write a multi channel distribution strategy on women contraceptives in 500 words and create a journalistic content(article) and promotional copywriting (website copy ) Business Finance Assignment Help

write a multi channel distribution strategy on women contraceptives in 500 words and create a journalistic content(article) and promotional copywriting (website copy ) Business Finance Assignment Help. write a multi channel distribution strategy on women contraceptives in 500 words and create a journalistic content(article) and promotional copywriting (website copy ) Business Finance Assignment Help.

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topic is Women’s contraceptives

ONLY do what is mentioned here. in other words, do point no.2 first two parts and point 4 in the PDF file.

Point 4:

A multi channel distribution strategy on women contraception as explained in the client brief.

Point 2:

promotional writing( website copy) and A journalistic content ( article) 500 word each featuring a influencer ( flex.mami) and her podcast (boboandflex) on the topic of contraception mentioned below in the client brief and the guidelines.

make sure to label every file before submitting so that it is not confusing at all.

write a multi channel distribution strategy on women contraceptives in 500 words and create a journalistic content(article) and promotional copywriting (website copy ) Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Nursing Leadership 13 pages Writing Assignment Help

Subject: Nursing

Topic: The delivery of healthcare requires strong leadership at all levels. Critically discuss this statement drawing on concepts covered during this module to illuminate your discussion.

APA 7 Edition Please and Use 15 current sources. They should have DOI or links

Paper details:

Please read the Assessment (Task) which is provided. The concepts covered I chose that the writer will include in the critical discussion are; Emotional Intelligence, Clinical Leadership, and organizational culture. I suggest you can base the discussion on the COVID 19 pandemic with all of those 3 concepts. Please note a sample was also given and I also added my own assignment that I have to redo.


6.2 through 6.4 photo history Humanities Assignment Help

This is a total of three sections with each section having three questions each genuinely sometimes 4

I will post an example of one of the sections below for reference


The Culture Wars, Serrano, Mapplethorpe, and “Obscenity”

culture wars

Answer the following in full sentences and a cohesive short essay format (at least 1 paragraph for each numbered section):

1. Provide a brief overview and definition of the Culture Wars, focusing on the main themes, arguments, and actions taken during this wage over culture and change in the United States.

    • Think about what larger beliefs, ideologies, and systems of power are a part of the Culture War debates. Who comprises the different “sides” and what are they arguing/advocating for or against?
    • Think about how the arts, in particular, became a target and epicenter for the Culture Wars.

2. Use this Oxford dictionary definition of “obscenity” to conduct a deep-dive analysis of what this term connotes and what underlying ideologies or values are evoked through the use of this word.

    • Think about hat definitions, synonyms, and/or antonyms stood out to you as surprising or interesting. How do these imbedded words influence the ultimately meaning or message that is connoted and evoked when this word is used?

3. Provide a formal analysis of Andres Serrano’s Immersion (1987, Cibachrome print) and discuss how and why this work came under criticism during the Culture Wars. If you didn’t know how Serrano made this photograph, namely what he immersed the crucifix in to produce these color effects, would you find this an “obscene” work?

4. Select any 1 of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs and provide an in-depth analysis of his choices in form, subject matter, and/or allusions to classical or Catholic art history. Think critically about why Mapplethorpe’s work was labeled “obscene,” taking into account the larger meaning and implications behind this word.


    History Essay :How did the U.S. get here? Humanities Assignment Help

    Paper Topic:

    How did the “forefathers” of the U.S. shape the racial and social attitudes of the country?

    Follow Step:

    Thesis: Present a thesis that makes a historically defensible claim and response to all parts of the question. Your thesis must consist of one or more sentences located in the introduction.

    • Argument Development: Develop and support a cohesive argument that recognizes and accounts for the historical complexity by explicitly illustrating relationships among historical evidence such as contradictions, corroboration, and/or qualification.
    • Use of Terms: Utilize the content of the listed terms to support the stated thesis or a relevant argument.
    • Sourcing the terms: Explain the significance of the term and its historical context.
    • Contextualization: Situate the argument by explaining the broader historical events, developments, or processes immediately relevant to the question.

    You must use ALL the terms/topics below in your paper to support your thesis. DO NOT just randomly litter your paper with the terms. You MUST connect and analyze the terms within your paper to support your argument clearly in an organized manner. Please underline each term within your paper.

    DO NOT thoughtlessly retell the events in the book to fill up space. I want to be able to see a clear connection between your argument and the evidence that you provide.

    1. three-fifths clause

    2. state constitutions

    3. Bill of Rights (voting)

    4. Whiskey Rebellion

    5. Alexander McGillivray

    6. Treaty of New York

    7. Ohio Valley tribes

    8. Treaty of Greenville

    9. England and France

    10. Jay Treaty

    11. XYZ Affair

    12. Quasi War

    13. Sedition Act

    14. Alien Acts

    15. State resolutions


    1. Paper should be typed in Times New Roman font only, and double-spaced. Your paper should be no less than 750 words (about 3 pages). You may write more than 750 words if you want, but no less. (The heading and title DO NOT count as part of the word count).

    2. I do not want footnotes or a bibliography; just put your “quotes in quotation marks”. Please have a clear introduction of what your main argument(s) is (are), and a conclusion tying all the evidence and examples together and how your point was proven.

    Book: The American Promise: A History of the United States . Chapter3-8


    Signature Assignment: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Health Medical Assignment Help

    Read the following case study from the Center for Practical Bioethics:

    Complete the Questions for Discussion following the case. Your answers may be brief.

    Write an 875-to-1,050-word paper in which you:

    • Summarize the case, explaining the legal and ethical aspects of it.
    • Research and explain any laws that pertain to the situation.
    • Define and explain the ethical principles that pertain to this case.
    • Determine if the legal and ethical responsibilities are in alignment with each other.
    • Explain how you would recommend this care team resolve the situation by answering the following questions:
    • What specific details of the case require resolution?
    • What specific actions should the organization or nurse take to ensure an appropriate outcome?
    • What resources and dependencies exist for your recommendation?

    Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years.

    Note: At least 1 of the sources should provide evidence for your resolution recommendation or plan of action.

    Include an APA-formatted reference list.



    Has the internet positively or negatively impacted human society Writing Assignment Help

    I. Introduction

    a. Attention-getter: An apt quotation, a striking example, or a brief anecdote may serve to capture your reader’s interest and focus it on the point you plan to make.

    b. Background information: Historical* background of the problem and its development.

    Most of the problems we will be researching did not occur overnight. There will be a history* of events that led to the current situation. When and how did it start? Who is suffering? How many?

    *ONLY include HISTORY directly linking or the problem or issue. For example, if you want to do away with the electoral college, we do not need a detailed history of how the Electoral College came about. Focus on the problem or area of concern.

    c. Policy Thesis: This should clearly state the controlling idea(s) of your paper which is based upon explaining a problem and discussing the possible solutions.

    Focus on WHO (specifically) should do WHAT (specifically) and WHY (specifically). For example, the Federal government should dismantle the Electoral College and focus only on the popular vote in United States presidential elections to reflect the will of the American population.

    II. Causes of the problem:

    a. Discussion of contributing and significant causes of this problem.

    Your research should provide DATA which may include case histories, examples, statistical evidence or authoritative quotations. Who is causing the suffering? Why?


    b. Who is benefiting from the situation?

    c. What national or international policies contribute to the problem? Who is contributing indirectly to the problem by not taking steps to stop it?

    The only genuine restriction is that the materials presented in the body must provide clear and relevant support for your thesis.

    NO OPINION, unless by experts.

    III. Effects of the problem:

    a. Laws, regulations, and government programs that directly impact this issue can be effective evidence.

    b. Discussion of the effects this problem has on society, on people (immediate and long term), on the environment, on the economy, etc.

    c. What are the short-term and long-term impacts? What does the future hold in respect to this issue?

    IV. Solutions to the problem (this section will be longer than any other):

    a. What logical solutions have been proposed in the past? How did these work out? Successes? Failures?

    b. What are solutions proposed for the future? What do the experts say? What do authoritative sources say?

    V. Conclusion

    a. Deductions: What deductions can you logically draw from your research?

    b. The conclusion that will serve you best is one that briefly pulls together the main points of your essay and reinforces your controlling idea (thesis).

    c. The conclusion of a problem-solution essay should include a restatement of the problem and the benefits of the proposed solution.

    d. Call to action –What do you want your reader to do now or to better understand

    Has the internet positively or negatively impacted human society Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Training Submission Business Finance Assignment Help

    Using the rough draft attached below to complete and submit the final training. In a face-to-face training, be sure you have included the following:

    1. An attention-getting introduction.
    2. A summary of what learners will be able to do by the end of the training (in other words, tell them the objectives).
    3. Detailed training of the specific tasks or content.
    4. Engaging activities/practice.
    5. Assessments.
    6. A conclusion summarizing what has been learned and emphasizing the relevance and the benefits.

    Here’s how to submit your training: For face-to-face training, submit a participant’s guide and a facilitator’s guide in a zipped file. Your training should be fewer than 10 minutes. No matter what software you use, make sure that both your voice and the content (for example, PowerPoint slides) are clearly captured.


    Somewhere over the rainbow two versions analysis/comparison Humanities Assignment Help

    For this paper you will be analyzing and comparing/contrasting two versions of the same song. The song chosen for this analysis/comparison is “Somewhere over the rainbow” by Judy Garland and the version sang by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

    ~Your paper must involve musical analysis. This does not necessarily have to be a Western classical music score. But if you choose a style of popular music that does not have a score, you need to analyze what you hear in the pitch, rhythm, meter, tempo, dynamics, etc.

    ~Your paper must involve text analysis. This may seem obvious, but is something to consider in your choice. There is plenty of beautiful music in the world with little lyrical interest. Choose something with compelling text. Poetry set to music makes a good paper, but you don’t have to do that. Another possibility is music written about a text, but with no lyrics. This is allowed—as long as your paper involves musical and textual analysis. Text in a language other than English is also possible.

    ~You must cite at least 5 scholarly sources. For some popular music projects, a review might be an acceptable source to complement the scholarship you cite. Ask me for permission/help with using reviews. There are some good ones by renowned scholars or critics that are worth citing, but also some that are not.

    7-8 pages


    APA exercises( writing class) Writing Assignment Help

    Due Date: August 6th by 11:59pm

    Before you begin your APA exercises, be sure you have worked through the practice exercises, tutorial, and consult your APA reference if needed.

    Click Reply below and type in your corrections. You will not be able to see any other student’s corrections until you are done. YOU CANNOT EDIT YOUR EXERCISE ONCE YOU SUBMIT- be sure you are done before you click post.

    Exercise: Capitalization

    1. A sony 2400 portable videocamera was used to record the nonverbal behaviors of the students in each condition.

    2. Participants in the study included seven teachers from Farnsfield elementary school.

    3. The researchers published the informed consent in both spanish and english.

    4. The Theory of Intrinsic Job Satisfaction of Hackman and Oldham (1980) describes principles of job redesign.

    5. Both the Governor and the Mayor were interviewed for the study.

    APA codes: 2.04, 4.14-4.20

    Every sentence has one or more letters to be changed

    Exercise: Punctuation and italics

    1. The independent variables were partner’s gender, audience size and criterion for success.

    2. The confederate, who was going to agree with the participant, always spoke up before the confederate, who was going to disagree with the participant.

    3. The possibilities were suggested by Miller, Galanter and Pribram (1960).

    4. He clarified the distinction between “farther” and “further.”

    5. Miele (1993) found that “the “placebo effect,” which had been verified in previous studies, disappeared when studied in this manner” (p. 276).

    APA codes 4.01-4.11

    Add or delete 12 individual punctuation marks


    4-5 page essay Humanities Assignment Help

    Analytical Essay: The Diary of A Part-Time Indian

    At his reading at the Strand bookstore, Sherman Alexie said the one thing he would want students to take away from this novel is “escaping and confronting familial and tribal expectations.” Essentially, we are all limited to some extent by the myriad of expectations that are linked to our race, culture, gender, age, and socioeconomic status. This is also true of Junior who is characterized by his poverty and race. Ultimately, he must choose between accepting what others expect him to be, or to fight against these forces that are holding him back.

    In the novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie, Junior is in constant conflict between his identity as a Spokane Native and an American in western culture. I have framed this unit around a central question: how do internal and external expectations manifest themselves in our lives? Under this umbrella, you will consider issues of race, class, culture, and gender, how they are tied to the construction and perception of identity, and how these factors impact life choices. You will also discuss the expectations imposed by community and family, and how, oftentimes, these can be the hardest ties to break.


    Using the novel analyze, examine and interpret how Sherman Alexie conveys the impact of societal expectations on identity?

    General Guidelines

    • 4-5 pages long
    • 12-point font, Times New Roman
    • At least 6 quotes from the novel
    • 3 examples of personal or hypothetical connections to your main points
    • Careful proofreading and correct use of MLA style
    • No Works Cited page necessary, unless using different outside sources.
    • No usage of first person (only in your personal example): me, myself and I


    write a multi channel distribution strategy on women contraceptives in 500 words and create a journalistic content(article) and promotional copywriting (website copy ) Business Finance Assignment Help

    write a multi channel distribution strategy on women contraceptives in 500 words and create a journalistic content(article) and promotional copywriting (website copy ) Business Finance Assignment Help

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