Written paper to Develop a Marketing Strategy for Host Hotels and Resorts in Egypt Business Finance Assignment Help

Written paper to Develop a Marketing Strategy for Host Hotels and Resorts in Egypt Business Finance Assignment Help. Written paper to Develop a Marketing Strategy for Host Hotels and Resorts in Egypt Business Finance Assignment Help.

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4 to 5 pages APA Style (Double- spaced)

  • The first step in developing your marketing strategy is to identify and assess the following components:
  • main competitors in the country- document in attachement below
    • size of the market – actual and potential
    • market and segment growth and profitability
    • costs and cost structure
    • distribution systems channels
  • The second step is to assess the characteristics of your organization’s potential customers in the selected country (EGYPT). How would the marketing strategy be tailored to the country’s market? Specifically, what would be the marketing mix, promotional practices, pricing and branding strategies in the country?
  • The third step is to assess your organization’s use of web networks and social media for e-marketing, given the unique ways in which computers, smartphones, the Internet, and social media are used among the country’s consumers.
  • The fourth step prepare market share estimates for your product or service in the country and revenue forecasts for the near term (6–12 months) and longer-term (2–4 years). Please provide proper justification for your projections, such as prior industry performance in terms of unit sales, market size, and profit margins in the country.

Written paper to Develop a Marketing Strategy for Host Hotels and Resorts in Egypt Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

International law(answering questions) Writing Assignment Help

Question 1:

Please analyse the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (“JCPOA”) of 14 July 2015 (also known as the “Iran deal”) and explain whether it is a treaty in accordance with the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

In addition, please read the statement by President Trump announcing that the United States will “withdraw” from the JCPOA and comment on it. Can the United States “withdraw” from the JCPOA?

The JCPOA is available here: http://eeas.europa.eu/archives/docs/statements-eea…

The statement of President Trump is available here: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/08/us/politics/tru…

Question 2:

Please read paragraphs 99 to 129 of the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the Mamatkulov case, as well as the Dissenting Opinion of Judges Caflisch, Türkmen and Kovler, and comment on them. Is the interpretation by the Court of Article 34 of the European Convention on Human Rights in accordance with the rules of interpretation set forth in Articles 31 and 32 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties?

The judgment and the dissenting opinion is available here: https://hudoc.echr.coe.int/eng#{appno:[46827/99],itemid:[001-68183]}

Question 3:

Mr. Dragunov is a Russian national. In January 2018, he travelled to Algeria for business purposes. While he was there, there was an attempt of coup d’état, and hundreds of people suspected of having planned it were put in prison, including Mr. Dragunov. As of today, 30 November 2018, Mr. Dragunov remains in prison. He has not had any kind of trial for the crimes that he allegedly committed; he has not had access to lawyers; and he has not been able to communicate with the Russian consulate in Algeria for assistance. It is believed that he may also have been tortured.

You are the legal adviser of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia, and you are asked to draft a note verbale to your Algerian counter-part stating that Russia intends to exercise diplomatic protection over its national.

Please draft the note verbale, explaining in particular: (1) the meaning of “diplomatic protection”; (2) the relevant facts with respect to Mr. Dragunov; and (3) the legal basis of your claim.


​Movement Analysis Paper about : (climbing or kayak) one of them Science Assignment Help

Movement Analysis Paper:

Students will write an analysis of movement paper for the sport or activity of their choice. The analysis should be broken down into the different phases necessary for the particular sport or activity (stance, preparatory, movement, follow-through, and recovery).

Someone without any knowledge of the sport or skill but knowledgeable in anatomy, kinesiology, and anatomical terminology should be able to read your paper and perform each and every movement at every joint from initial stance through recovery by following exactly what you write.

For each phase of the sport skill, the student must list all of the muscles primarily involved in maintaining each position (or preventing movement from that position), causing each movement, or controlling each movement at EVERY joint.

This listing must include the types of muscle contraction (isometric, eccentric, or concentric) for each of the muscles primarily involved and the specific movement or position maintained for each joint.

Do not assume that upper (or lower) extremity activities such as throwing (or kicking) involve only that extremity. For almost every analysis of movement topic, you will need to provide detailed information for all of the joints in both upper & lower extremities as well as the lumbar spine and cervical spine.

This includes the fingers, wrists, radioulnar, elbow, glenohumeral, shoulder girdle, cervical spine, lumbar spine, hip, knee, ankle, transverse tarsal/subtalar, and toes on both the right and left sides. If exactly the same actions are being conducted by exactly the same muscles contracting in the same manner you may list them together, but otherwise each joint on each side should be listed separately.

The guidelines listed below are to be followed in writing the paper.

A. Your top three choices of the specific movement for analysis should be submitted for approval by Monday, October 1, 2018.

B. The paper must be typed, have a title page, and be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and use Times New Roman or Arial font size 12. Please follow APA or AMA (6th edition) guidelines for formatting.

C. The paper must be three to ten full pages in content when typed, not counting title pages, table of contents, bibliography page, pictures, illustrations, charts, etc.

D. Illustrations, drawings, and charts are not necessary but may be helpful. If they are used, they should be labeled and referred to in the body of the paper.

E. At least three references must be used. Your textbook may be used for one. F. The APA style of footnoting references should be followed. You may prefer to use the manual. G. A Bibliography or Reference Page must be included.


Project :solve a problem that involves bernoulli’s using matlab and autocad Engineering Assignment Help

1. A residential water piping system to an upstairs shower is comprised of three components. First, a
commercial steel main line, 2.54 cm in diameter and 10 m long, supplied by a static pressure of 550 kPa.
The last bit of the steel pipe includes an abrupt contraction to the diameter of the second segment of
pipe. Second, a drawn copper pipe, 1.27 cm in diameter and 8 m long, rising a total of 6 m in elevation
and containing two short-radius 90◦
elbows, two T-joints with inline flow, and one fully-open globe
valve, and an abrupt contraction to the diameter of the third segment of pipe. Third, 1 m of 0.95 cm
diameter drawn copper pipe, rising 1 m in elevation and discharging to atmospheric pressure through
a showerhead of K = 1.5. Water is supplied at 20 ◦C and the shower is unheated.

In this project we have to solve this problem using matlab and autocad i have already solved it analytically i just need someone to write the code and do the cad part


Executive Threat Intelligence Briefing Computer Science Assignment Help

This assignment will require you to write a professional cyber threat intelligence report that will be used to brief C-level executives at a Fortune 100 global defense & aerospace corporation of the threat posed to the company by a suspected Chinese cyber espionage activity commonly referred to as “Temp.Periscope” and “Leviathan.”


In a 5+ page report, please provide an intelligence assessment of the threat posed to your organization by the adversary group listed above. This report should contain as much contextual information as possible, including any and all available indicators of compromise (IOCs) that may help cyber security staff perform threat hunting activities for signs of a network intrusion event.

Please structure your report into three sections based upon the strategic, operational and technical information you are able to collect, analyze and provide an assessment on. In addition, when providing your assessment, please use estimative language found in the diagram on the following webpage: https://twitter.com/y0m/status/982883765809631232

I’d also like you to include a Maltego graph in your report showing the different IOCs you’ve collected – you can download the software via the following link: https://www.paterva.com/web7/downloads.php

  • Remember, Control + T will enable you to create a new graph within Maltego

Some of the considerations you may want to consider when writing your report include but aren’t limited to:

  1. What threat actor or group is allegedly responsible for these attacks?
  2. Is the threat actor or group linked to a foreign nation-state?
  3. What was the suspected motivation or goal of the attacks?
  4. Were any vulnerabilities (known or zero-day) associated with these attacks?
  5. What tactics, techniques & procedures (TTPs) were used in the attacks?
  6. What malware and tools does this threat group utilize?
  7. Are there any indicators of compromise (IOCs) associated with the attacks?
  8. What recommendations would you make to senior leadership to reduce the risk posed by this cyber adversary?

Here are some examples of open source reporting on this topic that you may consider using for your report:






You are encouraged to perform additional open source research on this topic to collect as much information a possible to support your intelligence product. Please provide a list of all external sources (URLs are sufficient) on the last page of your report.



Research paper on Company: Blizzard Entertainment Business Finance Assignment Help

other convenient source and

  • (a)Analyze the financial condition of the company you have selected. Use the financial ratios that relate to its liquidity, activity, debt, profitability, and market value. In which areas has the company improved, and in which areas has the company’s financial position worsened? Use the Du Pont system to determine what drives the profitability of the company. Your analysis should include long term growth opportunities for the company and to what extent it is a viable entity.
  • (b)Would you be interested in investing in this company? Explain.

Typed double spaced, should be in APA, 5 or more sources and a word count of three thousand words. Appendix is separate. Do not calculate the ratios. They are available on

Research paper on Company: Blizzard Entertainment Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Where is Mercer County? IPLAN Science Assignment Help

My county is Mercer County

Mechanics of the paper:

  • Each Person is to organize an 8-10 page paper (you may exceed 10 pages, but need at least 8).
    • Each page should be double-spaced
    • 12-point font ONLY; Times New Roman Font ONLY.
    • 1 inch margins all around—top, sides, and bottom of each page.
    • Number each page sequentially, upper right-hand corner of page, after page 1.
    • Your finished paper needs to include a title page with each section listed.
    • Each page is one-sided.
    • A special link will appear on your course menu to allow you to turn in your paper beginning Week 10, if you want to finish your paper early.
  • Each paper will consist of 5 parts, corresponding to the five criteria detailed above.
  • Each section will include an assessment of how your County interpreted the state mandate,
  • Start each section of your paper with a definition of what it is you want to discuss; e.g.
  • Provide at least two examples of whether or not your individual IPLAN section(1-5)
  • For each of the five criteria for an IPLAN (three formal, two “informal”), compare
  • Compare your County’s IPLAN to how DeKalb County covered the same “Element”.
  • Please do not exceed two pages for each of the five criteria.

will be accepted after that time and date.

Content of the Paper:

by examining the actual elements of each section of their IPLAN.

“organizational capacity”, “community health needs assessment”, other criteria (formal

and informal).

conforms to State of Illinois expectations. How do you know it conforms/does not conform?

that element with the corresponding part of Kettner’s “Logic Model”. How does it reflect

Kettner’s Logic analysis?


Watch 6min video. Write Feedback Writing Assignment Help

Watch a 6minute video of a team pitching their business idea and provide a feedback about 100 words. I have provided 2 feedback examples of other students that provided a feedback to this video.



“You guys did a great job with your pitch. Also nice job incorporating your costumer interviews as well. I really like how you guys broke down the cost of the product and compared it to existing products on the market, it gave a great visual. One thing that concerns me is how much bulk is the UV cleaning light going to add to the knife block. If every slot has a UV light to clean it I could see it getting bulky quick. A model or something to visually see would be nice so we could actually see what it would look like. Overall great job!”


“You did a good job with your pitch guys. You explained it clearly and you incoporated your customer interviews very well also. I just don’t understand how much UV lights you need to clean the block. Maybe if we can have a model to see to what it would look like. Otherwise, it is a great job!”


.State all null and alternative hypotheses for this experiment. Mathematics Assignment Help

Bailey has performed a very large experiment testing the diameter of chocolate chip cookies made with different formulations. She has tested high and low levels of each of butter, sugar, and flour in every possible combination of the factors. For each factor combination, or formulation, she measured the diameter of six different cookies.

For credit for this problem, you must do both of the tasks below correctly:

1.State all null and alternative hypotheses for this experiment.

2.Construct an ANOVA table using equations only. Use the format in the sample table below as a guideline for how your completed table should look. DO NOT PUT NUMBERS IN THE TABLE!!!


Read and answer these three questions only!! (urgent) Economics Assignment Help

Access the U.S. bond and stock markets data from these two links: bonds and stocks, and then write the answers to the questions below.

1. Which bonds have higher yield: short-term (1, 3, or 6-month Bills), or long-term (7, 10, or 30-year bonds)? Can you guess why?

2. The yield of the 10-year U.S. Treasury Note is usually considered to be an important determinant of the mortgage interest rates. What has been the pattern of the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury Note over the last decade?

3. At which point since year 2000 were the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the Standard and Poor 500 (S&P 500) stock market indexes at their lowest levels?


Written paper to Develop a Marketing Strategy for Host Hotels and Resorts in Egypt Business Finance Assignment Help

Written paper to Develop a Marketing Strategy for Host Hotels and Resorts in Egypt Business Finance Assignment Help

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