. Describe the selected movements of synovial joints.

Introduction to Muscular system.
1. List the physical characteristics, locations and functions of the three muscle tissues.
2. Describe the gross anatomy of a skeletal muscle, including connective structures connecting the muscle to a bone/body part.
3. Describe microscopic muscle anatomy of skeletal muscle cells.Identify the contractile unit of skeletal muscle cells.
4. Describe the conditions that allow muscle cells to contract.
5. Describe the functional categories of muscles.
6. Use the names of muscles to determine their location and/or function.

Muscular system
1. Name and locate the important skeletal muscles.
2. For those muscles indicate their specific actions.

Introduction to the Nervous system.
1. Describe the organization of the nervous system, including all divisions, subdivisions, and their respective structures.
2. Describe the structure, and their functions, of a typical neuron. Give functions of neuroglia cells. Describe function of a neurotransmitter at the neuromuscular junction.
3. Describe the parts of a reflex arc, given each part’s function. Identify the function of each neuron type.

Spinal cord and nerves
1. Describe and locate the protective layers and spaces around the spinal cord, as well as Cerebrospinal fluid.
2. Describe the gross anatomy of the spinal cord.
3. Describe the cross-sectional anatomy of the spinal cord, including specific neuron types.
4. Describe the structure of a nerve.

Brain and cranial nerves
1. Name the three meninges and their basic characteristics. List them in order, including any relevant spaces.
2. Locate the production site for Cerebrospinal fluid.
3. Name the regions of the brain and relate to cranial bones.
4. Name and locate the important cerebral cortex areas and their functions. Include the corpus callosum.
5. Name and locate the important structures of the diencepalon and their functions.
6. Name and locate the important structures of the brain stem and their functions.
7. Describe the structure and function of the cerebellum.
8. Name all 12 pairs of cranial nerves, providing basic functions for each.


500+ Words on Divorces of 9/11 Firefighters who Sought 9/11 Widows Needed ASAP! Humanities Assignment Help

For this discussion, first read the news report Firemen Divorce For 9/11 Widows and then answer the following question: From a disaster psychology perspective, what happened here? What course concepts can we apply to this occurrence and how the likelihood of it reoccurring following future disasters might be reduced? Our discussion here is about theory application. Avoid personal opinion about the morality of the behaviors or character of the small number of firefighters involved (eight is certainly not an epidemic or representative of all firefighters), or about the possibility that the marriages were already in trouble prior to 9/11 (some may have been but, again, we are examining what happened through a psychology of disaster lens). Think about and base what you share on what you have learned about levels, types and phases of trauma and the notions of “flight from death” and “post-traumatic growth that we discussed previously.



Intelligence – Counterintelligence, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help


1. Review article “Edward Joseph Snowden.” Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2014. Web. 05 Aug. 2014.


2. Read the article “Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?” transcript of a case study, Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government.


3. Other articles:

    • CNN U.S. “Edward Snowden’s Interview: Ten Things We Learned” by Catherine Shoichet


    • “Would You Feel Differently about Snowden, Greenwald, and Assange If You Knew What They Really Thought?” by Sean Wilentz, contributing editor at New Republic and Professor of American History, Princeton University.


4. Post your thoughts on whether Edward Snowden should be viewed as a patriot or a traitor to the Discussion Forum.

5. Use the Discussion Forum – Traitor or Patriot? to address this topic by posting your thoughts on the question posed.Your post must be substantive.You may also respond to other student’s ideas.


Students will assess the costs v. benefits of leaking classified materials, and determining if it is justified.

Intelligence – Counterintelligence, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Ethics, Professionalism and Governance Writing Assignment Help

Read the 3 Case Studies below and select ONE as the basis of your analysis and discussion.
Please indicate clearly which Case Study you have chosen

Case Study 3 – Copyright and Intellectual Property Considerations

Courtney is a young ambitious programmer working for a small company developing software for
web-based services in the health area, with a focus on supporting remote aboriginal communities.
To further her career Isabelle undertakes additional tertiary study, with support from her manager
This study includes topics covering computer ethics, and issues related to the impact of ICT on
different communities. On her current project, Courtney develops a new user interface, which has a
strong focus on accessibility for remote communities, especially considering the type of technology
likely to be used. She also pays special attention to the use of cultural images in the interface to
avoid those which may be distressing or offensive to aboriginal users.
The new system is a great success and Isabelle’s contribution is recognised by her company, through
an Employee of the Month Award. The company also receives a national business award for its
contribution to the positive use of ICT in aboriginal communities.
Michael takes all of the credit for this, and Courtney receives no acknowledgement for her efforts.

Note : I have already done this assignment but failed to achieve the requirements, I am uploading a feedback given for my assignment and few checklist for the assignment, please go through it, Thankyou


Project Assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

Programming Project 1: Retail Transaction Programming Project
The first 5 weeks of this class have set the stage for your first programming project. The skills you have developed in using tools such as Java, NetBeans, and UML and applying Java programming constructs such as selection, looping, classes, objects, and arrays will be crucial in the development of your first programming project.
Programming Project 1 provides you with the opportunity to apply all of the concepts you have covered in the first 5 weeks to create a program that emulates a system for handling purchases and other transactions at a retail store.
Download the Retail Transaction Programming Project document (located in this week’s Learning Resources) and carefully review the requirements.
You will then create a new project in NetBeans to implement Programming Project 1.
Attached is the requirements.


Criminal Justice Humanities Assignment Help

1: Explain how aggression is the raw material of delinquent behavior and describe the specific childhood psychiatric diagnoses of oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder.
2: Why is psychopathy an important theory of antisocial behavior?
3: What are the characteristics and behaviors of psychopathic youths, the causes of psychopathy, and the ways that psychopathic youths are treated?
4: How do psychological theories inform delinquency prevention?
5: Briefly describe the broad psychological theories of behavior, including psychodynamic, behavioral, moral development, and personality theories

6:How did World I affect the lives of African Americans and American women?


Intelligence – Covert Actions, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help


  1. There is a vast amount of intelligence collected and analyzed each day by many of the methods discussed in your text, and in an article on information operations, The Hard Reality of Soft Power by Dr. Dan Kuehl, who presented his work to the Information Resources Management College, National Defense University:http://www.iwar.org.uk/iwar/resources/jiopc/io-textbook.pdf (also available in Course Documents).
  2. Scroll to Chapter 3, “Information Protection – The Challenge of Modern Bureacracies” and read pages 40 to 52.
  3. An increasing concern of inteligence operations is defending against a cyber attack. Part of the equation is to conduct defensive information operations, the second part is the need to protect “oneself from oneself”–or information fratricide. Discuss the challenge of protecting and defending against these types of cyber attacks, detecting them, and restoring capabilities after an attack.
  4. Write a one-page, double-spaced response addressing Information Protection and Cyber Warfare.
  5. Submit your assignment using the “Submit week 15: One-Page Response” link below.


Write 5 reflective essays, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Write 5 reflective essays, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

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