Writing a term Paper about a composer ( Music history class ) Humanities Assignment Help

Writing a term Paper about a composer ( Music history class ) Humanities Assignment Help. Writing a term Paper about a composer ( Music history class ) Humanities Assignment Help.

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Composers name: Antonio Vivaldi

Length: 5-7 pages. Use a minimum of four to five sources. Include text citations and


The term paper outline is attached. this is the outline you should be following for the paper.

Please answer these questions and then, you will have an outline and then, you can begin to write the paper. Please don’t forget to cite your sources.

Please include text citations and bibliography

( for the second and third part I have a copy of the book just tell me in what period he lived so I can send you pictures of the pages you need )

Writing a term Paper about a composer ( Music history class ) Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Health Psychology Unit 3 Humanities Assignment Help

In a eight-page expository essay, you will explore the mind–body connection in chronic illness. In your paper, you will address the following issues:

Start with an explanation of how the mind and body interact in a chronic illness. Use the principles of health psychology discussed to date in the course and analyze how these principles would apply to a chronic illness. Be sure to include a discussion of the relationship between psychological factors and wellness, along with all factors of the mind body connection as demonstrated in the Unit 3 Learning Activity. Illustrate this connection with at least three specific examples. Continue to incorporate these principles as you address the following questions:

What impact does chronic illness have on an individual and their families?

Using the information in your textbook about chronic illness, explain at least two reasons why addiction is considered a chronic illness.

How do you preserve relationships during and after treatment of a substance use disorder? Include at least two ways. Take into account the perspective of addiction as a chronic illness as you answer this question.

Describe the long-term treatment process for the individual with a substance use disorder. What are the support systems needed to remain in active recovery?

In closing, discuss how you will use the concepts in this paper in your personal and professional life.

Include reference to your textbook and at least two additional scholarly resources.

Information regarding APA formatting is at the Kaplan Writing Center. APA formatting dictates how your paper should appear on each page.

Each Paper should include:

A title page

The paper itself (the “discussion”)

A reference page

Use standard margins: 1″ on all sides.

Use standard 12-point font size in Times New Roman or Arial.

Use standard double-spacing: average of 22 lines per page, and between 20 to 24 lines per page.

Use left-aligned text. Do not right-justify.


Quality and Safety, Evidence-Based Practice, Leadership, and Community health professional definitio Writing Assignment Help

A. Complete the following within the section “Quality and Safety”:

1. Reflect (suggested length of 1 page) on your professional definition of quality and safety developed in Professional Roles and Values, including any necessary changes to your definition.

B. Complete the following within the section “Evidence-Based Practice”:

1. Reflect (suggested length of 1 page) on your professional definition of evidence-based practice developed in Professional Roles and Values, including any necessary changes to your definition.

C. Reflect (suggested length of 1 page) on your understanding of evidence-based practice and applied nursing research by doing the following:

a. Discuss how you are able to evaluate current primary research and apply the concepts to your nursing practice, considering the following:

• relevancy and believability of data

• differences between quality improvement and research (places and uses of each)

• differences between primary and secondary research and resources and the implications of each in clinical practice

D. Complete the following within the section “Applied Leadership”:

1. Reflect (suggested length of 1 page) on your professional definition of applied leadership you developed in Professional Roles and Values, including any necessary changes to your definition.

2. Discuss the importance of professional collaboration for effective nursing leadership.

E. Complete the following within the section “Community Health”:

1. Reflect (suggested length of 1 page) on your professional definition of community and health you developed in Professional Roles and Values, including any necessary changes to your definition.


Human Resource Management Business Finance Assignment Help

In this upper division, non-liberal arts contract, the student will be responsible for reading the text: Human Resource Management, by Milkovich and Bourdreau (Irwin.)

The student will become familiar with the six sections of the text as described:

1)Assess Conditions

2)Planning, Setting Objectives, and Human Resource Information Systems

3)External Staffing

4)Employee Development


6)Employee/Labor Relations

The student is required to read the six (6) sections of the text and provide an analysis for each of the sections in six 3-4 page papers.

The chapters that I have selected are:

Chapter 12- Training

Chapter 13- The Pay System

Chapter 14- Paying Individual Employees


E-Marketing Customers, marketing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

E-Marketing Customers

President Learner is concerned about the e-business’s ability to service his company’s patient members effectively. He wants you to address his concerns by examining the online methods used by the e-business to understand, profile, and analyze the digital customer.

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write up 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas:

  • Describe the characteristics used to identify and profile online users and how those characteristics differ from descriptions of traditional consumers using physical and personal traits.
  • Discuss the role of computer-mediated applications in digital consumer behavior, such as digital consumer decision support systems (CDSSs), intelligent agents, and how they result in different patterns of interaction than for traditional consumer engagement in the physical marketplace.
  • Discuss how the e-business’s digital customer behavior for online services overlaps with the traditional customer behavior approach for services provided in physical interpersonal settings.

Relate your knowledge of traditional consumer behavior concepts to online methods for customer understanding and interaction.

Include reference Web site links that provide examples of the digital customer profiling and interaction techniques you described.



Problem 3. Hostile atmosphere for one gender Business Finance Assignment Help

Re-read Case Study A in Course Materials, and do Problem 3, which is reprinted for you here:

Problem 3. Hostile atmosphere for one gender

The atmosphere at Discrimina, due more to the influence
of a few employees, not the owner himself, is markedly hostile to women.
Rita Land and Shirley Baker are the only two women employees in the
plant. Rita, who does billing and bookkeeping, needs to go onto the
plant floor to tally up parts and make sure items have been shipped. She
has warned Shirley Baker not to even go onto the shop floor. Unless the
owner is present, Rita is at risk of being harassed with rude or
suggestive comments. Rita maintains a tough exterior, but she has had to
pay over $5,000.00 for counseling and medication to overcome the
depression and fear that her doctor says is caused by the harassment.


  1. Review Rita’s problem in the light of Sexual Harassment laws and related cases.
  2. Next go over the legal case “Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc.,” 510 U.S. 17 (1993).
  3. In a Word document, evaluate whether Discrimina, Inc. would
    likely be held liable in court for Rita Land’s counseling and
    medication expenses if she sues.

Problem 3. Hostile atmosphere for one gender Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Module 03 Course Project – Time, Cost, and Resources Management Business Finance Assignment Help

In this section of your project you will break down your project
tasks into the knowledge areas studied in this and previous units and
provide the following:

  • A budget with cost breakdowns (You may prefer to use the templates for Budget Plan provided)

    Excel Budget Plan Template

  • A schedule to include any critical paths that might exist
    and/or any dependencies between specific tasks. (You may prefer to use
    the templates for Project Schedule provided)

    Excel Project Schedule Template

  • Provide the instructor with a resource plan for your project. (You may use the templates for Resource Plan provided)

    Excel Resource Plan Template

  • In a paper that is a minimum of 3 pages long, based on your
    calculations found using the provided templates, what is the total
    budget for this project? According to this analysis, identify clearly
    and concisely at least three areas where you see potential cost savings.
  • For each of these areas of opportunity using your
    understanding of the project, explain a potential change in plan to
    reduce costs in the project. When making recommendations for cost
    reductions how can you ensure these cost reductions are in the best
    interest of the company, i.e. you aren’t sacrificing quality in order to
    cut costs.
  • Your submission should follow the essentials of APA (i.e.,
    cover page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, reference section at the end,
    in-text citations, etc.).

    Would you like information about how to format in APA? Click here.

  • Papers should be spell-checked and submitted to Grammarly prior to submitting your paper to the drop box.


LDR 531 Final Exam, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please provide me with the correct answers for my final exam. Below are the questions.

. Job dissatisfaction and antagonistic relationships with coworkers predict a variety of behaviors organizations find undesirable, including unionization attempts, substance abuse, undue socializing, and tardiness. These behaviors are indicators of a broader syndrome called

  • Positivity offset.
  • Employee withdrawal.
  • Cognitive dissonance.
  • Rotten apple syndrome.

To download the complete Questions and Answers click LDR 531 Final Exam

2. Organizational momentum ________________.

  • is not promoted by stability within the organization
  • can benefit or inhibit an organization
  • is always an advantage in seeking organizational change
  • increases with the implementation of new programs

3. Some studies indicate the best approach for transformational change may have the chief executive officer create an atmosphere for change

  • And establish a reward system.
  • But carefully set limits for the program.
  • But let others decide how to initiate change.
  • And begin establishing a vision.

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4. Which of the following actions best represents Kelly’s high job involvement?

  • Kelly wants to continue working for the organization because many of her college friends are working there.
  • Kelly actively takes part in team activities and proactively takes up additional job responsibilities.
  • Kelly always complains about her work to her colleagues.
  • Kelly shares the organization’s vision of supporting renewable energy.

5. The concept that some leadership attributes will work in some situations but not in others can be described by the

  • Contingency theory.
  • Tactical theory.
  • Leadership effectiveness theory.
  • Behavioral theory.

6. You manage a department of four employees. You have identified that Joe has a high need for achievement. Mary has a high need for power, and Tim has a high need for affiliation. Sarah scored high on the need for power and low on the need for affiliation.

Which of these four employees is most suitable for handling your responsibilities when you are on vacation?

  • Mary
  • Tim
  • Joe
  • Sarah

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7. In order to make their firm a learning organization, managers should

  • Increase the degree of departmentalization.
  • Reinforce interdependence and reduce boundaries.
  • Avoid the use of cross-functional teams.
  • Penalize mistakes.

8. Which of the following statements is true with regard to the effectiveness of tactics?

  • Individuals from collectivist cultures are typically more likely to use soft tactics that reflect personal power.
  • The combination of a soft tactic with reasonable persuasion is more effective than a combination of two hard tactics.
  • All tactics are equally effective with regard to upward influence. The combination of a soft tactic with reasonable persuasion is more effective than a combination of two hard tactics.
  • Soft tactics are less effective than hard tactics when used individually.

Want to check out the Final Exam Answers..?? Visit LDR 531 Final Exam

9. Central to managing a successful organizational strategy implementation are/is

  • Tracking progress.
  • Formal models of implementation.
  • Coalition management.
  • Competitive teams.

10. Which of the following is the first step in the negotiation process?

  • Preparation and planning
  • Bargaining and problem solving
  • Definition of ground rules
  • Clarification and justification

Click here to download LDR 531 Week 5 Complete

11. ________ occurs when people within organizations use whatever influence they can to taint the facts to support their goals and interests.

  • Politicking
  • Sabotage
  • Illegitimate political behavior
  • Legitimate political behavior

12. The ultimate source of an organization’s culture is

  • Its top management.
  • Its environment.
  • The country in which the organization operates.
  • Its founders.

13. Which of the following statements is most likely to be true about differences between men and women in relation to emotional reactions?

  • Women express anger more frequently than men.
  • Men experience emotions more intensely than women.
  • Women tend to hold onto emotions longer than men.
  • Men display positive emotions more frequently than women.

14. Which of the following is a desirable strategy for managers aiming to reduce the negative consequences of rumors?

  • Refusing to comment on issues that appear to be controversial and unfair
  • Encouraging employees to communicate their concerns and suggestions
  • Creating a more informal communication environment at the workplace
  • Initiating disciplinary action against the employee who started the rumor

15. Adoration of a charismatic leader by followers can lead to

  • Limiting suggestions of fixes and improvements.
  • A competitive work environment.
  • Difficulty in developing a successor.
  • Greater understanding of the company mission.

Want to see the Final Exam Questions..?? Click LDR 531 Final Exam Questions

16. A leadership theory that describes leadership functions applicable to some situations but not others is called

  • Descriptive.
  • Universal.
  • Contingency.
  • Prescriptive.

17. Dortix is a manufacturing company. At the end of every quarter, the total production of each department is calculated, compared with the predetermined targets, and the rewards for each set of divisional employees is determined this way. Dortix uses a ________ plan to incentivize its employees.

  • gainsharing
  • modular
  • profit-sharing
  • core-plus

18. The degree to which a turbulent environment impacts operations within an organization is known as

  • Capacity.
  • Complexity.
  • Volatility.
  • Organic.

19. Determining if a strategy will be effective within its respective business environment and still be competitive could be determined by completing a(n) ________ test.

  • advantage
  • feasibility
  • consonance
  • consistency

To download the complete Questions and Answers click LDR 531 Final Exam Questions Answers

20. According to the job characteristics model, autonomy is defined as the degree to which

  • A job requires completion of a whole and identifiable piece of work.
  • A job has an impact on the lives or work of other people.
  • A job provides the worker freedom, independence, and discretion.
  • A job generates direct and clear information about performance.

21. Which of the following represents the acceptable standards of behavior within a group that are shared by the group’s members?

  • Cliques
  • Status
  • Norms
  • Goals

22. During an annual review, Michel Godfrey made the following assertion: “When I look at myself and my performance, I see that what I have achieved is outstanding and something no one in the organization has the capacity to undertake. Surprisingly, it has not won me the admiration of my colleagues like it should have. I also believe that I do not just deserve a raise, but need one, since without me, let’s face it, the place would simply fall apart.” Which of the following personality traits best describes Michel’s personality?

  • Minimalism
  • Stoicism
  • Narcissism
  • Monasticism

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23. Which of the following dimensions of the Big Five Model indicates a person’s ability to withstand stress?

  • Emotional stability
  • Agreeableness
  • Openness to experience
  • Extroversion

24. The best leadership theories to describe and explain effective leadership in teams with interactive members are

  • Group theories.
  • Dyadic theories.
  • Multi-level theories.
  • Integrated theories.

25. Which of the following is true of the baby boomer generation?

  • They are more questioning and entrepreneurial than the other generations.
  • They lead lives shaped mainly by globalization.
  • They give high importance to achievement and material success.
  • They give the highest importance to flexibility and life options.

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26. Low-context cultures primarily rely on ________ in communicating with others.

  • formal titles
  • status differences
  • spoken and written words
  • situational cues

27. Pragmatic leaders

  • Appeal to emotions.
  • Articulate a vision of confidence.
  • Have expertise and commitment.
  • Appeal to shared values.

28. ________ refers to an individual’s belief that he or she is capable of performing a task.

  • Self-determination
  • Emotional contagion
  • Self-efficacy
  • Affect intensity

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29. Which of the following statements is true regarding a matrix structure?

  • It avoids duplication of activities.
  • It reduces ambiguity about who reports to whom.
  • It cannot achieve economies of scale.
  • It breaks the unity-of-command concept.

30. Which of the following steps can be taken by a manager to minimize groupthink?

  • Asking the group members to first focus on the positives of an alternative rather than the negatives
  • Preventing all team members from engaging in a critical evaluation of ideas at the beginning
  • Seeking input from employees before the group leader presents his opinions
  • Encouraging group leaders to develop a stronger sense of group identityking input from employees before the group leader presents his opinions


Discuss different internation accounting standards to be used for taxonomy, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help


2 APA references and proper citations in the paper per APA Manuel 2016

DUE:1 days

Words600 words

Both introduction and conclusion in the paper:

Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas:

The IASB XBRL Team develops and maintains the XBRL, the IFRS Taxonomy is used around the world to smooth the electronic use and exchange of financial data prepared using the conceptual framework of the IFRSs. (Click here to learn more about the IFRS.) In June 15, 2009, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) directed the use of eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) for large and accelerated filers. IFRS teamed up with XBRL to standardize financial reporting in an effort to encourage transparency, enhance comparability of financial information, and improve the quality of the reporting process.

For this Discussion Board assignment, consider the move by the SEC in 2009 and the current authorization for multinational companies to use IFRS to prepare and present their financial statements; and the XBRL Taxonomy developed by IASB.

  • What impact will this have on the accounting information systems already in place in US?
  • How will this enhance or impact the preparation and presentation of financial statements both under IFRS and US GAAP?


Leadership and culture discussion question Business Finance Assignment Help


Giberson, et al,discuss the impact that leader’s personalities and values have on organizational culture. They reported that “consistent with our hypotheses, we found that several of the CEO’s personality traits were significantly related to the the extent to which members viewed their organizations as characterized by different culture values.”In the book The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg writes about how the new CEO of Alcoa, Paul O’Neill rescued the company from the brink of failure by completely changing the culture of the organization. O’Neill was former government bureaucrat, and virtually unknown to Wall Street and the board members of Alcoa. He turned the company around during his tenure from 1987 through 1996 by focusing on one major cultural shift- from an emphasis on profits to safety. Originally he met with much skepticism and resistance, but his novel approach was ultimately very effective.

Discuss a scenario where a change in leadership in an organization you were involved with resulted in a significant cultural change. Was it something that evolved with a natural progression, or as in the example I cited, by deliberate intent and stated as such by the new leadership?


Writing a term Paper about a composer ( Music history class ) Humanities Assignment Help

Writing a term Paper about a composer ( Music history class ) Humanities Assignment Help

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