Write a movie crisis paper

Write a movie crisis paper. Write a movie crisis paper.

I’m studying and need help with a Psychology question to help me learn.

Watch the movie “Girls Trip”. Write a 4-6 page paper (NOT including APA title page & reference page) and identify: (1) who is in crisis (may be more than one, but primary one), (2) the nature of the crisis, (3)the course of the crisis, (4) apply crisis intervention model, (5) identify potential resources needed, (6) discuss the person’s attempt at coping with the crisis (whether effective or not), and (7) identify (a list) of potential issues that the person might need to address if referred for counseling – and why. Some latitude will be given for interpretation. Minimum of 2 professional journal articles are required to support aspects of the paper. **Articles must be included with the paper.

Write a movie crisis paper

Write a movie crisis paper

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