Write an analysis on a story House on Mango street by Sandra cisneros Humanities Assignment Help

Write an analysis on a story House on Mango street by Sandra cisneros Humanities Assignment Help. Write an analysis on a story House on Mango street by Sandra cisneros Humanities Assignment Help.

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I had a tutor from this site who did the essay for me and I received a failing grade so please read the instructions carefully! I am providing the feed back from my professor so READ it so you can see exactly how she wants this essay done.

———-You did not follow the requirements of the assignment. The assignment was to analyze a short story, not an entire book. The first chapter of the book is “The House on Mango Street,” and it is this story I thought you were analyzing. When you do analyze, you barely touch on the important aspects. It needs further development of the importance of the literary elements discussed. One major reason for the drop in grade is because you didn’t follow directions. If you are writing on the entire novel, which we did not read for this class, you are recycling information, and possibly the paper, from another class. ——————-

The Assignment:

Choose a short story that we’ve read (or will read) from the anthology used in class (with the exception of those used in sample papers) and write a critical analysis of that particular work. Be careful not to summarize the story or only offer a biography of the author. Focus instead on analytical aspects (literary elements, such as characterization and symbolism) and explain ideas clearly. What elements seem to dominate the story? How do these elements affect the story? Remember to find a story that you enjoyed or that caught your attention in some way. Use brief quotes from the work to support your comments.

The Requirements:

Do not use research. This assignment needs to be focused on your analysis of the work, not someone else’s. The essay needs to be 4-6 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, following MLA format. The essay will be due Week 7, March 22, 2018.

Write an analysis on a story House on Mango street by Sandra cisneros Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Finial Paper Writing Assignment Help

Final Submission: End of Workplace Analysis Plus Case Study Analysis
In Module Nine, you will write the last part of Section IV (Parts D and E) and the conclusion (Section V) of your final project. To complete Section IV, you will
develop organizational improvement outcomes that serve as a direct solution to the organizational issue (validated by human behavior theories and evidence of
supportive research). The last phase of this milestone, Section V, is to recommend strategic actions that provide proactive leadership, considering human
behavior theories and concepts that support your recommendations. Combining your conclusion with revised work from your milestones, submit your
comprehensive case study analysis. The conclusion is the final phase of the case study analysis. With each milestone completed in previous modules, you have
also acquired detailed feedback from your instructor. For this last phase of the project, you will gather your final thoughts regarding the case study and your
workplace analysis. It is expected that you will incorporate any corrective measures offered to you by way of instructor feedback in each of the milestones. Your
final submission should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final project. This submission will be graded with the Final
Project Rubric.

Please review the comments for the previously submitted works they are inside of the actual attachments !!!


Chapter 7, Case Study 7.1 – Site Security and Secure Escorts; ​Exercise 7.1 – Raising awareness of your implicit model of organizational functioning Business Finance Assignment Help

Question description


Using information from the attached documents and from outside reading, please respond to each question below as regards the corresponding case study in approximately 2-3 paragraphs per question. All cited material must include both internal citations and a complete reference list at the end of the paper. A cover sheet should minimally indicate the Case Study number, and the date.

How to Write a Case Study

You have to think like a practicing manager if you want to analyze a case successfully. As part of your analysis, it is necessary, but not sufficient to answer the following questions in enough depth to show that you have performed more than a superficial reading of the case’s content, and subsequently applied relevant theory.

· What is the issue being presented or analyzed in the case? Focus on the main issue in the case if more than one topic is presented. Use your judgment to decide on which issue is the one that is potentially most costly to an organization if left unresolved. There are more kinds of cost to be considered than economic costs. Do not neglect them in your analysis.

· Where did the issue take place? Consider this because you need to take into account cultural and environmental considerations that may differ from those of the United States, in your analysis.

· When did the issue take place? There may be historic and environmental considerations different from those of the United States, which should be taken into account in your analysis.

· Who was affected by the issues? In other words, who are the stakeholders inside and outside of the organization that need to be considered when formulating an analysis, and possible response to the situation?

· Why did the issue occur? This may involve conjecture on your part. It is all right to speculate; just identify your speculation as such. In an empirical case, causal factors may be identified as such.

· How would you, as a manager, apply the insights gained from the case to improve an (your) organization’s operations?

Answers should be written in grammatically correct, well-formulated English sentences. Each paragraph should be organized around a single topic, and transitions should flow logically from one paragraph to the next.

Chapter 7, Case Study 7.1 – Site Security and Secure Escorts

Please read the case and:

1. Submit answers to the four questions following the case by the previously noted deadline.

2. You may want to consider the above factors (“How to write a case study”) when you are preparing your case answers as an aid to organizing your information if you find it helpful. Please answer the question using what, where, when, who, why and how.

1. What were the main steps in the diagnosis and who was involved at each stage?

2. Was there anything that influenced what the CEO paid attention to?

3. What were the main sources of information that informed the diagnosis?

4. How was information obtained?

Exercise 7.1 – Raising awareness of your implicit model of organizational functioning

1. Complete Steps 1 through 5 of Exercise 7.1. Where Steps have you “making notes” or “filling in tables” record this information somewhere so that you can refer to it later.

2. Describe the model that you developed in narrative form. In your answer you might consider:

1. What are the variables and relationships?

2. How do they relate to each other?

3. In what directions are the influences?

4. Are the results surprising to you?

5. Are any of the relationships unexpected?


Supplier Quality Challenge – Incoming Receiving Inspection Business Finance Assignment Help

Create a 10- to 12-slide visual presentation, with speakers’ notes, that outlines the components of a receiving inspection plan.

Select a commodity to use as your example. Possible commodities include

  • Wiring components used in aerospace manufacturing

Develop a receiving inspection plan for suppliers of the selected commodity based on the following criteria:

  • Newly sourced supplier
  • Existing sourced supplier

Analyze why this criteria is important to the receiving inspection plan strategy.

Assess the critical inspection elements to be considered when developing the plan, including the following:

  • Incoming lot inspections
    • Sampling
    • Frequency
    • Lot containment
    • Data management
    • Special handling considerations
    • Supplier notifications
  • Disposition of non-conforming material
    • Supplier returns
    • Scrap
    • Sorting

Include a process map of the incoming receiving inspection process.


Newton and fixed Point methods by numerical analysis using matlab Programming Assignment Help

 Write and use Matlab scripts and functions for solving problems

 Identify the efficiency, accuracy, and limitations of the methods used

 Display, graph, analyze and interpret the output of the calculations

 Do not use Matlab built-in functions for the methods

 Use Matlab with the double precision IEEE arithmetic.

 Use “disp” and “sprintf” to format the output.

 Use %g or %e format to format the errors and very small numbers.

 Use the various options for the “plot” and “subplot” functions to produce professional

 Use “hold” to combine graphs for comparison purpose. Use appropriate plot symbols
and colors.



short paper 600-800words Business Finance Assignment Help

Short Paper assignments must follow these formatting guidelines: SINGLE SPACING with a blank line to separate your paragraphs. Provide a subheading in BOLD for each paragraph on a separate line that characterizes the content of that paragraph. There would be at least 4-5 separated paragraphs in your paper. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, with discipline-appropriate citations. Word length requirement: 600-800 words.

Based on the text (pages 183-223) and the article, The STRONG – Static Risk and Offender Needs Guide, answer the following:

Assessments.com, in collaboration with the Washington Department of Corrections, developed and implemented a new, state-of-the-art, evidence-based risk and needs assessment/supervision planning system for adult offenders. This tool, the STRONG, is now being implemented in a number of counties in California as well. What are the advantages and features of existing Assessments.com systems? What is one of the most advanced features of the new tool? Why do you think the STRONG is being widely used? Do you agree or disagree with the new assessment?

short paper 600-800words Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

assignment social problem Humanities Assignment Help

1. cView the documentary: Sick around the world –> Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Links to an external site.Based on the “Sick Around the World” documentary, give specific examples of the ways in which the U.S. health care system could be improved. 1-2 pages.

2. Discussion Board Question: Discuss the social (not personal) causes of the growing obesity rates in the US. What could we do about it? (A personal cause would be “we’re lazy” while a social cause would be “we don’t have sidewalks or safe bicycle lanes.) 1-2 paragraph.


Exemplification Essay Writing Assignment Help

Please write an exemplification essay,

  • double-spaced, 12-point font (easy to read, please)
  • 5+ pages in length
  • plus a Works Cited page,
  • following MLA guidelines
  • including at least three or more citations
    • one citation should reference our novel, I, Robot :https://www.ttu.ee/public/m/mart-murdvee/Techno-Ps… (link to novel)
    • one citation should reference class handouts (or handouts/reference found on our class’s Canvas site)
    • one or more should come from your own research

that responds to (explains) one of the following topics:

  1. How robots currently function as human companions OR may function as human companions in the future
  2. How robots are changing OR may change the definition of what is human


  1. The Power of Concentration (NYT)
  2. If animals have rights, should robots? (New Yorker)
  3. The Most Predictive Factors of Post-Graduation Wages (Atlantic)
  4. What is a Robot? (Atlantic)
  5. Rich students go to graduate school to get richer (Atlantic)
  6. Why you will marry the wrong person (NYT)
  7. Automation makes us dumb (WSJ)
  8. How to say nothing in 500 words (Longman)


compare and contrast Science Assignment Help

trying to compare and contrast the following.. ALSO the following questions

right optic tract/ right optic nerve



conduction deafness/ sensineural deafness

diabetes insipidis/ diabetes mellitus

adrenal cortex/ adrenal medulla

anterior pituitary/ posterior pituitary

alpha cells/ beta cells ( BOTH ARE IN THE PANCREAS)

short term stress response/ long term stress response


What are two possible harmful effects of using anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass and strength? (There are more than two possible answers!)

Why is the shape of your eyeball important? There are lots of possible answers to this question. Be creative!


Creative Leadership Writing Assignment Writing Assignment Help

  1. What do you see as the traits of creative leaders? Comment on those someone you know personally. 5 traits of creative leaders.
  2. As a leader and manager, you will need to model the way and often persuade a “skeptical audience.” If you choose to lead is this “risky?” what are the steps involved in building a persuasive argument? How do you know if you are successful?
  3. Please refer to PUTIN’S GAME and PUTIN’S REVENUE. It is clear that Russia meddled in our election. Putin, no matter what he publicly states, knew what was happening. He ordered it. What is his vision for Russia and how was it shaped by history? Why might Secretary Clinton’s response to Gaddifi’s death engaged him? What were and have been his “creative leadership” traits? There are five types of POWER: Reference, Legitimate, Expert, Reward and Coercive. What types does Putin employ and how? How does a Democracy respondent to this style of leadership? What are the creative leadership alternatives and how do our leaders respond to Putin’s meddling?
  4. Begin a wish list for your future. Where do you see yourself 5 years, or even 10 years from now? Pick a personal goal of yours. Why did you choose this goal and what challenges do you envision, if any, in securing this objective?