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The purpose of this assignment is to develop your interpersonal skills through reflective writing about yourself and your experiences. This will require critical thought and application of your own thoughts and values to an interpersonal communication topic. I have attached a few pages from each chapter, choose one topic from each chapter and then choose one of the two options given below to write on that topic. Each entry should be 200 words in length. There will be 6 entries in total. One for each chapter. and you should adhere to the following:

Complete the following steps:

You will complete 6 entries per reflection (one focusing on each chapter).
Each entry should be 200 or more words. You will need to clearly put the word count at the end of each entry.
Please save your paper in .doc or .docx format to ensure your instructor can open it easily.
Be sure to clearly reference which option you are selecting before each entry. For example, if you pick option B for both chapters, then you would put “Chapter 5, Option B” above that entry and “Chapter 6, Option B” before that entry.
Your entries must be original work. They will be checked through TurnitIn to make sure it is mostly your own.
Chapter 6 is on Language
Chapter 7 is on Non verbal communication
Chapter 8 is on receiving and responding
Chapter 9 is on Emotions
Chapter 10 is on Dynamic and interpersonal relationships
Chapter 11 is on communication in close relationships

Go through the attached files for each chapter and choose one topic for each. Then select either Option A or B and write on it.
Reflection Paper #3 Topic/Prompt

A. Locate something that relates to one of the chapters in “everyday life”. There are several songs, TV shows, movies, poems, quotes, comics, YouTube clips, etc. that relate to all of the topics mentioned. Pay attention to these things and include what it is (by listing a link if it’s something found online, or a clipping of a comic, song lyrics, etc.) and then explain your rationale for how that relates to the content in that chapter. Please note – typing out song lyrics will not be included in the word count. The best method would be to include a link for the song/clip/etc. Do not use an example that was specifically mentioned in the chapter (a movie, song, comic, etc.), as you are expected to think beyond that.
B. Another option could pertain to analyzing an interpersonal encounter of interest to you that has happened at some point in your life related the chapters covered this week. You might develop this entry along these lines:
Description: What was the interpersonal encounter? Who was it with? What happened? Be descriptive.
Analysis: What course concepts help you in understanding this experience? How do the concepts apply?
Conclusion/Learning: What did you learn about yourself and your interpersonal attitudes and skills? What steps do you need to take, if any, to improve?

Let me know if you get confused.

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