Writer’s Choice Essay

The Diet Analyses project is a class work which leads you to understand how to use a

Software which help to set a Diet Plan according to your actual needs and goals.

The Diet Plan must have the following requirements:

A detail record about your food and drinks intake for 3 Days, (one of those tree days must be a weekend day)
Using a software like: https://www.freedieting.com/calorie-calculator,
(you may choose any of your preference) To calculate the daily calories intake for each of those 3 days.

A complete analysis about whether your plan goals were achieved or not
4. Physical Activity assessment

Your “WINS” (what you learned and how this project would help you to improve the quality of your nutrition and health)
All the references of the different literature consulted for building the discussion of your Project.
Please provide a OUTLINE of the project before the final paper

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