Write a short story and revise a story

Write a short story and revise a story. Write a short story and revise a story.

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1. Write a short story based on the notes and scenes you created in Lesson 1. Your story should focus on one of the main characters you explored in that earlier assignment and expand on his or her struggle.

The premise of the story is the same as in Lesson 1: Two contestants in a talent show have accidentally swapped bodies and must perform each other’s acts. You’ll rely on narrative elements, such as dialogue, to make the story engaging. You’ll also include a clear beginning, middle, and end. Later, in Lesson 3, you’ll have a chance to give your short story a thorough revision.

2. Revise the story that you planned in Lesson 1 and drafted in Lesson 2. Your story should still focus on two characters who have magically — and accidentally — swapped bodies right before a talent show and must therefore perform each other’s acts.

Not only should you check to make sure you included the narrative elements discussed in Lesson 2 — character, conflict, plot, dialogue, and setting — but you should also try to make these elements even stronger. For example, how might you revise your dialogue so that it brings out your characters’ personalities and attitudes more strongly? How might you add more description so that the setting of your story is even more vivid?

Write a short story and revise a story

Write a short story and revise a story

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