Write a 200+ word answer to the following scenario Writing Assignment Help

Write a 200+ word answer to the following scenario Writing Assignment Help. Write a 200+ word answer to the following scenario Writing Assignment Help.

1. Watch:

2. Read: “Birthright” pg. 105 in Monsters, “The Monster as Woman…” pg. 243 in Monsters, & Nation & Race” pg. 260 in Monsters

I will attach the books pictures as soon as possible.

3. Write a 200+ word answer to the following scenario:

Using the video & articles decide what type of leadership style you would like in a genetic modification lab & why do you think that it would work. Please use two quotes to support your ideas.


  • Make sure you reply to two classmates by Sunday at 11:59pm
  • Your replies should be 100+ words and contain at least one quote from the Readings or the video to support your reply

I will give you my two classmates’ work after you attach the answer… please attach it one hour before the deadline so that you have enough time to write the two replies.

Write a 200+ word answer to the following scenario Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Marketing campaign of how to bring 500 fans to attends to college football game Business Finance Assignment Help

My target area is tagert is the local high school, middle school and elementary school. find coupe marketing campign strategy to track this students and there partens to attend to the games. please also follow the step down there thanks.

Develop a marketing/promotional campaign for one of the college football games. Your goal is to bring around 500 fans for the assigned game. For this project you want to make sure that:Your promotional message reaches your intended and targeted audience.

Your message is understood by your audience.

Your message/strategy stimulates the recipients and they take action.

Your plan stars two weeks before an actual game.

Please refer to the following steps as an exemplary guideline:

1.Assess Marketing Communication Opportunities: It’s important in this first step to examine and understand the needs of your target market. Who is your message going out to? Why?

2.Determine Your Promotion Mix/Marketing Mix: You must create an awareness among your buyers in order for your promotional campaign to succeed.

3.Develop Your Promotional Message: This is the time that you will need to sit down with your team and focus on the content, appeal, structure, format, and source of the message. Keep in mind in promotional campaigns appeal and execution always work together.

4.What Communication Channels Will You Use?

5.Develop the Promotion Budget: You must now determine the total promotion budget. Take some time to break down allocations and determine the affordability, percent of sales, and competitive parity. By breaking down these costs you will get a better idea on gauging the success potential of your campaign.


Discussion Question – VERY EASY Humanities Assignment Help

This is a Discussion Question.

You must read the essay provided and respond with your understanding of and response to Adams’s essay.

Read “The Virgin and the Dynamo” by Henry Adams. Link is provided. http://www.bartleby.com/159/25.html

[Note: This is a dense text. You may need to read it more than once.]

Start a Discussion (150 words). Your understanding of and response to Adams’s essay “The Virgin and the Dynamo.”

Read and respond (75+ words) to two other discussions.

In addition to these questions, I would like you to simply respond to 2 other students’ responses agreeing with them on something they wrote with consideration of other student’s point of view. This is simply agreeing with a total of 2 other students responses with minimum 75 words.

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Case Law Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

Case Law Assignment

Create a new document, number 125, then answer with the letter that corresponds to the correct case (do not retype each “definition,” or the instructions; failure to follow directions will result in a withd).

Match the appropriate case to the following descriptions:

____1. Established the goodfaith exception to the exclusionary rule.

____2. Articulated the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine.

____3. Objects falling in plain view of an officer who has a right to be in the position to have that view are subject to seizure and may be introduced in evidence.

____4. Established the requirement of a law enforcement officer to advise a suspect of his/her rights.

____5. First recognized the need for emergency searches.

____6. Made the exclusionary rule applicable to states.

____7. A search incident to arrest is invalid when it goes beyond the person arrested and the area subject to that person’s “immediate control.”

____8. Created the computer errors exception to the exclusionary rule.

____9. Physical evidence obtained from unMirandized statements, as long as those statements were not coerced/forced, will be admissible.

____10. Prevented law enforcement agents from using physically coercive interrogation techniques to elicit confessions.

____11. The use of a drug sniffing dog during a routine and lawful traffic stop is permissible and may not even be a search within the meaning of the 4th Amendment.

____12. Established a suspect’s right to have legal counsel present during police interrogation.

____13. The use of a device not in general public use to explore details of a private home is a violation of the 4th Amendment.

____14. Evidence will not be excluded if officers do not follow “knock and announce” requirement.

____15. Created the public safety exception to Miranda.

____16. Set forth the “free to leave test” in determining whether a person has been arrested.

____17. Established the “fleeting targets exception” to the exclusionary rule permitting law enforcement officers to search a motor vehicle when they have probable cause but no warrant.

____18. The Court ruled police officers may not enter a home to conduct a warrantless search if one resident gives permission but the other refuses.

____19. Established the stopandfrisk exception to the exclusionary rule.

____ 20. Created the “inevitable discovery” exception to Miranda requirements.

____ 21. Established the exclusionary rule in federal cases.

____ 22. The wording of the Miranda rights is not set in stone as long as the warnings are reasonable to convey to a suspect his rights as required.

____23. Established a twoprong test to the effect that informant information could establish probable cause if both criteria were met.

____24. Recognized the need for emergency searches of persons and permitted evidence recovered as a result of that search could be used against the defendant.

____25. Allows a warrantless search of an automobile or other vehicle if based on probable cause that contraband is present.

A. Brown v. Mississippi

B. Carroll v. United States

C. Georgia v. Randolph

D. Ornelas v. U.S.

E. New York v. Quarles

F. Weeks v. U.S.

G. Arizona v. Evans

H. Escobedo v. Illinois

I. Kyllo v. U.S.

J. Nix v. Williams

K. Silverthorne Lumber Co. v. U.S.

L. Hudson v. Michigan

M. Terry v. Ohio

N. U.S. v. Leon

O. Aguilar v. Texas

P. Warden v. Hayden

Q. Mapp v. Ohio

R. Chimel v. California

S. U.S. v. Borchardt

T. Miranda v. Arizona

U. U. S. v. Patane

V. Florida v. Powell

W. Harris v. U.S.

X. U.S. v. Mendenhall

Y. Illinois v. Caballes


Write two short exercises. Writing Assignment Help

Critical Thinking Exercise


1. Watch:

2. Pick one leader either real or fictional and analyze what the leader does to make you feel safe and identify whether their leadership style is effective in a lab setting like Frankenstein’s Cat (this is a book written by Emily Anthes, please tell me you have one)

  • Please use one quote from the TED talk
  • Please use one quote from Frankenstein’s Cat
  • You analysis should be 300+ words

3. Replies should be 50 -100 words and reference our texts.

Write a short exercise


1. Find one example of a fallacy from The Critical Thinking Toolkit Chap. 5 in the recent media or news. (Please google the book)

2. Copy the example either by embedding the link or linking to it

3. Explain what the fallacy is and why you think the speaker used it

4. 50 – 100 words



Supply Chain Management: Economic Order Quantity and Safety Stock Business Finance Assignment Help

Supply Chain Management: Economic Order Quantity and Safety Stock

A. Based on the Microwave Inventory Case, using the spreadsheet perform a sensitivity analysis and evaluate potential additional benefits focusing in Economic Order Quantity and Safety Stock. See the attached spreadsheet to be fill out. On the spreadsheet perform the following:

1.Calculate the current cost of IMI’s inventory practices using the CURRENT tab of the template provided.

2. What would be the potential benefits of selecting both the production batch sizes and the reorder points more scientifically? Do this by completing columns B through H of the ANALYSIS tab of the template provided. Using the concepts of Economic Order Quantity and Reorder Point, explain the difference between this model and IMI’s current practice.

3. What if IMI was able to fully standardize the heavy-duty model to the point where the language and power supply customizing features could be added in a modular fashion immediately before shipping to the warehouse that needs them? You consulted with the production superintendent, who indicated that this could be done, but that it would add one day to the ship time to add these customizing features to the standard microwave just prior to shipping.

Consider it this way. IMI maintains a warehouse right next to their factory and they store inventory for models A, B, C, D, E, and F. Therefore they have to maintain separate inventory for each of the models. If they standardize to a single model, it may take them a day to ship, but they only need to keep one type of microwave in their warehouse.

For this part use the SINGLE MODEL column of the ANALYSIS tab and consider the impact RISK POOLING has should IMI combine all models. Using the inventory concepts we discussed in class, explain to IMI why they might achieve some cost benefit by embracing the idea of replacing all of their models with a single model.

4. Assuming that you have now convinced IMI to standardize on a single model of microwave, investigate other opportunities that IMI may have to reduce costs or improve customer service. Look at the components of total cost (not limited to transportation time, order cost, supply or demand variability) and make a recommendation to IMI on where else they may want to focus their efforts. Justify your recommendations.

5. Perform a sensitivity analysis and evaluate potential additional benefits focusing in Economic Order Quantity and Safety Stock.

6. On the spreadsheet add a column and consider:

  • Reducing set-up times
  • Reducing production or lead times?
  • What about variances

B. Using the information of the spread sheet analyzed the inventory situation.

Based on the spreadsheet summarized results and deliver in form or report.

  • what you have discovered
  • Draw conclusions and summarize findings
  • In what other areas might you invest?

Report shall be professionally structured, well-organized, insightful, start with an executive overview, and conclude by emphasizing the most important parts of the analysis

Supply Chain Management: Economic Order Quantity and Safety Stock Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

BUIS Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help


Could you do this Assignment?




Chapter 6 – Real World Case 2 – Brain Saving Technologies Inc. and the T-Health Institute: Medicine Through Videoconferencing

Case Study Questions:

1. From the perspective of a patient, how would you feel about being diagnosed by a doctor who could be hundreds or thousands of miles away from you? What kind of expectations or concerns would you have about that kind of experience?

2. What other professions, aside from health care and education, could benefit from the application of some of the technologies discussed in the case? How would they derive business value from these projects? Develop two proposals.

3. The deployment of IT in the health professions is still very much in its infancy. What other uses of technology could potentially improve the quality of health care? Brainstorm several alternatives


– I am an international male student.

– Please note that Professor is too serious about Plagiarism so please make it different.

Thank you..


text-based java game Programming Assignment Help

the game is a basic Pacman game but this time the pacman collects 4 items(gun, flamethrower, food,armor) in the map and then faces the ghost and fights with him.

the assignment consists two parts and my part is the second part which is the battle scene. I am going to upload what I have done so far and I am going to ask you to make it better by adding different styles, such as random ghost attacks or different battle options as stated in the Part 2.

Required to contain:

1. Frequent, clear, and understandable comments in the code!!

2.at least two different “if Statements”

3.At least two loops(can be either while, do-while, or for loops)


hi i need someone to do my history essay about Henry Washighnton Humanities Assignment Help

The American Revolution Paper

Submit online (only the essay, not the Works Cited page or rubric) and bring a printed copy to class on the due date. Edit your paper. Use the instructions and rubric when writing your paper. Attach the rubric only to the printed copy.

Students will be assigned a side in the American Revolution (the Rebels/Patriots or Loyalists/Tories) and will write a 2-3 page paper from that perspective. Papers will include background information on a specific participant (assigned), primary sources that corroborate that position, and a response to the group exchange work in class. Students will answer a prompt in the paper, follow the rubric and should follow standard paper guidelines and MLA format (including citation and a Works Cited page). Papers will be turned into class and online by the due date. Points will be earned based upon the quality of research, support of arguments, the enthusiasm of approach to the assignment, and quality of work.

Initial Research:

Who, How, What (you already know what side, when, and where this took place)

Gather what information you can about your specific participant or if not that participant, then someone who was on the same side. Access the attached sources for your information or sources from the Library (not Wikipedia). Once you understand who your participant was, then work on how s/he participated in the Revolution, and why s/he took that particular side. Be sure to cite this information.

Primary Sources:

Begin locating primary source material (a minimum of two) about the side of the Revolution that s/he would support. You are looking for sources that may have either swayed your participant to a specific side or with which your participant would have been in agreement. You can use any of the documents from the textbooks or the approved sources (attached). Explain the significance of the source to your cause and be sure to cover how the primary source supports your argument for this side. You should include at least one quote from each source (cite all sources and quotes).


Students will need to come to class with a representation of their participant (copied from the internet or drawn) and display it for the other students. Students will join together with those of like-minds to share information and solidify arguments. Then students will be paired off with participants of the opposing side and have to make a case for why her/his side is more valid and in the best interest of Colonial America.


Take all of this information into account and write your paper. It should include some background information on the participant (or type of participant), the justification for the side taken, sources that support this viewpoint, and then a response about what it was like to both join with those of the same opinion and confront someone from the opposing side. Your conclusion will take into account all that you have learned from your research and from your face-to-face encounters.



Initially, your paper is a justification for why your participant chose to join the Revolutionaries or the Loyalists. After your response, answer these questions in your conclusion – what did you learn about the American Revolution that you didn’t know at the start of your research? What did you learn from others who shared your opinions? What did you learn from the opposition and did anything s/he said sway your viewpoint?

________________________________________________________________________ 10/06/17

The American Revolution Paper Websites (can use hyperlinks from Canvas-Assignments)

Campus Library – on ground or libguides (see website)

http://www.besthistorysites.net/index.php/general-resources (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. – links to multiple sites


National Humanities Center – America in Class

http://americainclass.org/sources/makingrevolution/index.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This is good for general info and primary sources.

Bostonian Society – The Old State House

http://www.revolutionarycharacters.org/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


http://www.constitutionfacts.com/us-declaration-of-independence/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Use the menu on the left to learn about specific groups or people

U.S. History.org

http://www.ushistory.org/us/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This is a general history site, but concentrate on those chapters on the American Revolution topics (#s 9-13).

Digital History

http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/era.cfm?eraID=3 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Great source for finding specific people (by type or name) and primary sources.

American Revolution

http://www.americanrevolution.org/archives.php (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This is a good site for finding a person or for info on Native or African American participants.

History Matters

http://historymatters.gmu.edu/search.php?function=find (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

You can type in your topic to narrow the search (particularly if you type “Patriot” or “Loyalist”).

Our American Revolution (from Colonial Williamsburg)

http://www.ouramericanrevolution.org/index.cfm/page/view/m0001 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Some of the specifics are useful (not the best general site)

Information on African Americans and Revolution:

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part2/2narr4.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. – or –

http://www.blackpast.org/entries-categories/american-revolution (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


The Online Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies

http://www.royalprovincial.com/index.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

General info or scroll down to the section with a link to Black Loyalists, Indian Loyalists, or women.

Tories: Fighting for the King in America’s First Civil War

http://www.toriesfightingfortheking.com/ToryArmy.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Here you’ll find all manner of information on bands of Loyalists and individuals

New York Loyalists:

http://www.nyhistory.net/drums/kingsmen.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Info and links to NY participants inlcuding Loyalist Indians

For those of you researching Black Loyalists:

The Nova Scotia Museum – http://novascotia.ca/museum/blackloyalists/recovering.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


Am. Revolution Rubric (75)

Am. Revolution Rubric (75)

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroduction – Creatively introduces the topic (position) within the context of events

Creative Introduction and setting context

10.0 pts

Good Introduction

8.0 pts

Intro Evident

7.0 pts

Lacking an intro

5.0 pts

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDescription – Coherently describes the participant and why s/he holds her/his viewpoint

Excellent description of both aspects

15.0 pts

Good description of both aspects

13.0 pts

Description of both aspects

11.0 pts

Lacking one or more aspects

9.0 pts

15.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePrimary Source – Identifies at least two quality sources that support the participant’s perspective including a meaningful quote from each source

Two quality sources and quotes

15.0 pts

Two good sources and quotes

13.0 pts

Two sources/quotes

11.0 pts

Missing sources or quotes

9.0 pts

15.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeResponse – Actively participated in the classroom activity with prepared information by both challenging and listening to opinions

Enthusiastically participated

10.0 pts

Actively participated

8.0 pts

Participation/ lack of preparedness

7.0 pts

Lack of participation or preparation

6.0 pts

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePrompt – Provides a reasoned and thoughtful response to the prompt

Thoughtfully addresses the prompt

10.0 pts

Coherently addresses the prompt

8.0 pts

Addresses Prompt

7.0 pts

Missing Elements

6.0 pts

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCitation – Correctly utilizes MLA format for citing of ideas, information, and quotes

Correct use of citation

5.0 pts

Use of citation

3.0 pts

Lack of citation

1.0 pts

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFormat – Uses correct format, spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, etc.

Free from errors

10.0 pts

Some minor errors

8.0 pts


7.0 pts

Pervasive errors

4.0 pts

10.0 pts

Total Points: 75.0



Critical Reviews of Journal Articles Humanities Assignment Help

You will write 3 critical reviews of the journal articles listed in your assigned readings. You can choose which specific articles you wish to use to complete these assignments. Each review should be 2-3 pages long – not including cover page and references – in APA format. Please answer each of the elements listed below in a separate paragraph. That is, you do not need to weave all elements together into a seamless paper. The papers will be graded in the usual way for content and format. Each of your critical reviews should address the following 9 elements:

  • Provide the full APA style citation for your article
  • Brief note about each author (e.g., where they work and what they study). If there are more than three authors, just include the first three.
  • List the researchers’ hypotheses.
  • Describe the study design (e.g., correlational study, observational study, randomized controlled trial, etc). This can be tough. Refer to your textbook and feel free to ask questions of your classmates.
  • What were the independent and dependent variables? How were each measured?
  • What were the main results?
  • How do you think this study impacts our understanding of humans and human behavior?
  • Make one connection between this study and your personal life.