Your initial post (approximately 200-250 words) should address each question in the discussion Writing Assignment Help

Your initial post (approximately 200-250 words) should address each question in the discussion Writing Assignment Help. Your initial post (approximately 200-250 words) should address each question in the discussion Writing Assignment Help.

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Your initial post (approximately 200-250 words) should address each question in the discussion

1.Post a reflection on outcomes associated with social issues confronting LGBTQ youth and also on the sex trafficking of children.

  • a paragraph defining sexual orientation and categories of sexual orientation, 2) a second paragraph describing issues that affect LGBTQ youth and the effects and 3) a third paragraph describing sex trafficking of children and the effects. (MLO 5.3)

2. Post a reflection on specific aspects of American culture associated with major illnesses and diseases in the United States. Conceptualize the reflection through the concept of the ecological model.

3.The word “reasonable” surfaces repeatedly in respect to the constitutional expectations we have for police officers.What does it mean? Does the definition of it change with the circumstance?

4.Do the exceptions to the Fourth Amendment limit the government’s authority? If so, how? Choose one of the six exceptions and describe the Supreme Court Case example where it was implemented. How does it impact law enforcement?

5.Discussion: Sean is a 4-year-old boy who has a limited vocabulary, repeats everything others say to him, rocks back and forth throughout the day, and does not give eye contact. His parents report that it is like he looks “through” them and does not play with his peers. He has trouble paying attention and is easily distracted. What might Jayden be diagnosed with? What treatment plan would you recommend and why? Review the textbook, articles and TED Talk video this week to learn more about these topics. You may include these or any other scholarly resources you find as references in your response.

Your initial post (approximately 200-250 words) should address each question in the discussion Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

QNT 561 – Week 6 – Signature Assignment Mathematics Assignment Help

I am in need of a knowledgeable tutor that is able to write a statistical report and synthesize statistical concepts. In addition, the tutor should have the ability to show and build critical thinking skills, develop businesses and organizations, and solve problems requiring data by compiling all pertinent information into this signature report.

Writing should exhibit a master’s level of communicatingl WITHOUT ANY PLAGIARISM other than unavoidable assignment informationand follow the APA standards of writing.

NO cutting and pasting because it causes an inability to format, document properly.

Tutor must be able to follow ALL DIRECTIONS in the assignment and include ALL calculations requested in the written assignment and Excel.

Please include References from at least one of the supplied chapters (12 & 13 & 18 will be attached after tutor has been selected).

I will supply All Information needed to complete this assignment and If more is need

Area choosen – Consumer Food

I have included everything given to me for this assignment. I took another look at the given documents to confirm there were no other document for this assignment.

On the excel document I provided is the information you need on Tab 3 of the excel sheet attached?


Auditing San Diego State University Jeff Smiths Performance as Controller HW Business Finance Assignment Help

For Internal Controls: A Compendium of Short Cases, choose 4 of the 6 short cases and answer its respective questions below. Reponses should be well written, in paragraph form, using proper grammar and citations for any writing not your own.

Case 1

  • What were your initial thoughts of Jeff Smith’s performance as Controller? Given what happened later in this case, are you surprised given your perception of Jeff Smith? Explain.
  • What internal controls could have been in place to prevent this from happening?

Case 2

  • Describe the flaws in RME’s credit authorization process, and what recommendations you would suggest to implement in the process.
  • As the auditor, what other information (not given in the case) might you inquire about related to the overall sales cycle / process? Why would you be interested in such information?

Case 3

  • Use the questions as stated in the case (answer both).

Case 4

  • For purposes of evaluating internal controls, how does your client upgrading its accounting software impact your audit risk? Explain.
  • Discuss the upsides and downsides of allowing remote access to the company’s system. Be sure to include internal control considerations in your responses.

Case 5

  • What factors should an organization take into considerations when contemplating a keep in-house vs outsource decision for a key process? Be sure to include at least some internal control considerations in your response.
  • Describe at least three internal control weaknesses related to computer and data security at AAA prior to the flood occurrence. For each weakness, make a suggestion of a control, policy, procedure, etc as to what would have promoted stronger computer security.

Case 6

  • Describe how you as Controller would design the employee reimbursement process to avoid the issues that occurred related to damaged vehicles subsequent to the accident at the local plant.


Paper Proposal of a Final Research Essay Law Assignment Help

Your paper proposal is the first step in completing your final paper.You will begin by choosing a film among the ones listed below and after choosing a topic for your final argumentative essay, you will conduct research to find peer reviewed, academic sources to support your argument. You will produce in the same document:

  • A 2-3 page proposal (plus bibliography) which includes a brief outline of the thesis, issues, and arguments you will present in your final paper. Try to choose a clear and concise topic and avoid asking questions that would require extensive inquiry. The paper must be double spaced, in Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins and adhere to APA format. While an abstract is not required you must have a title page (not included in the page count).

For this assignment, you will write a 2500 word essay (10 page) that explores a film to which you have applied a theoretical perspective. You will begin by choosing a film and then you will then use this film as a jumping off point for your research. This is not a report!It is definitely not a film/book review.The intention of this assignment is not to simply gather information, but to form an argument and provide a new understanding of the topic.The paper is not about the movie; it just stems from it.

The 5 film options you can choose to write on are:

The Hunger Games (first movie)

American Gangster


Erin Brockovich

Law Abiding Citizen

Your proposal should:

  • Not be a report, but an argument that creates a new understanding.
  • Be well-organized, with a clearly stated thesis that is threaded throughout.
  • Be in the third person with a clear argument.
  • Have a clear introduction and conclusion.
  • Have concise, focused paragraphs with meaningful transitions.
  • Be based on high-quality research from at least 6 outside sources (3 of which are scholarly).It should include a works cited page in APA Style.
  • Represent your strongest writing:good language use, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.


Legalization of drugs Writing Assignment Help


Part I: Your prewrite is a start, but more items are needed to support an entire essay.

Part II: Now, what is the claim you are going to make about your topic? For our essay, we are writing a persuasive argument essay in which we make a claim and then support that claim. In the Week 4 Assignment worksheet, we will be creating a three-part thesis statement in which we identify the three reasons/sub-points we are going to discuss in our body paragraphs.

As the Interactive Lesson explains this week, we need to narrow down our general topic in order to create our 500-700 word, 5 paragraph essay with each paragraph 5-7 sentences in length.

Are you in favor of legalizing drugs? What drugs, exactly? Only marijuana? If so, all marijuana use or only medical marijuana? You must be very specific in your thesis statement. What approach will you use? One good approach for an essay like this is to recognize, and then refute, an opposing viewpoint.

REMINDER: As you work on your thesis statement for Week 4, be sure to clearly state your point of view and then give three reasons (subpoints) why. The reasons will become the topics of your body paragraphs.

Audience: Your targeted audience is too broad. Please see the audience analysis example located in the worksheet.

Part II: The rest of Part II was not completed.



Complete Company Profile Sheet Assignment 4 Business Finance Assignment Help

Project Overview

For this project, you are preparing for a job interview at a new company. As part of the interview process, you have been asked to create a communication plan for the company so that it can tailor its message to different audiences.

To prepare for the interview, you will be filling out the Communication Plan and Interview Questions document for the company’s Human Resources team. This document has two parts. In part one, you will think about how to change a message for different audiences. In part two, you will discuss the unintended issues of delivering targeted messages. You will also think about a successful example of an adapted message. The ability to convey and receive written communications is a critical skill to your personal and professional development in the digital age.


In this project, you will master the following competency:

  • Determine the considerations and adjustments needed to communicate effectively with diverse audiences


A group of diverse business people discussing environmental technology

You are a professional in your field and have recently decided to change career paths. At your current job, it is clear that there is not much opportunity to move up in the company.

After a few months of applying elsewhere, you make it through the phone-screening process at LivingPlanet and are invited to interview with the hiring manager next week.

You receive the following email from Human Resources:

From: LivingPlanet Human Resources
To: HR@
Date: 2/9/2025 09:22 a.m.
Subject: Living Planet Interview

Good morning,

It was great speaking with you last week. The hiring manager for this position would like me to confirm the following details for your interview next week.

Before candidates interview, we ask them to create a sample communication plan to showcase their interpersonal and communication skills. We also want to assess the candidate’s ability to work with diverse audiences, as this ability is an essential skill for this position.

Please review the following instructions:

Create a communication plan to market LivingPlanet’s campaign message to diverse audiences. Attached are the profiles of three different companies, which represent three diverse audiences. Choose two of these companies to target in your communication plan. In your plan, use the demographic information provided for each company to more effectively communicate the following campaign message:

“LivingPlanet works in international environmental protection. We lobby for businesses everywhere to become more environmentally conscious. Right now, we are asking businesses to take a pledge to be more responsible and help us protect the environment. This month, we’re challenging businesses to make an initial investment to mitigate long-term environmental impacts.”

Please email your communication plan to the hiring manager prior to your interview.

During your interview, the hiring manager will ask you questions based on your plan, so come prepared to discuss.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Best regards,

Tonja Shelley
Talent Acquisition | Human Resources


For this project, you need to create a communication plan to market LivingPlanet’s campaign message to two different audiences. Then, based on your communication plan, you will prepare answers for your in-person interview.

To do this, download and fill out the Communication Plan and Interview Questions document, which you can find in the “What to Submit” section.

Prior to starting part one, read the Company Profiles, which you can find in the “Supporting Materials” section. Choose two companies and consider how you will make changes to the message for each target audience. Be sure to explain the rationale behind your communication plan.

Once you finish your communication plan, move on to part two. Review the interview topics to prepare for your in-person interview for this section. Use your communication plan to address the questions.

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

Communication Plan and Interview Questions document
Download and complete the Communication Plan and Interview Questions document. In part one, outline the considerations and adjustments you will make to the campaign message for two different companies. In part two, refer to your communication plan and prepare for a professional interview with the hiring manager.

I Have included the Company Profile Sheet. This document provides summaries for three companies. You will choose two to use in your communication plan.

Attachments area

Complete Company Profile Sheet Assignment 4 Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Dilemmas and ethics Business Finance Assignment Help


For the written assignment of this week please choose one of the hypothetical ethical dilemma examples from the section: “Real-to-Life Examples of Complex Ethical Dilemmas” from your reading for this week. Then, scroll down further to the “Method One – Ethical Checklist.”

Considering the dilemma example, consider your answers to the questions asked in the ethical checklist, reflect on it and then write down your reflection and answers in an essay. Also, include in your answers what information is still needed in order to make a final decision. Build your arguments on the information in the reading.

The paper should be between 2-3 pages, organized and referenced in accordance with APA format.

own words with references


Basic Block Chain Computer Science Assignment Help

This project will involve the creation of a Blockchain miner that does all the following:

  • Receives transactions from user or remote node.
  • Sends transactions to a remote node.
  • Manages incoming remote node messages using a Queue.
  • Generates a Merkle Tree and an eventual Merkle Root as part of Transaction processing.
  • Creates Blockchain Blocks using Proof of Work algorithm.

For this project, you will create the main functionality inside of an existing code base called BlockchainBasics. The BlockchainBasics code that you will begin with is provided along with this document

I have done some stuffs in the code already. Just a little bit more


Finance Discussions Mathematics Assignment Help

  • Go to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Website located at Review the mission and history of the SEC, listed under “Introduction”. Be prepared to discuss.

From the e-Activity, examine the mission and history of the SEC. Determine whether the regulatory bodies of the securities market have established key strategies for a successful outcome for the average investor since their creation. Support your decision.

  • Select one specific regulation of the securities market, and propose three ways that you believe that regulation can be improved. Please elaborate with details
  • Justify why a small investor would prefer a stock exchange market such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), as compared to the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ). Provide support for your justification.
  • Take a position on the benefits and risks of a balanced fund versus a fixed index fund, indicating if a financial manager is most likely to invest in a balanced fund or a fixed index fund. Support your answer.


Compare and contrast 2 essays Humanities Assignment Help

In this essay compare and contrast at least two of the essays we have read in order to communicate your OWN IDEA, which will be shown through the way you compare and contrast the essays. You will need to be able to accurately summarize the main idea of each essay, use direct quotes from the essays to substantiate your claims, and show your readers how the similarities and differences between these essays lead you to your own idea/judgment about the topic you have selected. Make sure your quotes are properly cited in MLA style, and you include a Works Cited page.

Length: 3-5, typed, double-spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman.

Essay 1:Our Photoshopping Disorder by Erin Cunningham

Essay 2:The Collective Conscience of Reality Television


Your initial post (approximately 200-250 words) should address each question in the discussion Writing Assignment Help

Your initial post (approximately 200-250 words) should address each question in the discussion Writing Assignment Help

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