WRK 100 Strayer University Week 9 Skill Development Plan Worksheet Writing Assignment Help

WRK 100 Strayer University Week 9 Skill Development Plan Worksheet Writing Assignment Help. WRK 100 Strayer University Week 9 Skill Development Plan Worksheet Writing Assignment Help.

Course: WRK100: Preparing for the Future of Work

Assignment 3: Skill Development Plan

Due: Week 9

Points: 125

What to submit/deliverables: Word document that contains the Skill Development Plan.

What is the value of doing this assignment? For the last nine weeks, you‘ve been learning how the 10 Skills are an essential part of being successful in the future world of work. In Assignment 2, you began to reflect on your skills and goals and how the 10 Skills have helped you reach accomplishments. Your understanding of the skills have been refined, and now it‘s time to reflect on your strengths and areas for growth again in order to develop a plan moving forward.

For this assignment, you‘ll identify three skills that you‘d like to focus on and develop a plan for. As you think of which skills you‘d like to improve upon, consider choosing skills at varying levels. You might, for example, choose a skill that you are already strong in, but would be excited to continue exploring and building upon, as well as a skill that you might have more room for growth in. At the end of the assignment, you‘ll leave with the beginning of a tangible plan for personal and professional development that you can review with the Career Center team.

Your goal for this assignment is to: Practice your communication skill by using the Skill Development Plan Template to outline a plan for developing skills to support a successful learning experience and career. (See the Skill Development Plan Sample.)

Steps to complete: In Week 9, complete and submit your Skill Development Plan using the following steps:

STEP 1: Identify the targeted skill. Summarize your strengths and areas of improvement in this skill area. Then, identify your desired outcomes around this skill area and write a positive goal statement. Complete the following sections of the template: Target Skill, Strengths, Areas of Improvement, Desired Outcome, and Goal Statement.

STEP 2: Specify the actions you can take to work towards your goals, with specific strategies and practices that you can apply. Identify any potential obstacles and challenges to achieving your goal. Complete the following sections of the template: Practices for Growth, Action Steps, and Potential Obstacles and Challenges.

STEP 3: Keeping your action plan in mind, identify trusted supporters and university resources that can help you in your skill development plan. Complete the following sections of the template: Key Supporters and Supporting University Resources.

STEP 4: Reflect on the connections between skill development and your overall personal, academic, and professional goals. Complete the following sections of the template: Benefits From Change and Connections to Personal, Academic, and Career Goals.

STEP 5: Complete Steps 1‐4 for the two other skills you have identified.

STEP 6: Save the template with your completed responses as a Word file titled Your Name, WRK100_Assignment 3 Skill Development Plan

WRK 100 Strayer University Week 9 Skill Development Plan Worksheet Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Herzing University Health Care Human Resource Management Memorandum Health Medical Assignment Help

In this assignment, you will create a memo for your NewShoes simulation leadership team explaining your current stance with the competition and how you plan to move forward as it relates to expanding globally in order to be successful in the long term. You are to apply what you have learned from the last 8 decisions from the NewShoes simulation to complete this assignment.

You are to address the following in your memo:

  • How your NewShoes organization can remain competitive from a Marketing perspective
  • Summarize your decisions throughout the simulation and the current status of your NewShoes organization. Explain how you analyzed your results from the previous decision period using the purchased market research, the Income Statement, Dashboard, and other tools available to you.
  • Explain your Competitive Advantage over your Competitors.
  • Provide your recommendations for the company moving forward based on your current status in the simulation and your goals for global expansion.


  1. Please submit your assignment using the Global Expansion Memo Template
  2. Your memo should be no more than 600 words in length
  3. Accurate description and reference of all concepts and theories used in completing your submission
  4. Well-organized clearly presented work (free from excessive spelling and grammatical errors).
  5. Properly cited sources using APA 6th edition.

Estimated time to complete: 4 hours


EDM 501 TUI Animal Abuse and Exploitation Discussion Law Assignment Help

Module 1 – Case


Assignment Overview

Read the articles provided. Focus on groups, their agendas, goals, ideology. Read Marighella, (1969). Mini-manual of the Urban Guerrilla to gain an understanding as to why it is a primer document for terrorist tactics throughout the Americas. I would suggest a review of Major Marques Command and Staff Paper, 2003 as a counter balance to this manual.

You will note the reference to guerrilla warfare in lieu of terrorism. They are different and at the same time very much alike in personnel, tactics, strategy, tools and vision. Each organization has its own signature or footprint that makes it unique.

Case Assignment

Link to “10 Terrorist Organizations Operating in the US

Pick two (2) U.S. Domestic terrorist groups.

Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), Write an essay that provides general understanding and applied insight into the groups’ theory, background and motivations plus answering the questions:

Information on ALF and ELF:


1.Why is the group a terrorist group?

Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the Earth Liberation Front (ELF),

2.Under which terrorist theory category does it fall?

3.Where does the group operate?

4.What are the group’s objectives?

5.How is the group organized?

6.How is the group financed?

7.Is the group linked to any other groups?

8.Does the group have strong organization and or communications (security)?

9.Has/was the group been infiltrated by the FBI? If so, how?

10. Your assessment on the group’s future viability.

If you cannot find the answer to the above questions for your group, then there must be a reason why? Use your critical thinking and answer based on your views.

Assignment Expectations

Length: This Case Assignment should be at least 4-6 pages not counting the title page and references.

References: At least two references should be included from academic sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles). Required readings are included. Quoted material should not exceed 10% of the total paper (since the focus of these assignments is critical thinking). Use your own words and build on the ideas of others. When material is copied verbatim from external sources, it MUST be enclosed in quotes. The references should be cited within the text and also listed at the end of the assignment in the References section (preferably in APA format).

Organization: Subheadings should be used to organize your paper according to question.

Grammar and Spelling: While no points are deducted for minor errors, assignments are expected to adhere to standards guidelines of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence syntax. Points may be deducted if grammar and spelling impact clarity.

The following items will be assessed in particular:

Relevance: All content is connected to the question.

Precision: Specific question is addressed. Statements, facts, and statistics are specific and accurate.

Depth of discussion: Present and integrate points that lead to deeper issues.

Breadth: Multiple perspectives and references, multiple issues and factors considered.

Evidence: Points are well-supported with facts, statistics and references.

Logic: Presented discussion makes sense, conclusions are logically supported by premises, statements, or factual information.

Clarity: Writing is concise, understandable, and contains sufficient detail or examples.

Objectivity: Avoid use of first person and subjective bias.


Module 1 – Background


Required Reading

Cadigan J., & Schmitt P. M. (2010). Strategic entry deterrence and terrorism: Theory and experimental evidence. Public Choice, 143: 3–22. Available from the Trident Online Library. Read the first 4 pages only.

Kaplan, J. (2008). Terrorism fifth wave: A theory, a conundrum, and a dilemma. Perspectives on Terrorism, 2(2), Retrieved from https://www.researchgate.net/publication/277405374…

Marighella, C. (1969). Mini-manual of the urban guerrilla. Retrieved from http://www.marxists.org/archive/marighella-carlos/… [a classic]

Militant extremists in the United States (2016). Homeland Security Digital Library. Retrieved from https://www.hsdl.org/c/militant-extremists-in-the-…

Miller, E. and Smarick, K. (2012). Profiles of perpetrators of terrorism in the United States. START Terrorism Database. Retrieved from https://www.start.umd.edu/pubs/START_PPTUS_DataCol…

Trista (n. d.). The Weathermen launched a terror campaign in the 1960s and 1970s. Retrieved from http://historycollection.co/diana-oughton-one-many…

Optional Reading

Marques, P. D. (2003). Guerilla warfare tactics in urban environments. U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Retrieved from http://fas.org/man/eprint/marques.pdf

Perspectives on Terrorism Journal. (2017). Journal of the Terrorism Research Initiative and the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies. Retrieved fromhttp://www.terrorismanalysts.com/pt/index.php/pot/…

Coats, D. R. (2018). Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community. Retrieved from https://www.dni.gov/files/documents/Newsroom/Testi…

Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the Earth Liberation Front (ELF): https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/news/testimony/a…


Academy of Art University Renaissance and Neoclassical Essay Writing Assignment Help

ASSIGNMENT: Write a 3-5 page essay comparing and contrasting two works of art from two different styles covered in this course between the periods of the High Renaissance and Impressionism. One of your selected works of art must be from AFTER the midterm (Modules 8-14) You must cover the following points in your comparison:

Introduction and Thesis

  • Introduce the artwork titles, period styles and artists names
  • Briefly state what you believe is significant about these artworks
  • In other words… Tell your reader what works of art you will be discussing and why you think they are important

Stylistic analysis

  • Correctly identify artwork titles, period styles and artists names
  • Compare the artworks by discussing key stylistic characteristics associated with artists and period styles
  • Apply art history vocabulary correctly and uses it to support your stylistic analysis
  • In other words… What make these works stylistically significant?

Cultural analysis

  • Compare the artworks by discussing key cultural issues associated with artists and periods
  • Discuss how the cultural context of each period influenced the artistic development of the period style (Make connections between cultural context and style)
  • In other words… What makes these works culturally significant?

Conclusion and Thematic Connection

  • Analyze the ways art can affect and/or reflect cultural, political and social issues
  • Draw conclusions about the artist / society which produced the artwork from the comparison
  • In other words… What “Thematic Connection” can you make between the two works of art that helps you better understand them or the culture they represent?


  • Incorporate 3 our more sources (outside of module text) to support your analysis
  • Properly cite your sources using MLA format
  • Include a list of “Works Cited”

Written Mechanics

  • Use of grammar, spelling and punctuation correctly throughout your paper
  • Proofread
  • In other words…there should be no mechanical errors!

SOURCES: 3 in addition to the module text

  • scholarly professional web site (for example, a museum, research institute or university)
  • nonfiction book published within the last 50 years
  • an art history textbook such as Garnders Art Through the Ages, Jansen’s, or Schneider-Adams
  • professional art historical publication (magazine or journal child) such as The Art Bulletin these can be accessed through an online database free through the AAU Library called JSTOR
  • Oxford/Grove Dictionary of Art Online
  • Credible professional websites such as those of museums, galleries, and universities, for example:

In other words…don’t use Wikipedia!!!


Your research paper must:

  • Be a minimum of 3-5 pages, excluding illustrations, headings, and paragraph breaks.
  • Be spell-checked, grammar-checked, proofread for errors not caught by your computer.
  • Include a heading containing your full name, ID number, class title and section, date, and instructor’s name.
  • Be typed and double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font.
  • Be submitted as a Microsoft Word-compatible document (.doc or .rtf, not .docx).
  • Cite references used according to MLA style and include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. You are encouraged to use A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker for help with MLA style, revision, punctuation, and sentence style, and A Short Guide to Writing About Art by Sylvan Barnett for specific help with comparing and contrasting artwork.


Introduction To Fiction Essay Writing Assignment Help

Write an essay of approximately 1250 words (give or take 100 words) on two or more stories that we have done in class. Only ONE of these stories may be a story that we discussed in class before the midterm. The other(s) MUST be a story listed in the syllabus as coming AFTER the midterm exam. Both stories you choose may come after the midterm. Essays must be submitted on Turnitin.

Prompt: Compare and contrast these stories in relation to a theme of your choice.

1. Stories we did before the midterm: “The Jewelry”, “Girl”, “The Lawsuit” and “Hills Like White Elephants.”

2. Storie that comes after the midterm: “Signs and Symbols”, “Miss Brill”, “The Lady With the Little Dog” and “Dead Men’s Path.”

So you need to choose a theme that related to both stories and ANALYZE the idea of the writers.

try not to right a summary in a body because I want analysis



How Vital Water Is to Sustaining Life and Often Taken for Granted Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Write a few paragraphs about the 3 viewings you watch, and then write 1 paragraph response to each of the 2 students.

Prompt: After watching the trilogy of films in Triumph of Illusion, what did you find most interesting and why? Use specific details to illustrate your points.

Student 1: After watching the videos, I learned that there are places all over the nation that don’t have access to clean water. In the video “Muerte Silenciosa” I was surprised to learn that California has cities and counties that haven’t had access to clean water for decades. Jim Costa, a California representative mentions “the politics of water have been fought for decades” and how “water is a great source of division” in the video. Hearing this angered me. Water is not political nor should it be. Water is a neccasary component to life, it should be available to everyone despite their financial backgroud or geographic location in the world. It should also be clean and safe water that does not get people sick. I believe that as a resident in the United States clean water, food, and other neccasary goods should be available no matter what. People are having to pay their water bills for water that isn’t even drinkable. More news coverage and attention is needed to educate the people of America and show how horrible and time-sensitive this issue is. America can’t be the “land of the free and home of the brave” if the necassary components to life aren’t available to it’s people for free or at a low cost and if our politicians and people in power aren’t brave enough to help make change.

Student 2: After watching the films in Triumph of Illusion what I found most interesting was the part in Stolen Paradise that talked about how important water is for life. A quote that stood out to me was ” once you spread water you spread life”. This was interesting to me becuse it protrayed how important water is to have as a resource. Another quote that stood out to me was ” water is the life blood to our culture”. It also talked about how water is becoming less available and how much it has dissapeaered over the year. There were some places that became completly dried up. They also talked about how LA would not have been what it is today if it was not for imported water.

Viewing 1:

VIewing 2:

Viewing 3:

How Vital Water Is to Sustaining Life and Often Taken for Granted Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

SS 360 Purdue University Global Women in Advertising Presentation Humanities Assignment Help


For this Unit 9 Assignment, you will consider the presentations of women in the media between 1950 and present day. You will want to consider the Unit 9 theme of artistic expression, including pop culture and advertising, as part of your essay.

For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation emphasizing the presentation of women in the media between 1950 and present day, including a brief audio component (between 30 and 60 seconds long) on your assessment and conclusion presentation slide.

Use the following Unit 9 PowerPoint template (also available in Course Documents) to complete this assignment.


  • Choose one advertisement, published between 1950 and present day, which is intriguing to you; select an advertisement which prompts an immediate response – e.g., an ad which intrigues or motivates you, or even an ad which frustrates or annoys you. The ad you select must be included on one of the slides in your Unit 9 Assignment PowerPoint submission. Including an image of the ad (or a link to the website video) is required for this submission.
  • Once you have selected your advertisement, describe the ad, specifically noting what you see, or what any included captions indicate, as well as the tone of the ad. For example: Is the ad amusing, disturbing, ironic, sarcastic, sexy, or vague and/or even confusing (perhaps on purpose)? Does the ad seem old-fashioned or sentimental, or does the ad glorify the subject matter? Address the subject of the ad. What catches your attention as you look at the ad?
  • Address the argument of the ad. What do you think the ad is trying to promote or demonstrate? Does the ad display societal expectations of women, or attempt to defy those expectations? Does the ad reflect a particular time period?
  • Address the audience. How does the ad reach its audience? Who is the target audience? Does the ad assume viewers will understand the context of the ad? How did you connect to, or even disconnect from, the message in the ad?
  • Address connections to society and culture. What can you learn about American culture and women’s experiences by viewing and examining this ad? How does this ad reflect the time period in which it appears?

Assessment and Conclusion:

  • Using the ad you selected, consider how women, in general, are portrayed in advertising. How does your selection compare? Think of 21st Century advertising campaigns, such as the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty or the Always “Like a Girl” campaign, which emphasize confidence and address self-esteem. What are the benefits and/or disadvantages of these types of advertising campaigns?
  • As part of your conclusion, summarize the key points regarding your selected advertisement, and address whether you feel advertisements in the 21st Century reflect women in a positive perspective.
  • You will record your assessment and conclusion on your assessment and conclusion slide using the record feature in PowerPoint.
  • Keep in mind that the recorded component should be in Standard English and include a highly developed and sustained viewpoint and purpose. The announcement should be highly ordered, logical, and unified. Oral delivery techniques, including word choice and oral expressiveness, should display exceptional content, organization, and style, and should lead the audience to a dynamic and supported conclusion.

Dove. (2015). The Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty. Retrieved from http://www.dove.us/Social-Mission/campaign-for-rea…

Always. (2015, July 7). Always #LikeAGirl – Unstoppable [Video file]. Retrieved from

Format and Word Count:

For this Assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation. The number of slides you incorporate will depend upon how you divide your content. However, you will need to include at least 500 words for this presentation. You are welcome to include your content in the “notes” section of PowerPoint for each slide, if you wish.

The Assignment should employ connections to the Unit 9 Reading material. You should follow the Unit 9 Assignment template linked above in the guidelines (and included in Course Documents as well).

An audio recording is a requirement for the assessment and conclusion slide in this presentation. The audio recording should be between 30 and 60 seconds long.

APA formatting:

Connections to the Unit 9 Reading material are required for this Assignment. Be sure to include APA parenthetical citations and references; formatting for citations and reference entries should follow the APA 6th edition style guide, which is available under Content / Academic Tools via the Academic Writer link.


SS 360 Purdue University Global Unit 8 Interview with a Professional Female Paper Mathematics Assignment Help

or this Assignment, you will consider the impact of the second and third waves of feminism on women’s opportunities in the public sector. In some cases, the impact could be the opportunities for promotion and/or management roles; in others, this could be the ability to enter fields in which women were less likely to be present, such as scientific research, IT, the military, etc.

For this Assignment, you will explore the experiences of women in the public sector by conducting an interview with a woman who is currently employed. After conducting your interview, you will share your own workplace experiences as well as those of your interview subject, in combination with connections to the Unit 8 Reading. The goal of this Assignment is to determine how individual experiences in the public sector reflect the challenges and successes of the second and third waves of feminism between 1960 and present.


Select one woman employed (in any field) and ask her about her workplace experiences. Your interview subject could be a female coworker, family member, friend, neighbor, or a total stranger, who is currently employed, and interview this woman about her experiences in the workplace. You should create at least 5 interview questions to ask your interview subject. Be prepared to ask follow-up questions if you would like additional information. For example, you may wish to ask questions related to your interview subject’s career history, impressions of upward mobility, or pay scales.


  • Begin with an introduction in which you address the significance of improved opportunities in the public sector for women between 1960 and present, including employment legislation and entrance into previously off-limit fields.
  • Introduce the individual you are interviewing and explain why you chose her for the interview. Then, you will summarize her replies and highlight her experiences in the workforce. *You are not required to submit the interview transcript for this Unit 8 assignment. Consider the following when you address her experiences: What were your interview subject’s observations regarding changes in the workforce in recent decades? How have these changes impacted her personally? How have these changes impacted her family?
  • Address your own experiences in the workforce and address the same considerations you addressed for the assessment of both interviews. Compare your experiences in the workforce with those of your interview subject. How are your experiences different from, or similar to, those of your interview subject?
  • Connect the Unit 8 reading. What has been the impact of employment legislation, in your perspective, on the workplace between 1960 and present? Address why learning about the history of women’s experiences in the workforce is useful.
  • Include a conclusion to summarize your points.

Word Count:

The Assignment should be at least 500 words and should employ connections to the Unit 8 Reading material. You should follow the Unit 8 Assignment template in Course Documents.

APA formatting:
Connections to the Unit 8 Reading material are required for this Assignment. Be sure to include APA parenthetical citations and references; formatting for citations and reference entries should follow the APA 6th edition style guide, which is available under Content / Academic Tools via the Academic Writer link.


MGT 511 Trident University Jones Investments Employee Benefits PPT Business Finance Assignment Help

You have been asked to give a 10-minute presentation to a college’s undergraduate HRM class. You have decided to use the following case scenario to spearhead the discussion.

figures shaking hands
Pixabay.com. Labeled for reuse.

An Attractive Benefits Package?

Susan greeted Beutan, her next interview applicant. Beutan had an excellent academic record and appeared to be just the kind of person Susan’s company, Jones Investments, was seeking in an investments technician. Susan is the staffing specialist for Jones and had already interviewed two individuals for the position.

Based on the application form, Beutan appeared to be the most promising candidate to be interviewed that day. From his past experience it looked as if he could be in his mid-forties. His address showed that he lived 45 miles away from the Jones facility. The application stated that Beutan achieved a 3.7 GPA in his master’s courses, with a 4.0 in his major field of finance. He achieved his degree a year ago by working during the day and attending classes at night. Beutan was not only treasurer of his district’s financial planning association but also served as volunteer on the high school’s financial advising committee. The recommendation letters in Beutan’s file revealed that he was both active socially and a rather intense and serious student. One of the letters from Beutan’s full-time employer of four years boasted a notable work ethic.

Beutan was laid off due to a cutback in business and was looking again for full-time work.

Susan knew that discussion of benefits could be an important part of the recruiting interview. But she did not know which aspects of Jones’ benefits program would appeal most to Beutan. The company has an excellent profit-sharing plan, although 80% of profits distributions are deferred and included in each employee’s retirement account. Health benefits are also good. It also has long-term care insurance but no short-term care. The company’s medical and dental plan pays a significant portion of costs. A company lunchroom provides meals at prices about 65% less than outside prices. Employees get one week of paid vacation after the first year and two weeks after two years with the company. Five days are provided each year for sick leave. In addition, there are 7 paid holidays each year. Finally, the company encourages advanced education, paying for tuition and supplies for courses directly related to an employee’s job. Under certain circumstances, employees are allowed time off to attend classes during the day. Jones also provides a 50% daycare discount for employees with young children.

After you have read the above situation carefully, respond to the following questions in a slide presentation of about 10 slides.

  • What aspects of the Jones Investments benefits program are likely to appeal to Beutan? Explain.
  • What aspects of the Jones benefit package would likely be the least appealing to Beutan? Discuss.
  • In today’s work environment, what other benefits offered by employers might be attractive to Beutan? Why? Share examples of best-practice benefits offered by employers (discussing at least two employers by name).

Use at least 2 library sources to help strengthen and support your presentation.

Prepare 10 slides and add a voice-over component (in PowerPoint). Be sure to present a list of references at the end of your presentation.


MGT 511 Trident University Employee Compensation and Benefits Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

You have been asked to write an opinion piece for a local newspaper in which you address the following:

  1. Analyze the practice of companies offering their own products to enhance the total compensation of its employees.
  2. Is this a common practice in U.S. organizations? Give real-life examples (employers by name). In your educated opinion, do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?
  3. Make recommendations regarding an expansion of the benefits programs offered at Makey’s. Justify your recommendations with outside sources.

Use at least 3 library sources &/or module sources to help strengthen and validate your discussion. Also, utilize actual employer examples (stating employers by name) from your readings/research.

Submit your paper by the module due date. Paper length: 3-4 pages (not counting the cover and reference pages).


WRK 100 Strayer University Week 9 Skill Development Plan Worksheet Writing Assignment Help

WRK 100 Strayer University Week 9 Skill Development Plan Worksheet Writing Assignment Help