Writing paper chapter 24 Business Finance Assignment Help

Writing paper chapter 24 Business Finance Assignment Help. Writing paper chapter 24 Business Finance Assignment Help.

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I suggest using a three-ring binder to store your journal entries after they have been read and graded. Each journal entry should contain several paragraphs, written in your own words, and should conform with the following format:

Journal Format

Author ______________________ Reading Title ________________________

Your Name ___________________ Date ______________________________

  1. Summary

  • Write from memory, noting what you recall as the main ideas of the reading.

  1. Integration

  • In your own words, how does this reading “connect” (amplify, contradict, substantiate, etc.) to other information about this topic? The other information may be in the form of other readings, news stories, or images of the police portrayed in popular culture.
  • What do you see as the implications of the ideas covered in the reading?

  1. Application

  • How can you use the information in this reading?
  • Does the reading change your view of some aspect of policing? Explain.
  • If you think there is no application for the material, say so. However, provide a rationale for your position.

  1. Evaluation

  • Describe your reaction to the reading (like, dislike, etc.). Why?
  • Who is the appropriate audience for this reading? Why?
  • What would make the reading more useful?

5. Essay question

  • Create an essay question based on the reading that requires critical thinking (comparing, analyzing, evaluating, critiquing, justifying, etc.). The question should be capable of being answered by someone who has read this and earlier readings in our class.

We will use the journal entries in class as a catalyst for reflection, making connections among ideas and topics, and as a means of demonstrating knowledge of concepts, ideas and important points.

Writing paper chapter 24 Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

1. Share your thoughts on the importance of conducting Health Information Management(HIM) related research for the HIM profession. What skills did you master in undertaking this research project on Health Information Management.

Discussion should comprise of a minimum 250 words should have 2-3 credible sources /peer-reviewed references.

2. There are numerous reports describing the skills that project managers need to be successful. Briefly describe the project management skill that you believe is most important. Explain why you believe it is most important and whether and how it can be learned.

Discussion should comprise of a minimum 250 words should have 2-3 credible sources /peer-reviewed references.


Write the inventory section and the suppliers sections of the business plan for the sports complex business. Business Finance Assignment Help

Attached below is the previous sections of the assignment.

  • What kind of inventory will you keep: raw materials, supplies, finished goods?
  • Average value in stock (i.e., what is your inventory investment)?
  • Rate of turnover and how this compares to the industry averages?
  • Seasonal buildups?
  • Lead-time for ordering?
  • Names and addresses
  • Type and amount of inventory furnished
  • Credit and delivery policies
  • History and reliability

Identify key suppliers:

Should you have more than one supplier for critical items (as a backup)?

Do you expect shortages or short-term delivery problems?

Are supply costs steady or fluctuating? If fluctuating, how would you deal with changing costs?


impact of tech. Assignment Help

Question 1 (5 points)

Which statement is true regarding the Ford Pinto situation?

Question 1 options:


About half of the Pinto prototypes passed the 20 mph test.


Ralph Nader demonized the Ford Motor Company in his book Unsafe at Any Speed.


The decision to produce the Pinto was based on a cost-benefit analysis.


The average repair would have cost about $20 per vehicle.

Question 2 (5 points)

Which statement best describes the views of behaviorist John Watson?

Question 2 options:


All human behavior amounts to differentiating pleasure and pain.


Free will is the unpredictable aspect of human behavior.


About 50 percent of human behavior results from classical conditioning.


All human behavior amounts to patterns of stimulus and response.

Question 3 (5 points)

In a famous experiment, a dog drools at a sound that is made just before meals. This is considered a(n) _______ response.

Question 3 options:









Question 4 (5 points)

Which legal principle asserts that shareholders should be first in line to benefit from company profits?

Question 4 options:


Return on investment


Executive compensation


Investor attraction


Fiduciary responsibility

Question 5 (5 points)

The term _______ applies when corporations refuse to take responsibility for ecological and social damage, such as water pollution, caused by their operations.

Question 5 options:




operational contingencies


free will


classical conditioning

Question 6 (5 points)

Socially accepted codes of behavior are called

Question 6 options:









Question 7 (5 points)

In general, we acquire our moral compass from the process of _______, by which we’re inducted into a particular culture’s worldview.

Question 7 options:









Question 8 (5 points)

Hopi children learn that Spider Woman spun the world and all of its creatures. According to Parsons, such myths help society to _______ the peoples’ worldview.

Question 8 options:









Question 9 (5 points)

With respect to establishing a just and virtuous social order, how does Braid Reid characterize the role of the legal system in the world of business?

Question 9 options:


It’s a vital tool when properly applied.


It can be effective, but only when competitors agree to trust each other.


It’s ineffective, as it’s the default position when trust is absent.


The legal system can assure ethical behavior in the settlement of disputes.

Question 10 (5 points)

Enron executives used _______ to falsify financial statements.

Question 10 options:


stockholder knowledge


employee pensions


creative accounting


independent reviewers

Question 11 (5 points)

Which of these is a characteristic of an objective mode culture?

Question 11 options:


Knowledge is acquired through abstract concepts.


Understanding relies on insight and intuition.


Mental processing follows a nonlinear view.


Culture depends on imagination to seek patterns and connections.

Question 12 (5 points)

Why was the queen of Hawaii deposed?

Question 12 options:


She was heavily indebted to the Dole Company.


She wanted to restore Hawaiian sovereignty.


She sought to raise tariffs on import products.


She threatened an armed revolt against American occupation.

Question 13 (5 points)

According to Brad Reid, one’s moral compass expresses _______ virtues that generally trump a code of ethics.

Question 13 options:


common sense







Question 14 (5 points)

For the first sixteen years of Ben & Jerry’s operations, the ratio between the lowest paid employee to the highest paid top executive was 1 to

Question 14 options:









Question 15 (5 points)

According to Egbert Schuurman, which statement is true regarding economic transactions prior to the Industrial Revolution?

Question 15 options:


Craft guilds and artisan associations avoided economic involvement.


Codes of conduct were considered vital to the social order.


The spread of new technologies balanced the social equation.


Economic transactions were an important aspect of social relations.

Question 16 (5 points)

In a modern society’s decision making, which of the following institutions comes closest to playing the role formerly filled by a council of tribal elders?

Question 16 options:


Labor unions


State governments


Interest groups



Question 17 (5 points)

In tribal societies, the nuclear family is embedded in a(n)

Question 17 options:


communal group.


kinship system.


fictional group.


extended nuclear family.

Question 18 (5 points)

All of the following are considered corporate stakeholders, except

Question 18 options:






community members.


society at large.

Question 19 (5 points)

Why was it a problem for Nestle to market artificial formula to impoverished women in developing countries?

Question 19 options:


The women were barely literate.


Clean water was scarce.


Fuel was required to prepare the product.


All of the above

Question 20 (5 points)

To attract investors and increase profits, corporations do all of the following, except

Question 20 options:


suppress wages.


lower staff numbers.


replace people with automation.


reduce executive compensation.


​Executive Summary for Grant Application: Business Finance Assignment Help

Executive Summary for Grant Application:

You will submit an “Executive Summary” for a grant application to fund your PSA (mock). This will require you to locate a potential sponsor, decide on the topic, audience, mode of communication, etc., and then craft the Executive Summary as if you were applying to fund your campaign.

so all you need is to write five paragraphs for an idea to do it in disaster and how we can get a fund for that.

I will attach copy of my friend work have a look for it to be easier for you but do different idea.



power points and outlines Business Finance Assignment Help

Persuasive Speech Guidelines

1. Pick a topic that affects you in your academic program/career path..

Electrical engineering/ filed of Electronic engineering

2. You must tell the audience in the introduction of your speech why you chose your topic, what your personal concern is with it, and why you chose to talk to us about it.

3 .Use the Persuasive Speech Outline located on BlackBoard. You must provide the instructor with a copy of your outline on the day you speak. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points and rescheduling.

4. You are required to use a minimum of 6 sources in your research for your speech. NO WikiPedia! These sources must be cited orally in the speech as well as listed in a bibliography at the end of your outline that is due the day you speak.

5. Your sources can be in the form of an expert opinion, one URL, magazine, periodical, book, journal, etc.

6. Pay particular attention to rehearsing your delivery style. You are encouraged to deliver your speech with conviction (and maybe even passion!) You cannot persuade your audience to believe if you do not believe in your topic. Unlike the informative speech, points are weighed more regarding delivery style.

8. Visual Aids are optional. You may use technology, but keep it brief.

Persuasive Speech Outline

Topic: Electrical engineering /Electronic

General Purpose: To persuade.

Specific Purpose: To persuade the class to/that….

Thesis: Subject/verb statement of your topic and angle…


I. Introduction

A. (Attention)

B. Thesis –

C. Connect Audience & Self to Topic

  • Personal Concern..
  • Concerns audience because …


II. Body

  • (Need) Current problem…(source)


B. (Satisfy Need) –


C. (Visualize– describe what the future will be like if things are changed or not

changed) – add sub-points as needed.

  • If it is not changed…
  • If it is changed…


III. Conclusion

  • Summary- brief summary of the ideas in the body
    • (Source #)
    • Changing our behavior can …

B. Concluding Statement (Action-encourage your audience to implement your

solution, adopt your attitude, change a behavior, etc.)

Works Cited:

6 sources

power points and outlines Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

write a short essay Humanities Assignment Help

Now that we have ALL read The Stranger and written a thoughtful analysis of one aspect of the novel, it’s time for us to branch out into research.

For this next phase, you will need to find another thinker/writer who has weighed in with their analysis of Camus’ work. Use the “Literature Resource Center” on the CCA Libraries website and find a scholarly critique of The Stranger with which you either agree or disagree. This can grow out of your first analysis (for example, you might find another scholar who argues that the novel is absurdist) and you can agree with this argument, or you can disagree. For now, you just need to FIND AND READ YOUR ARTICLE on The Stranger, and formulate your argument. As always, read slowly and carefully and decide whether or not you are going to argue or agree with the other scholar. Take notes on the article that include the scholar’s main points and what you think of them.

This paper need to be 5-6 pages in length.


43 multiple choice and 2 short essay Questions Economics Assignment Help


Taxes and liability are two major factors that
affect businesses. Explain how y9ou would structure your business
to take limit your liabilikty as well as take advantage of the changes in the
U.S. Tax Laws in 2018 regarding taxes.


AT University obtained students loans totaling $300,000. The
students used $250,000 of that money to pay for tuition and $20,000
was placed in various savings account at Bank of America. The
remaining $30,000 was used to purchase textbooks and other
educational supplies. AT University used $100,000 from the money
received from students to purchase new computers for the University’s
computer labs and new furniture for the Student Lounge.

a)) Clearly identify the transaction [s] and amount [s] involved in each
of the 3 major markets [Resources;, Goods & Services; Financial] in the
US economy.
b) Indicate the dollar amount of the impact, if any, on Consumption [C]
and Investments [I].

***Note : Multiple choices will add in file after I accept the tutor


5 Page essay on 3 different texts, TED Talk,short story and a 250 page book, read description DUE 11/18 Writing Assignment Help

There are 3 texts you have to use in the essay:

-1st Text: 245 page book

Exit West By Mohsin Hamid

– 2nd Text:

TED TALK Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: “The Danger of a Single Story”

https://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_adichie_the_danger_of_a_single_story?language=en <https://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_adichie_the_danger_of_a_single_story?language=en>

– 3rd Text: 4 page short story

George Orwell: “Shooting an Elephant”

https://hilo.hawaii.edu/~tbelt/Pols360-S08-Reading-ShootingAnElephant.pdf <https://hilo.hawaii.edu/~tbelt/Pols360-S08-Reading-ShootingAnElephant.pdf>

Option 1 Prompt

Exit West, along with many of the stories and essays we have read this semester, wrestles with the question of what happens to our identities when we leave home, whether the departure is a displacement, an invasion, or an adventure. In an organized essay, explore the theme of home and identity in Exit West and two other stories or essays we have read this semester. Be sure to discuss the relationship between the texts concerning this theme, and whether the authors support, challenge, or complicate each other. Exit West must be one of the texts. For the other two, choose any of the texts on the syllabus or that we have used for in-class essays (including the diagnostic).

4-5 Page essay

2 quotes per paragraph

3 different texts but each paragraph needs 2 texts & 2 quotes and analysis of course

all three have to relate to each other



Apply: Management and Applications Worksheet Writing Assignment Help


The driving question behind this activity is “How can I apply key concepts from Management for success in school and my career?”

This activity can help you understand and apply key management concepts and tools from this week’s materials to identify opportunities for becoming more efficient and effective at work while you pursue an MBA. By completing the provided worksheet, you will gather concepts, resources, and tools for building future assignments, and that can provide immediate benefits in your job and relationships, including the following:

  • Identify and apply course concepts for success at school, work, and community.
  • Enhance credibility and assure integrity by supporting your ideas with research.
  • Automate management of research and attributions to save time, establish credibility, and ensure integrity of your work.

Proactive Time Management

Since many of the concepts in this course may be new or presented in a different perspective than your experience, consider starting to work on this early in the week. Learning has a time component; so, relying on just-in-time management to complete the assignment and other weekly activities might get the job done, but you may miss learning value available through the exercise, while you risk missing deadlines designed to keep you focused and on track.

Required Resources

Garner, S. (Producer), & Boland, M. (Director). (2011). Management styles explained [Video]. Films on Demand. Retrieved from https://fod.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=18566&xtid=44682

Kinicki, A., & Williams, B. K. (2016). Management: A practical introduction (17 ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.

Recommended Attribution Tools


Complete each empty cell in the Management Concepts and Applications Worksheet to define and apply key concepts from this week’s materials, as follows:

  1. Define. In the Define column, explain the concepts using course materials or other credible sources.
    1. Keep your definitions brief, 50 to 75 words.
    2. Success tip: Do not copy and paste definitions; make sure the definitions represent your own learning with proper citations.
  2. Cite. In the Cite column, provide an in-text citation for your concepts.
    1. This assignment should include at least two sources: the Management textbook and the “Management styles explained” video.
    2. Success tip: Do not pull your definitions off Internet searches. Using the premium resources you’re paying for will help you tap value for your tuition investment, improve your learning, and assure the integrity of your work.
    3. Competency tip: Use the Microsoft® Word Citations & Bibliography features under the Microsoft® Word References tab to automate your referencing.
      1. Enter the details about your sources under Manage Sources. Make sure you select Style > APA.
      2. Use Insert Citation to insert your citation at the point of every borrowed idea. You will also use the Bibliography > References for the References Cited section at the end of the document.
  3. Apply. In the Apply column, answer each question, focusing on how you can apply the concept for success in your MBA program or in your career.
    1. Keep your responses brief, no more than 100 words per cell.

Build a References Cited page in APA format.

  1. Make sure you have entered your sources using the Manage Sources option under the References tab, and inserted citations using the References > Insert Citation feature.
  2. Place your cursor under the References heading at the end of the worksheet.
  3. Under the References heading at the end of the worksheet, select Bibliography > References. This will automatically build your References Cited list using the information you entered using the Manage Sources option.
  4. For the final touch, make sure you have selected Style > APA under the References tab.

Competency Tip: The initial application of the Microsoft® Word References tab might seem a bit confusing, but the feature will save you many hours of work in the program by allowing you to automate the tedious attribution process, and help you integrate research across all your courses. Once you’ve entered a source under Manage Sources, that source will be available for you to apply across all papers in the course and program. For a demonstration of how to input and apply APA formatted citations and references, see Attributions: Become an Instant


Writing paper chapter 24 Business Finance Assignment Help

Writing paper chapter 24 Business Finance Assignment Help

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