Write a Set OF Instructions Writing Assignment Help

Write a Set OF Instructions Writing Assignment Help. Write a Set OF Instructions Writing Assignment Help.

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Length: About 800 words

Instructions spell out the steps necessary to complete a task or set of tasks. For this assignment, you will compose a set of instructions for a general audience. Choose for the task an activity or process with which you are very familiar. I have seen good student instructions for inserting an acupuncture needle into a trigger point, planning character strategy for a computer game, soldering fine metals for jewelry, binding a quilt, and parsing a string of hexadecimal characters to decimal numbers.

Note: Make sure that the task is sufficiently complex to required detailed instructions. Tying a tie or shoelaces, taking a shower in a certain time limit, adopting a cat from a shelter, etc., are not sufficiently complex.


You should assume that you are writing to a non-specialist audience. As such, your audience does not share your specialized knowledge or vocabulary as applied to your task. Thus, you will need to define the terms and describe the equipment necessary to following your instructions.

Some Elements of Usable Instructions

  • Clear and limiting title that accurately defines the task at hand
  • Introduction: Provide background and explain the benefits of performing the task
  • Logically ordered steps: usually chronological order
  • Division of complex tasks into sections with sub-steps
  • Appropriate level of detail
  • Helpful images*
  • Hazard notes and warnings
  • Language of instruction: imperative mood, direct address, and active verbs
  • Page design and text layout that lends itself to rapid comprehension

*Please feel free to use images! You can draw your own, thoughtfully borrow from the Internet, take your own pics, etc. Just be consistent and choose your images wisely – make sure they help rather than distract.


As single-spaced instructions are easier to follow, you may single-space this assignment. In fact, you may experiment more broadly with page designs that you think organize and present your instructions in the most usable fashion. *This supersedes the general submission guidelines in the syllabus. I do, however, want to see a word count.*

Drafting Instructions

  • Divide the task into two or three major sections and title them. The more specific your title is, the more helpful it will be to the reader.
  • Working from the titled sections, draft out as many steps as necessary for each. You may want to bullet or number the steps in each section. Anticipate as best you can what a non-specialist might need to know in order to follow your instructions. Consider whether visual aids are necessary and what hazards might need to be avoided along the way.
  • Write an introduction. This is the place to provide background information and also an explanation as to why someone might want to perform the task in the first place. For instance, why in the world might someone want to transform his or her bicycle from a multi-geared bike, to a bike with a single gear and without the capacity to coast? What are the benefits to completing your set of instructions?

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I need a you to review a article. Due today Health Medical Assignment Help

Research and discuss a topic that interests you in our first unit (chapters 1-3) OR for the first week you can choose between one of the three provided articles in week 1 (see below this post – they are PDF files). This will be the only week the peer – reviewed, journal articles will be provided to you. For weeks 2, 3, 4, & 5 you must search the NC Live database for a peer reviewed, journal article based on the any of topics from the week. You only need to find one article. You then need to discuss and cite the article including a DOI so that I can read up on your topic. All citations need to be in APA format. See introduction block for more information on how to find articles as well as use APA style.

i for got to give this to you. I am going to paste article 2 on here. It is due today. can you complete this asap?



Assignment #8: High Fidelity Prototype Part 1 (due 10/27) This week, you will continue working together with your group to implement your interface design in a high-fidelity prototype. Deliverables: Implement a high-fidelity prototype. Using the inform Computer Science Assignment Help


This week, you will continue working together with your group to implement your interface design in a high-fidelity prototype.


  1. Implement a high-fidelity prototype. Using the information you obtained from the user testing, implement a high-fidelity prototype using Axure, Balsamiq, Justinmind or any tool of your choice.
  2. Submit screen shots of your interface and describe the changes that you made to your design as a result of user testing.


  1. The objective is to have a prototype that runs well enough in order for a user to go through the tasks you identified in the previous challenge. It should be high fidelity in look, meaning you should implement your graphic design. Lay out your screens as you would in your implementation and make choices about colors, fonts, icons and white space. Construct your prototype based on your target platform, i.e. a smartphone app should have the same screen size and standard UI elements as a real phone.
  2. Your prototype should be low fidelity in breadth, meaning you should only include features that are needed by your scenario in the paper prototyping phase.
  3. Your prototype should also be low fidelity in depth. System responses should be canned (pre-determined) or random. For example, in places where your system would display an image, consider using static images.
  4. High-fidelity prototyping: https://www.lynda.com/InVision-tutorials/High-fidelity-prototyping/605436/661969-4.html
  5. Another video: https://www.lynda.com/Web-Interaction-Design-tutorials/Building-high-fidelity-prototypes/133349/146771-4.html
  6. Prototyping tools: (also see the videos after this on Lynda): https://www.lynda.com/Web-Interaction-Design-tutorials/Common-prototyping-tools/133349/146776-4.html
  7. Resources for images and fonts: https://creativemarket.com/ and https://www.storyblocks.com/


  1. Screenshots and description of changes: 20 points


Using Online Library or the Internet, research and submit your response describing how the various OSs—Linux, Windows Server, Solaris, or Mac OS X Server—manage inter-process communication. In your response, also include answers to the following questio Computer Science Assignment Help


Using Online Library or the Internet, research and submit your response describing how the various OSs—Linux, Windows Server, Solaris, or Mac OS X Server—manage inter-process communication.

In your response, also include answers to the following questions:

  • Which OS uses the best technique to manage IPC? Why?
  • Do all the OSs provide support for multiprocessing?
  • Which OS, in your opinion, manages multiprocessing in the most efficient manner?
  • What, according to you, is a better model for OSs—a process approach or a thread approach?
  • Do you think that distributed OSs use a process-communication technique different from that used by desktop OSs? Support your answer with examples.
  • What are the features and limitations of the CISC and RISC architectures?
  • Which architecture, do you think, is appropriate for a server that supports high volumes of transactions and concurrent connections? Support your answer with reasons.


Choosing an Operating System

Continuing with the course project you started in Week 1, this week, you will analyze three different OSs for each requirement, for both the servers and workstations. You will identify the OS that best fits the situation, and include the rationale for the choice made.

Continuing with the Microsoft Word document you started in Week 1, add a 2- to 3-page report to complete the following tasks:

  • Analyze three different OSs for each of the requirements identified in Week 1 for both workstations and servers. Describe in depth how each OS applies to each requirement of Acme Toys, Inc. and whether or not it would fit the situation.
  • For each OS listed, describe IPC, multiprocessing, threads, and hardware support.


Celebrity Influences Marketing research writing paper-03 Writing Assignment Help

OL Marketing Assignment – Celebrity Influences


Consider the question: “do celebrity endorsements really make consumers want to buy products?” We will reflect on that in this paper.


Select a well known brand that is known for using celebrity endorsement, and research the history of celebrity endorsement the company that owns that brand engaged. Then research the history of financial and competitive success of the brand and company. Look for information about which celebrities seem to have led to improved sales or a better brand reputation.


Consider the basic ideas of marketing from the first chapters in our course text and from your professor’s slides for the week. Think about why companies use celebrity endorsements to attract customers – does this fit with the idea that marketing is essentially about creating value and delivering that value to customers in order to satisfy those customers’ needs? How important is celebrity endorsement to marketing strategy? Use evidence from the successful (or unsuccessful) example(s) of celebrities you found in your research for this assignment to answer these questions. Then ask yourself if you are influenced by celebrity endorsement (be honest with yourself). Think about whether people around you influenced by celebrity endorsement. Should we be influenced by celebrity endorsement?


  • ➢ Compile your findings from the “Research” and “Reflection” parts into a 2- or 3-page report (double-spaced, 12-point font). Word count at least 650
  • ➢ Use in-text citations to show your sources of ALL information, and be sure to include all full citations in APA format in a “References” section at the end of the paper.
  • ➢ Split the content and length of your paper up such that about 1/3 is dedicated to presenting the information in your “Research” part, and about 2/3 is dedicated to the ideas in your “Reflection” part (it is understood that you are speculating here based on limited research – don’t go way overboard with your research… but do enough research to show you know what you are talking about, and share your ideas)
  • ➢ Submit here (BeaconLearning) by the due date.



Human Resources Case 1 Business Finance Assignment Help

Overview of the Case Project that spans four modules:

As you complete the four Case assignments in this class you will be preparing, section by section, one large project. You will practice what you have learned by planning a training program from scratch following the ADDIE model. You are the “instructional designer” for the course; the actual course will be taught by one of your field supervisors.

Section 1—Analysis and Design (to be submitted in the Case 1 dropbox)

Section 2—Development (to be submitted in the Case 2 dropbox)

Section 3—Implementation (to be submitted in the Case 3 dropbox)

Section 4—Evaluation (to be submitted in the Case 4 dropbox)

Having the prior sections all in one paper will show how the phases build upon each other and also will make the paper easier to write and review. Only the section due for a specific module will be graded in that module (the prior sections were graded previously in their respective dropboxes).

Select one of the training topics listed below and carry it through the five ADDIE steps, (The ADDIE steps are explained in the Gardner videos presented on each of the Module’s Background pages):

  1. Dinner etiquette for job interviews. You will be the Instructional Designer writing an ADDIE plan to train 10 job coaches who coach trainees who just finished 4-year business degrees. The trainees are traditional college age, never interviewed before, and have “fast food, eat in your car” manners.
  2. How to clean a motel room. You will be the Instructional Designer writing an ADDIE plan to train 10 motel supervisors to conduct ongoing training for new employees who are working from the ground up in the hospitality industry. These new housekeeping employees have never cleaned motel rooms before.
  3. How to change oil in an automobile. You will be the Instructional Designer writing an ADDIE plan to training 10 drivers training teachers who conduct summer drivers training for 3 groups of trainees (4 in each group). The trainees know very little about vehicles and engines.
  4. Skills for a successful online undergrad student. You will be the Instructional Designer writing an ADDIE plan to train admission supervisors who will train 5-8 students on a sporadic basis. These students have never taken a college course of any type and have little to no computer or writing skills.

Case Assignment

For your Case 1 follow the Analysis and the Designphases and sub-steps of the ADDIE model, step by step. Cover everything in detail. Be as specific as possible. If there is unknown information, make logical assumptions for information needed and include a section in your paper showing the assumptions you made. Bring in at least one source found outside of your course materials to help build your paper (be sure to cite sources).

Phase: Analysis

  1. Instructional Goals: Clearly define what the training topic and parameters need to be.
  2. Instructional Analysis: Provide all the steps learners need to follow to complete the task.
  3. Learner Analysis: What do you know about the learners? Also, what do you still need to know about them? How will you find out?
  4. Learning Objectives: What do you want the learner to be able to do, explain, or demonstrate at the end of the training period?

Phase: Design

  1. Design assessments
  2. Choose a course format
  3. Create an instructional strategy

Once you have completed these first two phases of the ADDIE Model planning the training session, submit your paper to the Case 1 dropbox by the assignment due date.

Human Resources Case 1 Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Analyse the cultural growth of Japanese culture in America Writing Assignment Help

Specific Requirements:

Your paper should

  • Answer a specific research question.
  • NOT be a personal essay or an argumentative paper.

Be a minimum of 10 pages long (not including the Works Cited).

Draw on research from at least 6 different reliable sources.

Not merely report on the research, but synthesize and analyze too.

Be formatted appropriately according to the guidelines on the syllabus.

Thesis: Moreover, there are more aspects of Japanese culture other than some fun facts have also become more and more popular in America such as Animation and food culture, all these aspects combined gave birth to the rise of Japanese culture in America.

The mains points should be the rise of Animation and food culture in America and Anime conventions

Use my style of writing to finish this paper


data science project Business Finance Assignment Help

2 files:
1. CSV file containing the data set in its original form
a. Name file LastName FirstName Original Data Set

2. MS Excel file containing your processed clean data set and data dictionary

1. Find a data set that is interesting to you that is appropriate for multiple regression.

2. A minimum of 1,000 records, (observations, examples).

3. A minimum of 15 numeric variables, (attributes, features).
The project requires a minimum of 15 numeric variables…that are usable to make your
predictive model. Time variables, street addresses, latitude, and longitude, for example, all
appear to be numeric, and could be, but generally are not usable in a regression model.

4. It is best to not use a data set that contains extensive missing data.

5. Save the data set as a .CSV file.

6. Save the data set as a MS Excel, name file as described above.

7. In the MS Excel workbook, name the worksheet containing the data, “Data”.

8. In the MS Excel workbook create in worksheet and name it “Data Dictionary”.

1. In the Data Dictionary worksheet:

2. Create three labeled columns: Variable Name, Data Type, Explanation of Variable.

3. Make sure to indict the dependent variable, and the independent variables.

4. List your variables and complete the Data Dictionary worksheet.


Determine the crosses / progeny and indicate phenotype and genotype Science Assignment Help

The ku80 and p53 genes both
encode proteins that are involved in repair of DNA damage in human cells.
Mutations to these genes have been associated with some human cancers. You
would like to determine if the Ku80 and p53 proteins functionally interact with
one another and have decided to use Drosophila, which has homologous of
both these genes, as a model system to address your question. The Drosophila
Ku80 gene is on chromosome 2. There is a mutant allele of the Ku80 gene
available which is recessively lethal. It is maintained in a balanced stock
over an SM6, Cy balancer chromosome. You have males and females of this
balanced stock available to you. The p53 gene is on chromosome 3. There is a
viable mutant allele of p53 available in a homozygous stock which is also
homozygous for a recessive mutation (e) at the ebony body locus which is also
on chromosome 3. You have both males and females of this double mutant stock.
In addition to the two stocks mentioned here, you also have access to both
males and females of the double balancer stock from question 1. In order to
test for potential functional interaction between the Ku80 and p53 proteins, Yu
need to generate a stock that contains both these mutations.

Your goal is to clearly outline
a series of crosses that will allow you to generate a new stock that is
heterozygous for the ku80 mutant allele over the SM6, Cy balancer and
homozygous for p53 and e. In other words, your desired stock of males and
females will have the genotype: ; ku80/SM6, Cy ; p53, e/p53, e. For each cross
you carry out CLEARLY indicate the genotype of each parent, and the genotype
and phenotype of any selected progeny you wish to continue to work with. You
only need to show the genotype and phenotype of your selected progeny (not
every possible progeny class). Hint: You will require multiple crosses to
achieve your goal. Some can be done in parallel (i.e. not dependent on each
other) while others will be dependent on progeny from a previous cross.
Remember that male Drosophila do not have recombination (no
crossing-over). Also keep in mind that if you are going to select a particular
progeny class for further work, they must be phenotypically distinct from all
other progeny classes or you would never be able to actually select them! (15


BUS 401 Case Business Finance Assignment Help

Communicating Across Borders

Doing business across the globe is commonplace. Since not every organization can afford to hire native or fluent speakers of multiple languages, communicating with businesses in other countries may be an obstacle. Luckily, the same technological advances that have brought us closer also offer solutions for speaking with others who do not share the same language.

Case Assignment

Researching Alternatives

Conduct an internet search for tools and options for translating the written and spoken word into another language. Provide information on three choices (free, moderate cost, expensive). Do not copy descriptions of the products. Discuss what the products or services can do (and cannot do). Explain why the various tools would be helpful in doing business in another language. (2 pages)

Uh-oh, I didn’t mean to say that!

Using articles exclusively from the Trident Online Library’s full-text databases (such as Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete and/or ProQuest Central), research issues with translating and the miscommunications that can take place. Do not include commercials and ads in this discussion; they will be covered later in class. Do not use any quotations except to provide examples of errors in translations.


Based on your research, what are best practices for businesses when communicating in a non-native language when conducting commerce? (2 pages)


Write a Set OF Instructions Writing Assignment Help

Write a Set OF Instructions Writing Assignment Help

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