Writing the following paper Writing Assignment Help

Writing the following paper Writing Assignment Help. Writing the following paper Writing Assignment Help.

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!!! APA FORMAT !!!

Conduct a professional interview with a community college administrator at the level of president, vice president, dean, and director. Interview only one of these community college administrators, no other position accepted. Write a four to five-page essay focusing on the administrator’s experiences working with a culturally diverse population including faculty, staff and students. Discuss examples of how the administrator’s personal commitment and dedication to cultural diversity enabled him or her to help people of color and women advance in their community college experience or other areas. Any other comments made by the administrator should be included in your essay.

Writing the following paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

research project Mathematics Assignment Help

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The main goal of this project is to help students to build skills in statistical analysis by applying the descriptive statistics tools to estimate mean wages by occupational employment group, and then use those estimates and the inferential statistics to infer the behavior of wage differentials across occupational employment groups. Students are expected to write their final research report which must describe the population of interest to the analysis, the data collection procedure, the implementation of the statistical procedure to estimate the population parameters (mean wage differentials) using the sample data, the interpretation of the results, and the recommendations of the policy.

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Organization Evaluation Business Finance Assignment Help

Use what you have learned to date to diagnose your manager/supervisor and your organization (American International Group (AIG)) or a part of it. For example, you might diagnose your work group, your division, your entire company, etc. Your choice should be based on what you know the best and therefore will be able to do a more complete diagnosis. Strong answers will show familiarity with the concepts and theories as well as your ability to apply them.

Use chapters 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15 (highlighted in the attached textbook)
(primarily 14 and 15 will be used but apply concepts from all listed above)

  • How does your supervisor influence you and your colleagues? That is, what styles of influence and power does he/she typically use? Provide examples. How do you react to them?
  • How does your supervisor/company motivate you? What theories of motivation does he/she use—whether he/she knows it or not? More specifically, identify the two main theories of motivation used and discuss how well and why they motivate you. Be sure to provide an example of each theory in use. That is, what does your manager do and in what way is this an application of the theory of motivation? Finally, if you were your supervisor, how would you motivate you?
  • Apply the readings about groups and teams and diagnose your group at work. Specifically, identify two to three areas of strength that your group does well and two to three areas that need improvement. For example, you might say “We always get our work to our customers on time and/or we waste a lot of time deciding on the best of several alternatives. Then explain what accounts for each area—i.e., how come/why is it able to do well (or not) in these areas. For example, you might say that our goal is very clear (or not) or we (don’t) trust each other.
  • Now turn to your organizational culture. We want you to both describe it and analyze it. More specifically, use the framework, “Dimensions of Organizational Culture Profile,” in the text to answer the following: Which three of the seven dimensions best describe the “core” of your company’s (or department’s) culture? Be sure to use examples; i.e. point to specific behavior, measures, activities that illustrate each of the three dimensions.

Then explain how your organization’s (or department’s) culture—especially the three dimensions—helps and/or hinders its business performance. Be specific and use examples. (If you can’t/don’t illustrate the connection between your culture and results, you haven’t thought about it enough.)

Submit a 1,800-word, single-spaced analysis.


Behavioral Interventions Presentation Writing Assignment Help

Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes that compares how behavioral theories and interventions can be used in both a community and corrections setting. Use complete sentences, with correct grammar and punctuation, to fully explain each slide as if you were giving an in-person presentation.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • At least two major theorists
  • At least two major theories
  • Your rationale explaining why each intervention can be used in both a community and correctional setting

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines


  • Your rationale explaining why each intervention can be used in both a community and correctional setting


Media plan Business Finance Assignment Help

Question 1

  • Write an APA 6th ed. formatted paper, of 11 to 15 pages in length not counting the title page, references list or appendix. This paper is to be a reflection of what you have learned during the course. Please edit and include a synopsis of a plan you developed in the PA and CLA assignments for the marketing of this product. Using the CLA 2 GUIDE TO THE MEDIA PLAN develop an integrated marketing communications plan for your product/service.
  • Develop a three page, (this is part of the 10 to 15 pages), media plan for this section that examines the identification of the target market, clearly states the communication message and how you will relate the message through your selection of specific modes of communication. Your media plan will look at four of the major modes of communication elements, such as advertising (traditional or new media), sales promotion, personal selling if applicable, public relations, direct marketing and/or you may use trade shows, outdoor signage if a strong fit in an IMC program. You are to develop a promotion mix budget and describe how you will secure the funds and allocate to the marketing communication activities. The final paper should include the Executive Summary to present the plan.
  • The table of contents for the final CLA 2 assignment includes:
    • brief introduction of project company/product/service,
    • situation analysis including PESTEL and SWOT analysis,
    • product/service features, benefits and brand identity,
    • marketing plan objectives,
    • competition analysis including differentiation and positioning,
    • target market profile,
    • distribution plan,
    • media plan,
    • how the marketing mix (the 4 Ps or 7 Ps) will work together to reinforce the plan objectives, and the marketing communication budget.
    • The Executive Summary of the marketing plan is the conclusion.
    • References page is the last slide before questions. There is no abstract or other summary.
    • Use in text citation that matches peer reviewed articles minimum 7

Question 2

In addition to your CLA2 report, please prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings for CLA2. The presentation will consist of your major findings, analysis, and recommendations in a concise presentation of 15 slides (minimum). You should use content from your CLA2 report as material for your PowerPoint presentation. In addition, you should include learning outcomes from all your major assignments.



History 5 page essay Humanities Assignment Help

For this paper, you will be engaging in a short oral history project involving data collection, analysis and presentation. Each student will choose a particular event in African-American history (or American history that is relevant to the African-American experience) between 1920 and 2016 that is particularly memorable.

Choosing an obscure topic can often result in a more fascinating, and paradoxically, easier-to-write paper. Your interview subjects must have lived during the event in question and should have memories of the event (i.e. they shouldn’t be so young as to not remember it well.)

All events relevant to the American experience are relevant to the specifically African-American experience. Whatever event you choose, you should examine it from the perspective of how it influenced, shaped, impacted, was inspired by, drew strength from, or otherwise involved the African-American experience in the United States.

a) Define the event (or series of events, or period)

b) Find individuals living during the period who remember the event

c) Determine what questions should be asked of those individuals about the event

d) Pool the data and questions about the event collected and present it in a short analytical report using outside sources.

History 5 page essay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Corporate tax problem Business Finance Assignment Help

Bill, Bob, Bud, Sue and Jane decided for form a corporation, Big Bubbas Brewing Company, each will end up with 2,500 shares. Each individual gave the following: Bill gave $100,000 in cash and brewing equipment with a FMV of $100,000 and his basis was $10,000. Bob gave a building and land with a FMV of $400,000, his basis in the property was $70,000 and the property had a loan of $200,000. Sue gave a food truck with a FMV of $60,000, her basis in the truck was $100,000. In addition, she gave $10,000 of legal services and $130,000 of cash. Jane gave additional brewing equipment with a FMV of $300,000, her basis was $25,000 and the equipment had a loan of $100,000. Bud gave A/R of $100,000, he is a cash basis tax payer and $100,000 in cash. All loans were transferred to the corporation. Please advise what are the tax ramifications to the new shareholders and the corporation, using code sections and numbers. The shareholders ask, if there are any gains from the transactions, is there a way to remove the gains? In Year 2, the company had earnings and profits from Year 1 and Year 2 of $560,000. The company paid out a distribution of $400,000, pro-rata to the shareholders in cash. Please advise the tax ramifications to the corporation and shareholders.


development of a personal business. Economics Assignment Help

Checkpoint #1: BUS 180, Principles of Economics

The checkpoint for BUS 180, the Principles of Economics course, is part of a series of assignments designed to enhance students’ knowledge and skills in achieving the goals and learning outcomes of the undergraduate program of the College of Business and Management.

The specific objective of the checkpoint assignment for BUS 180 is to enhance students’ knowledge and skills in evaluating and assessing the market structure for a startup business that they will develop. This exercise will provide the students with the opportunity of integration and implementation of theory to practice in developing the structural foundation of a startup business. This assignment, like the other critical assignments, is an integral part of the assessment plan for the College of Business and Management in measuring students’ success in achieving the overall intended students’ learning outcomes.

In BUS 180, each student will experience creating a start- up business to produce a specific product (a good or service). A three to five (3-5) page written research paper on the start- up business, the product and the market structure of the industry is required. The paper needs to present sections on the product information, this may be a good (tangible product) or a service (intangible product); and the initial and potential scope of the market in which the product will be supplied.

In addition, the written paper should have sections on the degree of the existing competition and the characteristics of the rival producers/organizations; the characteristics of the buyers and the potential demand for the product; and the strategy of the start- up business for pricing with regards to elasticity, production and maintaining its competitive advantage. Finally, a critical analysis of the findings and conclusion and the implications for the start-up business need to be addressed in the paper.

The specific components of the proposed start up business should include:

  • Product description
  • Scope of the market
  • Market Structure
  • Degree of competition, availability of substitute and barriers to entry
  • Potential demand
  • Elasticity
  • Industry Trends

The written plan should specifically address the following:

  1. Product and the initial and future scope of the market (local, national, international/global) that the proposed business intends to serve.
  2. Market structure, degree of competition and the availability of substitutes initially and in the future, locally and globally for the proposed product.
  3. Various barriers to entry to the market in which the proposed business will compete.
  4. Demand and buyers of the proposed product.
  5. Price, income and cross elasticity of demand for the proposed product and their influence on the various pricing and production strategies of the proposed business.
  6. Use the Internet and research the current performance and the future forecast for the industry that your proposed business belongs.

The written paper is to be typed double–spaced, 1’ margins, Times New Roman and 12-point font, with correct spelling and grammar, proper citation, references, with a cover page and organized with headings. The instructor’s approval of the topic is required.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  1. Specifically identify product and the initial and future scope of the market (local, national, international/global) that the proposed business intends to serve. (SLO 3.1, SLO 3.2)
  2. Recognize and evaluate the market structure, degree of competition and the availability of substitutes initially and in the future, locally and globally for the proposed product. (SLO 3.4, SLO 12.4)
  3. Identify the various barriers to entry to the market in which the proposed business will compete. (SLO 3.4)
  4. Evaluate and specify the potential demand and buyers of the proposed product. (SLO 3.3, SLO 12.4)
  5. Identify the degree of price, income and cross elasticity of demand for the proposed product and their influence on the various pricing and production strategies of the proposed business.

(SLO 3.1)

  1. Use the Internet and research the current performance and the future forecast for the industry that your proposed business belongs. (SLO 3.1, SLO 12.3, SLO 12.4)
  2. Demonstrate proficient writing skills. (SLO 12.6)


write an argumentative essay on why community college should be free (my own opinion) Writing Assignment Help

Write a 3-5 page (800-1300 word) essay that gives 2-3 arguments of your own on your topic .

*In order to give an argument, I expect you to:

i) state the argument in standard (i.e. premise-conclusion) form

ii) state whether your argument is deductive or inductive

iii) Give the reader reason to think that your argument is valid (if your argument is deductive) or strong (if your argument is inductive).

iv) give the reader some reason to think that your premises are true or plausible. Regarding iv), this can be done in a number of ways. For example, you might cite some statistics or you might consider an actual or hypothetical scenario that demonstrates the truth of a premise.

If you show that your argument is strong/valid and provide good reasons to believe that your premises are true, you will have given a good argument. You can use the material we have covered in class to find some helpful deductive/inductive argument forms (e.g. Modus Ponens/Tollens, Disjunctive Argument, Statistical Syllogism, Argument from Analogy, etc.).

Lastly, I want you to consider an objection to each of your arguments and respond to that objection. In other words, you need to critique your own argument and then try to show that the critique is not good.


I have a final project due Dec 9 by evening. Economics Assignment Help

Hi, i have a final paper which is 2400 words. this paper is about a research Q i will post it below also, there is data I got it from the student in class you should use it for this paper. I will provide some References because i used these sources for the previous paper: you have to use the same sources (don’t use different References ) please, read all instruction carefully,

Research Hypothesis:

Take part in game to assess that participation is compelling to get benefit maximization. On premise of game we will assess that the prisoner’s dilemma richly shows when every individual seeks after their very own personal circumstance and benefits, the result is more awful than if they had both collaborated.

The research question would be as follows:

  • How can we get maximum benefit that will satisfy to both parties?
  • Is the Compromising situation is beneficial in all circumstances?

use these References for the final paper :

Capra, C. M., J. K. Goeree, R. Gomez, and C. A. Holt. 1998. Anomalous behavior in a traveler’s

dilemma? forthcoming in the American Economic Review.

Davis, D. D., and C. A. Holt. 1993. Experimental economics. Princeton: Princeton University

Press 1993.

Holt, C. A., and S. K. Laury. 1997. Voluntary provision of a public good. Journal of Economic

Perspectives 11(Fall): 209-15

Aumann, R. 1987. Game theory. In J. Eatwell, M. Milgate, and P. Newman, eds., The New

Palgrave. London: MacMillan Press, 1987.

Sherman, R. 1971. Empirical oligopoly. Kyklos 24(1): 30-49.

Cooper, R., D. V. DeJong, R. Forsythe, and T. W. Ross. 1996. Cooperation without reputation:

Experimental evidence from prisoner’s dilemma games. Games and Economic Behavior

12(February): 187-218.


Writing the following paper Writing Assignment Help

Writing the following paper Writing Assignment Help

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