write a report. Other Assignment Help

write a report. Other Assignment Help. write a report. Other Assignment Help.

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Based on given information design a spillway section, and write report. More information in the “Project” file. There is a “Note” file, hope it will help.

Report Outline:

  • Introduction
    • Background information about spillway (function, components, etc.)
    • Objectives
  • Methodology
    • Explain how the work was carried out to achieve the objective.
    • Calculation with detailed steps
  • Result and Discussion
    • Present the results obtained with analyses. Summary graphs and figures are encouraged.
    • Clearly present results and what they mean to the design are required.
  • Calculations
    • Summarize what has been done, what was found and what it means
    • Any alternate designs you have attempted before the final configuration must also be interested.

    for this project, you only need to base on the given information to calculate all of unknow in the figure (such as H, L3, y2, Z0, and water depth on the spillway, etc.), calculation should be included in the report. There is no need for any simulation with any software.

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Creating a 3D Object in Modern OpenGL Computer Science Assignment Help

I need this picture of a kitchen knife created as a 3D object in Modern OpenGL as per the rubric requires. Don’t worry about the essay reflection part of the rubric, I’ll do that part. I can’t go any higher than 35$ right now, I’m fairly broke and desperate. So I’m willing to accept mediocre work. C+ quality if I have to.

To complete this project, you will select a real-world object (personal item, commercial product, etc.) and create a three-dimensional representation of it. You
will create a digitally lit, fully textured 3D object that can be orbited using a virtual camera and mouse controls, see rubric for more information.


please follow instructions and need work on time WITH APA Engineering Assignment Help

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)is a technology that is frequently used as a Source Code Analysis tool. The method analyzes source code for security vulnerabilities prior to the launch of an application and is used to strengthen code. This method produces fewer false positives but requires access to an application’s source code and requires expert configuration and lots of processing power.

For this assignment, you will complete an Annotated Bibliography on Static Application Security Testing (SAST). You must find at least 4 credible sources that cover Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and complete an annotation for each source.

I- Each source must contain 4 parts:

1. a APA citation,

2. a summary,

3. an evaluation of the author’s credibility, and

4. an analysis of the article’s usefulness & relevance to the scholarly debate.

Please note, 4a must include a direct quote and a paraphrase from one or more of the other sources on

the bibliography in the analysis section.

II- The Annotated Bibliography will be at least 2 full pages long with each entry will be roughly 1/2 page long.

II- I do not require an introductory paragraph. You should follow APA format throughout.


computer science question Programming Assignment Help

Please complete the following tasks to signify your successful completion of Unit 7. It should be the case that the only instructions you need to complete the programs assigned here are the ones I’ve described so far. Click hereLinks to an external site. to see an HLA Programmer’s Reference Guide for the instructions we’ve learned so far.

Following the Electronic Submission Guidelines, please send me a copy of the .hla file you created for this assignment.

PROGRAM 3: Binary Output
Write an HLA Assembly program that prompts for an int8 value to inspect and then prints it in binary format. For example, here would be the program output for various entered values

Gimme a decimal value to print: 15
15 is 0000_1111
Gimme a decimal value to print: 7
7 is 0000_0111

(Hint: There is no standard output that prints in binary output, so you need to do this yourself. In order to accomplish this, you need to move a bit at time into the carry flag and print 0 or 1, depending on what you find in the Carry bit. Shift and repeat this procedure 8 times and you are done! Eventually, we will learn how to loop, which would make this task much less terrible.)

(Second Hint:LAHF pushes the Carry Bit and all the other flags out of the EFLAGS register and into AH. As an Assembly programmer, you have the power to mask out all the bits but the one you are interested in by using either AND or OR.)

PROGRAM 4: Double Table
Using the ROL instruction to perform multiplication, write a program to produce a double table. This table should be built from a single int8 value provided by the user and print 4 rows from the starting value, each offset by one from the starting value. In that column, the pattern of doubled numbers should be calculated by ROL instructions. For example, the following output should be produced when the user inputs the starting value 4:

Gimme a starting value: 4
Double Table
4: 8 16 32
5: 10 20 40
6: 12 24 48
7: 14 28 56

For example, the following output should be produced when the user inputs the starting value 7:

Gimme a starting value: 7
Double Table
7: 14 28 56
8: 16 32 64
9: 18 36 72
10: 20 40 80

(Note: To receive full credit, you must use ROL to solve this problem.)
(Hint: Again, please don’t worry too much about the spacing in the table. As with the prior week’s assignment, the goal is to practice working with HLA…


Semester Project: Marketing Plan Submit Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to create a Marketing Plan for a local business. This usually works best with a local business proprietor who is willing to share his perceptions and goals for their business.

You can use the Marketing Plan Outline and the Sample Marketing Plan to help detail your project. They are only examples, but contain all the headings and outlines required.

Here is another student’s example: Marketing Plan Example

Remember that the important aspects are:

  1. Marketing Plans rely on a good Industry Analysis.
  2. Marketing Plans are a Plan. Provide details on Marketing Mix, Implementation, and Strategy.
  3. Marketing Plans are detailed. The more details, the better.

10-12 pages.



Answer Clearly and in Detail Writing Assignment Help

1. Review the attached PPT, research the two incidents mentioned in the weekly topics. Review and cite various journals outlining Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) uses in the industrial setting and the emergency response planning needed to prevent an event.

2. Using the two case studies mentioned, select one and delve into the role of site safety officer for the applicable company. This role will give you a “facility” perspective of planning, training, and responding to a hazardous materials release. From the facility perspective, research and review this role and list the major functions and responsibilities.

3. After reviewing the case study, immerse yourself into the proper planning techniques and training that would have prevented the release and worker injuries. List out your planning strategies and implemented site training to ensure your site is prepared to PREVENT an incident.

4. Finally, immerse yourself into the actual incident and list the activities/tasks you need to accomplish to ensure no further damage to live, property, and the community.

5. Respond to two of my classmates discussion (attached)

Answer Clearly and in Detail Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Project mngmt Business Finance Assignment Help

1. describe in your own words what is meant by Goldratt’s critical chain. What are the benefits and impacts to project management? I want this withing 2 days.

2. As more organizations are moving towards Agile Development Methodologies, project management concepts are shifted a bit to meet the needs of this methodology. Write an essay and respond to the following questions:

  • What is Agile Development Methodology and how does the Agile Development Methodology impact the development of the Project Schedule?
  • What are the advantages to using Agile?
  • What are the disadvantages?
  • What industries to you typically see using this type of methodology?

The essay should be in 3-5 pages (not including Title page and Reference page) written in APA Style formatting and using at least 5 resources.

3. The next step is to allocate resources to the project. Consider schedules and make any adjustments to the schedule, assuming resources may be on vacation, etc. See attached file


discussion Writing Assignment Help

i will need 2 pages single spaced summary for the following

i do not have the books please search for them and get the 30day trial.

 James Gelvin, The Modern Middle East: A History, 4th edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), pp. 205-219.

 Orhan Pamuk, Istanbul: Memories and the City, translated by Maureen Freely (New York: Vintage, 2006), pp. 245-285 (Chapters 26-30).

Week 10 Important Themes in Gelvin, pp. 204-219:

1. How would you compare the policies that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Reza Shah undertook in the aftermath of the First World War in their respective countries (Turkey and Iran)? In what ways, the experience of Egypt and Saudi Arabia was different during this time?

Important Themes in Pamuk, pp. 245-285:

1. See last week’s study guide. Important names and terms:
1. Turkification 2. Kemalism 3. The Muslim Brotherhood 4. Sa‘d Zaghlul 5. The 1919 Revolution in Egypt


i want cyber attack report on equifax data breach Computer Science Assignment Help

Your required to write a short position paper to critically analyse and reflect on recent state-of-the-art attacks and hacking techniques,
followed by a discussion on possible countermeasures.

MY paper should consider the following guidance and contain the following subtitles:

•Title page and Abstract
•The nature of the brief/commission and the topic should be briefly outlined and defined alongside details of how the paper is organised.
•Scope: how did you select the attacks/techniques in this paper? E.g. most recent attacks, wireless attacks, VoIP attacks, DNS attacks etc
•Main body
•Critical discussion, reflection and analysis
•A brief summary of the key findings established from your research.
•A full list of references used within the paper should be provided.The Harvard Style of referencing should be applied throughout the assignment.

Please adhere to the following requirements:

•The report should be written in a formal reporting style and without use of personal pronouns (for example, no use of ‘I, me, my, our, we, they, he, she’).
•Word count for Part B is 2000 words (+/- 10%) excluding references
•Only Microsoft Word or PDF file formats will be accepted.
•Layout should make reasonable use of margins, clear headings, single line spacing and font size should be 11pt (i.e. your report should be professionally presented).
•Include page numbers, the module code (Eithcal hacking).
•All content including references and appendices (if used) should be contained in a single document.
•Referencing should be in the Harvard style.


Nursing Issue Paper. demonstrate reflective paper on professional practice Writing Assignment Help

Nursing Issue Paper

Purpose: The participant of this paper should be able to demonstrate reflective paper on professional practice. The paper must utilize the Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) Student Handbook as a resource. The goal of the paper is to review and write about the LAVC Student Handbook as it relates to professional practice and leadership.

Direction: Share your ideas in a 1050 (minimum) -1750 (maximum) word paper not including cover and reference page. Please make sure to include your personal thoughts on the severity of the problems as your introduction and your personal recommendations on how to solve the issues as your conclusion.
Analyze and discuss the following critical elements:
1. Academic Dishonesty
2. Attendance, Tardiness and Absences
3. Clinical Competencies
4. Code of Conduct
5. Impaired Student
6. Hospital Drug & Hazard Awareness
7. Standard of professional Appearance and Behavior
8. Standard of Professional Nursing Practice
9. Unsafe Practice Acts
You want to discuss the issues and how this will affect your nursing practice. Please write in the third person. Must include:

1. Scholarly introduction and conclusion

2.Critical elements were thoroughly discussed

3.Style/Format: Professional and consistent, APA, grammar, spelling, etc.

The word count must be reflected on the cover page of your paper. Write and Cite your references using APA format. Include a reference page.

The LAVC Handbook is attached below.


write a report. Other Assignment Help

write a report. Other Assignment Help

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